Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


The United States is the world empire since, at least, 1991. There's no question about that. This hegemony has started to crumble in recent years. First, China refused to surrender to the Western-supported students in Tiananmen square, in 1989. Then Russia fell, some thought for good, but since 1999 Putin rebuilt the Russian state and its sovereignty, leading to very tense relations with USG. China also waivered between accommodation to the USG led order, signing all those UN human rights treaties. But since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, China has been in open confrontation to the American led world order.

It is no surprise that Vladimir Putin has a lot of fans in the West, as the internal enemies of USG, or its state church, the Cathedral as we call it, follow the ancient logic that your enemy's enemy is a pretty good guy. The specifics don't matter. There's plenty to dislike about Putin and his regime. But he's one of the few enemies of the world empire that USG wants to impose on Earth, and for that he deserves our respect. That he goes the extra length of opposing the very things we object about American rule, e.g. gender ideology, is the icing on the cake, changing mere respect into gratitude, even admiration. I agree with this idea, and I'm very glad Vladimir Putin exists.

Putin gets a lot of fans also because, well, he's white. He looks like us, and comes from a fairly similar cultural background. China doesn't get many fans. Most of the same people who hail Putin still deride the Chinese government as "Chicoms", who are sleazy and nasty and just witchy. I mean look at those small eyes, you can't even see what they're thinking. That's, well, racism, but in this blog we are understanding of racism. Racism is a natural feeling of human societies. And while racism towards, say, black Africans was subsumed by virtue signaling, racism towards Asians will never die.

For a very simple reason. As you may recall from the late Larry Auster's First Law of Minority Relations, niceness towards NAMs is a moral command because NAMs are on average dumb and violent, i.e. uncivilized. People are naturally ill disposed towards dumb and violent people, so being nice to NAMs is a costly signal. It makes the signaler feel so much holy on her sacrifice. That's Economics of Religion 101. East Asians though are smart and law-abiding. There's plenty to dislike about them, of course, the stereotype of the boring Asian drone who only cares about money and takes infinite amounts of shit is often true; although there's regional differences, and I gotta point out that Northern East Asians tend to be much cooler and less drone-like than Southeastern Chinese.

But I digress, the point is that there's no holiness points in liking Asians. They're ok people who do their thing, nobody has any reason to hate them. And in practice nobody hates them, East Asians get along quite well in White countries, and intermarriage rates with second-gen immigrants are very high, on both sexes. But precisely because Asians and Whites get along well, because they live together, they also compete. They get on each other's throats. And there being no incentive to suppress natural outgroup resentment ("racism"), well haters gonna hate. For many reasons. There's the obvious sexual tension. Even I got called a "sexpat English teacher in China" by some weirdo on reddit. Incidentally I'm married with children, I don't live in China, and I'm not even a native English speaker. But by my talking about Asia I'm even closer to them in mindspace, so some Asian is naturally going to resent my white presence. It happens to when some Asian goes on, and some white guy tells him to go home to the Commies.

I of course think this is very unfortunate. The problem that humanity faces now is not any real conflict between Whites and East Asians. The problem humanity faces now is the probably death of advanced civilization due to South Asians, Arabs and Black Africans outbreeding Whites and East Asians. sub-90 IQ populations outbreeding 100-plus IQ populations. That's a real and serious problem. If our civilization dies, there will be no second one. There's no cheap coal left to jumpstart a second Industrial Revolution. If we lose our present technology, we are back to the Iron Age, forever. Probably not even that, the cheaply accessible iron ore deposits are probably gone forever too. Back to the Stone Age, folks. That's our predicament.

It follows that Whites and East Asians should stop hating each other, as natural and understandable as that is, and fight the brown hordes together. That's happening to some point. There's zillions of East Asians in the West, and more whites in East Asia than, in the Middle East or Africa (not counting the colonial settlers stranded there). But there are still obstacles for an Alliance of Civilization (in the singular). First is that of course political actors have their own incentives. USG is divided in two broad factions, left-Bluegov (the State Department, academia), right-Redgov (the Pentagon). Bluegov must hate China because they want to spread their NGO human rights racket over there. Redgov must hate China because they need an enemy to scare the country into giving them more money for bombs.

