Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


There's this stereotype that says that people who apply to join the police force are the kind of people that enjoys having power and using it over others. Power is nice but not everybody is equally driven to it. But some people just love the stuff. To lord over others. Give orders. The right to be nasty. Innate bullies, so to speak. I don't know how accurate that is, but there must be something to it.

Well, take a look at this, hat tip to Handle.

Before somebody on frog twitter publishes a copy of this video with a rhythmic BGM signing "cuck" all the time (please do it). Take a serious look at that policeman. Look at those closeup shoots. Now that physiognomic analysis is kosher again thanks to AI, take a good look at that guy. That's the face of a man who 200 years ago would have been a priest, a clergyman. A man who gives sermons for a living. Which is a very similar job to a policeman, really. The job comes with legal privileges. It's kinda high status, at least inside a small milieu.

I guess in order to get promoted inside a modern police force you gotta be both. You gotta