Second is that, well, Asian PR is inept. Whites and East Asians have common interests, but we are still quite different, both biologically and culturally. I said that from the most deep admiration for Chinese political culture, about which I've written extensively and will continue to do so. But some stuff is still hard to swallow. Take a look at this.

That's... embarrassing. I'm the sort of guy who changes channels and even stops watching a movie when something embarrassing happens. And this was tough to watch. I'm a fan of Xi Jinping, I think he's a great guy and he's doing a fairly good job. But hell, if he had this made he needs some PR classes. Cults of personality are bad enough, but there's nothing lamer than a lame cult of personality.

Incidentally, Putin also has his cult of personality, which I criticized some time ago, although for different reasons.

That's pretty embarrassing too, but the music is better and the chicks are hot, so who cares. Hail Putin.

Now, I understand why the Xinhua video is so lame. It's basically why Asian PR is all lame. Japan's isn't any better, so it's not about Communism. Well, the cult of personality has all to do with Communism. By many accounts Xi Jinping has good reason to be drumming up his own cult of personality: the remnants of the Jiang Zemin era kleptocrats are being purged, and the more they resist (they got money) the stronger the need to check for bureaucratic loyalty by forcing them to be shameless sycophants.

But the lame culture itself is a result of the reclusive nature of Asian sociability. Asians just really like small, reclusive groups. They work very well inside them, they can focus, do their thing, and calculate their status very easily. Open, universalist societies are just exhausting in comparison. That's not exclusively Asian, of course, all biological bell curves overlap. Plenty of whites enjoy joining cults and developing wacky and cheesy culture of their own. But East Asians are patently more driven to small clique formation. Maybe it has something to do with cousin-marriage (no plagiarism here, hbdchick). Or something about pastoralism or a lack thereof, as agnostic had it.

It's a pity that Asia can't produce better PR. To the extent that Japan does produce any decent content (Anime, Kurosawa movies), it found plenty of friends in the West. China also has much to sell. Neoconfucian patriarchy was a pretty awesome deal for men. But alas, they don't care about us, and they have no good reason to do so. The West also has no good reason to give a shit about Asia. But we could at least leave each other alone and focus on keeping our civilization alive. But nah, China is too big, and the closer it gets to US levels of power, the more exciting the fight becomes. And we all like a fight. Even it kills us in the process. Think of Persia and Constantinople.


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  • So how do we get Confucianism in the West? Study the classics? Learn how to work the Book of Changes?

  • If we lose our present technology, we are back to the Iron Age, forever. Probably not even that, the cheaply accessible iron ore deposits are probably gone forever too. I wouldn't worry about iron shortages. It (along w/ aluminum) is a large part of the earth's crust. And it's fairly cheap to get out of the ground--the big mines in Western Australia can produce iron ore for as little as $20/ton. The biggest cost for iron mining is building the mine in the first place, but those capital costs tend to be cyclical, rising or falling depending on how strong the world economy is.

  • The worry is not iron shortages. The worry is a lack of iron deposits that are accessible to a barbaric post-collapse Mad Max society. If the road warriors and postmen and gill-mutants can't get to the iron, they can't rebuild for another go at the stars. I don't know how much of an issue that is, but capital-intensive Australian mines with 400-ton autonomous dumptrucks are not going to be an option.

  • Would falling back to the Iron Age be such a terrible thing? By your lights, Iron-Age technology's natural limitations tend to damp signaling spirals before they get too far along (usually, of course there are exceptions). Sure, the health-care would suck, but it would probably be better than last time. And people would finally start putting together communities and spiritually thriving again.

      • Islam IS preferable to feminism. Only an idiot would think otherwise. Alas, the West is awash with idiots these days. There's nothing left to save in the West. It's over. Women run the show and they get to divorce, abort, friendzone and falsely accuse of rape to their heart's content. That's before you even account for the hordes of barbarian invaders, the censorship, the propaganda, the crass and vulgar culture, the faltering economy, all the rude and selfish people, the homophilia and pedophilia, etc. An intelligent man would move to Asia ASAP, learn Japanese or Vietnamese or whatever, marry an Asian chick, and completely forget about the Western world. Thousands are already doing it and they are smarter than they are given credit for. Failing that (let's say East Asia gets leveled in WW III, or the Asians become super-racist toward Whites), the Middle East is the second best place to immigrate to. Yes, Islam sucks in some ways, but at least a man can still be a man over there! I would sooner convert to Islam than live in a feminized society where men can be accused of rape on a whim and have to rub shoulders with n*ggers on their way to work. Quitting alcohol and pork (in public anyway) is a MUCH SMALLER price to pay than the nightmarish hell Western men are living as we speak. How can they be so blind?!

    • Hah. The upside of an age of low energy future is there is a lot less risk of man made doomsday , no tailored plagues , no nukes, no nano weapons and a species whose tendency to ecological damage is controlled better by natural limits The loss of a potential asteroid shield is bad but we don't have that now or any real momentum for such a thing anyway As for space travel or colonies well it was almost certainly never going to happens anyway

      • On the contrary, nuclear weapons will be more commonplace. You're not truly rich if you're not rich enough to build nukes. And this will benefit high IQ groups the most, especially those that embrace human genetic engineering....

        • Not in a low energy post collapse future, that is if we survive the intermediary period which is not a given

          • I have to weigh in with R7 here, especially with the apropos handle. One amusing description of the USSR, based on satellite surveillance, was 'Bulgaria with nuclear missiles'. It doesn't take a lot to get nukes and a delivery system if you're willing to sacrifice pretty much everything else to get them. It doesn't even take very high technology; the F-1's engine injector was hand-drilled by blue-collar workers with a lot of patience, and the guidance computer's rope memory was hand-programmed by female high-school graduates (which is where we get the currently ascendant myth of BLACK WIMMINZ WUZ SPACE-KANGS).

  • Hunh. I thought you were half-British, half-Japanese. Putin looks Chinese to me. "The Rock" looks more White than Putin does. Chinese leaders should play the wise-philosopher role (convincingly, which means that they actually try to be wise and philosophical) -- Americans love wise-philosophical Chinese guys.

  • It feels like the quality of Japanese output has declined. For example, in anime, we once had Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star - genuine creativity - and these days, just a constant flow of pandering animes. Why would you think that has happened?

    • I agree. In movies it's even more stark. They have sucked badly for decades now. What happened? Decline happened. The anime industry is in tatters. People are drawing for USD10k a year. Innovation dies when there's no money, everyone plays it safe, which in this case means lame girl anime for perverts.

      • Art is becoming uninventive shit everywhere, and I don't think money is to blame. I happen to know a few famous European comics authors, (who have also become shit). According to them there was even less money then (most of them had other jobs to pay the bills). My first blame would go to globalisation. Dumber audience, and hyper connectivity means that people don't have the isolation needed to develop their own style and ideas. Also I blame feminism for ruining female characters, and thus storytelling in general. Look at the original story for The Smurfette Comic book. That shit wouldn't fly now.

      • What happened is the industry got too good at giving their core customers exactly what they wanted: "lame girl anime for perverts." The losers who like moeshit are the people who buy all the merch and absolutely must watch an episode the day it comes out - they are the best customers. They've always been the best customers, but now the product is so tailored to this core demographic that it doesn't appeal to the general audience anymore. The same thing happened to pop music in the US. Since the days of Frank Sinatra and the Beatles, the 12 to 15-year-old teenyboppers have always been pop music's biggest fans and best customers, and they still love it today. Everybody else has lost interest because the product is over-optimized to appeal to them. It's a vicious cycle because as the public loses interest, appealing to the core fans becomes more and more important for success, which makes the product less and less attractive to regular people.

  • >It follows that Whites and East Asians should stop hating each other, as natural and understandable as that is, and fight the brown hordes together. The East Asians see the "brown hordes" as an opportunity, not a threat. And rightly so. Also-the closer someone is to you, the more they are competition. The biggest threat to a gazelle on the savannah is not the lions-it's other gazelles. There's 10K gazelles and 10 lions. The lions eat someone once a day, but all those 10K gazelles want to beat you up for mates and pasture.

    • I think it's rather the West which has been busy weaponizing the brown hordes for their own purposes, both internal and external. But I wouldn't expect you to say the truth. That closeness means competition is exactly my point.

      • >But I wouldn’t expect you to say the truth. A bit of projection there. >I think it’s rather the West which has been busy weaponizing the brown hordes for their own purposes, both internal and external. To what possible external purpose? These people are not going to build transoceanic fleets and conquer anything. They pose no threat to any country's elite, nor would they be a threat to the rest of the natives if their elites didn't hate them.

    • That's silly. We have to deal with them too in the long run and if nothing else, Confucian cultures have always tended to try to plan for the long run.

  • As to why south east eastern Chinese tend to be more drone like, i think it is because the Chang Jiang in where rice was domesticated first. Wet rice farming tends to select for more collectivism and drone like behavior. I don't have a problem with civilization collapsing, if we go back to before the industrial age, Higher IQ peoples will replace lower IQ peoples. The whole story of pre modernChina is higher IQ migrants from the central plains displacing austro asiatics/ austronesians from the south. Modernity has reversed this process and now Vietnamese and Indonesians come to south china and Taiwan for work. The longer we hope to cling on to modernity the more the higher IQ races will be in danger of being replaced demographically. Pol pot was right after all.

    • "Pol pot was right after all". Not a thing I thought I'd see on my blog. I guess Bronze Age Pervertism is a real thing now.

      • Right wing primitivism is not exactly something new, the unabomber advocated it as a response to modernity. Varg aka Thulean perspective also advocates a type of traditional tribalism. Personally i think going back to hunting gathering would be too far. I would probably take Chinese civilization back to the 1700s and have it stay there, at the point just before the industrial revolution. Society would function mainly on agriculture, rice farming in the south, millet in the north and nomadic herding in Mongolia. The problem with this is that it would be over run by a technologically advanced country.

        • The north hasn't been eating millet since the Tang Dynasty. It's mostly wheat now. Delicious wheat noodles. Knowing what we know, it seems to me that a post-industrial Iron Age world would look more like Dune than like Qianlong times.

          • Its entire dependent on how much energy is out there, run out of oil. but there is is plenty of coal, you get a dirty, nasty Neo Victorian with pockets of high tech If the damage is too great, descending on loses , you'll get schizo tech, say firearms, maybe rare crude cars but little electricity or fertilizer . Not Mad Max as people will be ordered but 1700 with AK's or something The real complex stuff will be gone fast though computers are toast in a collapse In terms of human survival other than an asteroid shield , its a net plus. Smaller numbers? Yes, but no chance of self inflicted extermination

  • A chemist can correct me, but isn't rusted iron way better as a source of iron than any of the ores normally available? The stock of our current iron and steel could sustain atleast the pots, pans and spears of a fairly large set of city states. Getting to the stars would however require a completely new process, possibly a biologically inspired one.

  • Beijing waits and they do that fairly well. I've long wondered why Israel has such a warm relationship with China, despite their massive support for Iran. It will be interesting to see which hand they play. They have always made it a point to suggest Iran is their gateway to the western silk road, but offering up Iran to Israel would give them sufficient political power within USG to deal it a geopolitical death-blow, if correctly timed.

  • Persia and Constantinopolis.... oh yes, then came the Mongols and the Turks to carry of what remained.

  • The west has plenty reason to start problems and kill asians. As long as blacks and browns are alive they will operate on the assumption that whites and asians are starving then via invisible racist voodoo magic. The republicans, in order to delay their ritual sacrifice, have a heavy incentive to offer up china and japan instead. Japan has stonewalled american government for 70 years due to issues fundamentally relating to this, and they wilk continue to have this incentive for as long as a single NAM lives in America and europe. South africa voluntarily disabled their nukes. I doubt france or america will do so. China will remain confrontational because of the threat of another homo habilis with the nuclear football trying to kick their door down. In the end we need to remove all NAMs or peace is completely off the table. The incentives simply dont align. Our hawks benefit from killing chinese and cucking out. The chinese have their back against the wall.

  • This morning we learned that the National Cathedral in Washington has removed all the stained glass windows depicting any Civil War figure. May I suggest that there is no longer an American people nor a United States. Southern Whites, in particular, have been stripped of their citizenship, and the great reconciliation that followed the Civil War is now null and void. But all Whites are now at risk whether they know it or not.

    • The good thing about having white skin is that you can fit into a lot of places, from Eastern Europe to Latin America to the Middle East. Meaning we'll never run out of countries to escape to. I don't get why Western men are so emotionally attached to their countries. There's literally nothing unique or special there, aside from a few fancy buildings. You can use Western tech and eat Western food in literally every other country on earth... so why stay and suffer? So many men are wasting their lives right now, when they could move elsewhere and be happy. But no, apparently they really enjoy high taxes and alimony, on top of all the cultural and political degeneracy. Hey, whatever floats your boats, guys.

  • Derbyshire (who married an Asian) started calling for an "Arctic Alliance" between whites and Asians 10 years ago. I think "Alliance of Civilization" is probably more apt. It does pile on the insult to other places that consider themselves civilized. The Unz commentariat mostly tries to tear him a new asshole whenever he says positive things about East Asia though. One other thing about East Asia that I think inspires fear: we have a sense that we can't break in there, whether because of the language or the homogeneity and perceived hostility towards outsiders. I think a lot of white elites have a sense that if they went to South Africa or Mexico or Brazil, they'd quickly be accepted by the local elite. Just as in the U.S. an elite European with a heavy accent is accepted instantly into elite society. If those same people went to Japan, they'd be gaijin forever. If they had half-Japanese children who were born in Japan, knew no place but Japan, and spoke no language but Japanese, their children would still be gaijin forever. So for this reason, white elites are more hostile to a world dominated by China or Japan than a world full of South Africas and Brazils.

    • Most of them could not compete against east asian elites, their primary skill being the ability to funnel excess welfare money into rap music about raping white women. Of course they feel threatened.

        • Is what i said inaccurate? America's major soft power comes from redistributing wealth that would otherwise go to innocuous industries towards anarcho tyrranical media, and squandering investment finance into productivity destroying apps and social media that operate at a loss. East asian economies are overtly hostile to both. If you want me to leave, say it and I will. But I maintain that my proposition is sound, if provocative.

          • There's some of that, but it's by no means most of it, and East Asians aren't hostile to apps and lame feminist media. So stop exaggerating and try to make a cogent argument.

            • I think if somehow China defies gravity and manages to resist the progressive pull, its only because the Party is so cancerous that it has taken up all of the oxygen that could have been used for virtue signaling. 以毒攻毒.

            • The cogent argument is that western elites could not compete in east asia. Most western elites come from legal backgrounds, most eastern elites are engineers. The chinese comment profusely on how american politicians are the easiest to bribe in the world. Western elites have lower iqs and lower net worthvon average. They are right to feel threatened by the eastern model, because they have no ability to compete via policy tools available to their cognitive strata, even assuming complete control of western institutions. The sole path for wrstern elites is war with the east.

              • You're full of shit. Engineers in Japan are treated like shit; the elite is quite literally defined by having graduated from the Faculty of Law of Tokyo University. The time of engineers in high places at the Chinese Politburo is in the past. The new generation are all economists and political science grads.

                • This might be true today. If this is the case we should expect convergence on sjw values and perpetual war.

                • Japanese Engineers are treated like shit in what sense? Low Pay? Lack of Female company? Distance from Power? That being said, Engineers in India are treated quite well. An IIT Graduate is very high status. This will change for sure, but not in one more generation.

          • The "elite" is really such a fuzzy word. Are the business magnates of Shanghai the same as the Red Generation the Third? You have your merchantile elite, you have your political elite, etc. They all have different concerns and guanxi doesn't always link them together in cozy ways; feuding is probably more common. The merchantile elite probably would do almost anything to get more money and in many ways, probably behave much like cosmopolitan elite anywhere else.

          • For a man to be lonely in Asia he has to be socially impaired or really effin' ugly. There is so much prostitution all over the place that you can literally get laid anytime you want. As long as you've got a bit of money (and engineers do), getting laid is a joke. Now, I don't know about dating or starting a family since I'm not familiar with that side of Asian culture. It seems to differ from country to country.

    • The point is not having to break in there. And not let them break in here. Like it was 100 years ago. Half-japanese kids do perfectly OK in Japan.

      • I wouldn't disagree, but I think the idea I'm describing is influential, even if few people are articulating it out loud: that the East is inscrutable and somewhat hostile while lousy places in Africa and Latin America are backward but more easily navigated and you could find your way to the top there if you had to. Sub-Saharan Africa has effectively no history until whites showed up there, but China has this vast history of which even well-educated Westerners are mostly ignorant.

    • IMO this is a bit of projection. I can't speak totally for Japan, but at least for China, if they had such concerns about ethnic purity, it wouldn't have been able to hold together as a nation. Half-Chinese children are Chinese: heck, anyone who is a "scholar" probably is given a lot of leeway thanks to the Confucian culture. If a white guy scored outstandingly in the gaokao, he would immediately be high status, let alone accepted as "one of us." This is something, incidentally of personal concern to me as my wife is white and our child is hapa. Have to navigate those thoughts for family and all.

      • It's better in China than it is in Japan, indeed. Phenotypical variance is higher in urban China, and pedigrees aren't really a thing. But it's quite ok in Japan too, as long as you follow the rituals.

  • The dusky hordes are irrelevant. China is the greatest threat there is and ever will be. In the end, there can only be one.

      • One of them. Perhaps the biggest. Whoever first masters space, not necessarily space travel, by which I assume you mean interstellar travel, but in-system space, will attain an unprecedented high ground.

    • The dusky hordes drive u.s. nuclear policy. That doesn't strike me as irrelevant. I can't help but see most attacks against the chinese as the last gasp of an anti racist looking for someone to sic his pet erectus on.

      • Its usually cancer that kills us these days, not epic confrontations with equal forces. But you won't see much fiction dedicated to that.

          • For all we know, civilization as we know it ends. No one ever said that intelligence was certain to have survival value. The cockroaches are doing pretty fine without it.

            • Anything can happen, but nature abhors a vacuum, and the galaxy is looking like a pretty big one. Call me when cockroaches achieve spaceflight.

          • I don't necessarily want there to be killing, but if there is to be killing, I want my side to be doing the vast majority of it. We are killer apes, descendants of the most-killer apes, because for millions of years have been ruthlessly killing those who were less-killer. I understand that every year lost is to the advantage of the Chinaman. I don't yearn for a Chinese World Order. I don't yearn for the chafing of his yoke. Or maybe the Deep State Jews really do have everything well in hand. I hope so. But my skepticism is growing.

            • As they say, you fight with the army you have, not with the army you wish. Not uniting to deal with the overwhelmingly powerful memes of progressives is akin to continuing to fight regional wars when the Bugs are blowing up chunks of Earth. The losses inflicted by the progs on life are daily and real: an immediate threat, and one that is accelerating. Not everything has a plan. I truly believe that we're being overrun by short-term memes that serve to hack the human psyche, as effective as any malware and just as ultimately detrimental. Given such, it would seem that any other quarrels can take a truce for now.

              • Not really. It might appear that way because we have been so dominant for so long, but if, or when, America really, truly breaks down, the consequences will be beyond our pathetic imaginations. Nature doesn't go away, she just recedes for a little while.

                  • The insane can be rehabilitated, but the foreigner will always be alien. And I have no confidence in the Chinese capacity for empathy or mercy. Feel free to tell me that I'm wrong.

                  • Can the insane be rehabilitated? Can cancer be cured? If the human body is any evidence, it manages better with foreign elements within(among other places, the gut) but cancer rapidly kills the host. And insofar as empathy goes, the Chinese managed much of history without trying to conquer much of the world. For the most part, ultimately, reclusive people with limited interest in overtaking others. Universalism is the spirit that wishes to place the same ideas on everyone, with the idea that it has to fit everyone; Confucianism really isn't about that and never has been.

  • An Oceania-Eurasia-EastAsia future doesn't have to be drab and dismal -- each of the three eternally warring superpowers can have distinctive colorful rituals with musical and poetic components -- swirling pink and green drapery, chimes, and gongs for East Asia; Cossack dances in greatcoats with epaulettes for Eurasia, and lighters-in-the-air "Free Bird!" swaying for Oceania. The sages of each power will have characteristic costumes -- East Asian sages (with long wispy chin-beards) in mandarin-robes, Eurasian sages (with big burgeoning beards) in Tolstoy outfits, Oceanic sages (with well-defined, contained Gorka-style facial hair) in T.S. Eliot three-piece suits.

  • I lived in China for two years. They have NO culture... unfortunately. They're all about money. It's hard to like a country that has no culture, but the people are often wonderful.

    • A Chinese friend told me once: "Europeans have no culture, they're all about virtue signaling. It's hard to like a country that has no culture, but the people are often wonderful."

  • If our civilization dies, there will be no second one. There’s no cheap coal left to jumpstart a second Industrial Revolution. I don't think so. First, I think even Sub-Saharan Africans can run a rudimentary industrial society. And as people have pointed out iron isn't a problem. Some limited amount of electricity can be generated via hydropower in most places, it isn't too technologically complex unlike extracting the last oil deposits or nuclear energy. Second, since fertility preferences are heritable, population will increase until the world will meet its Malthusian limits eventually (whatever they are for an industrial economy), and Clark-Unz eugenics will start up again. The transition will be nasty, and the resultant society will probably be much less nice than what we have now, but technology will recover and then advance again.

  • From what you've said previously, I think part of the reason East Asian propaganda is so bad is because it doesn't need to be good. Han-extraction people are both more generally intelligent and more... avaricious? directly self-interested? I'm pretty sure you know what I mean, since I got the impression from you. Anyway, that means they don't need propaganda to be convincing, since they can work out what the mere existence of pervasive propaganda means for themselves and their welfare. All hail Mao and his divine mangoes.

  • The question of race and IQ is moot due to the impending technology of artificial intelligence. Compared to sentient AI, we will ALL be definable as blithering idiots. Most manufacturing will be robotoized so the chances of a loss of technology is close to zero. Dragging a ball and chain is no way to win a fight, but the hard right manages to keep a death grip on a number of ideological ball and chains while uncompromisingly losing the low intensity cultural conflilct (Age of Info, psyops) to the point that the left controls academia, tech industry boardrooms, youth subculture, the news, the entertainment media including sports, the arts, large swaths of the military...ALL the high ground. This is not a good statistic from which to derive strategies based on race or worse, IQ. The loss of all that high ground does not equate to an IQ intense post WWII victory march for the hard right. Race is a losing strategy and the Dark Enlightenment should begin the work of hammering those chains off. To be replaced with...what? Well, the article above seems to recognize that technology is a bit of a big deal. Why not concentrate on a program of technological development as a positive, surplus generating foundation stone rather than this shop worn harping on skin pigment. So technology - why do we have it, what is the method of mind that birthed it, how can its effects be magnified, why does the leftist behemoth want to crush it and situate us back 1000 years to feudal corporatists/collectivist tribal warlordism? It's not the chocolate races that will end technology, they hunger for its wealth producing factor; it's the white radical intelligentsia tied to the globalist banker freight train that is hell bent on a one world UN Agenda 21 government that will destroy the nation state and the cultural identity of Western Civilization in a surveillance police state straight out of "1984" and "THX1138". Seems to me that the hard right could do itself a favor by pushing into its discourse agenda the utter need for space exploration as a "science driver" alongside a push to detect and protect the planet against Earth-crossing chunks of rock out there, you know, the ones that caused at least 5 near extinction level events in distant Earth's past and possibly a couple others no more than 13,000 years ago (Google "Younger Dryas Event"), and more recently the 1908 Tunguska impact and the 2013 Chelyabinsk flyby. Hell, a school bus sized meteor blasted into the Bearing Straight only a couple of weeks ago, detected only after our a-bomb test detectors jiggled their gauge needles. But championing a technological push that could both eject the global warming flim flam and propel the hard right into a cultural outreach strategy that would actually reveal an IQ worthy of its claims, might be a means of removing them feudalist Malthusian plantation breeder schematics off the agenda. I don't know about you, but I want to win this struggle and I find little evidence that winning means anything other than outsmarting your enemy. I mean, look where we are- who's holding all the cards. You can't lose that much ground and call yourself an IQ elite.

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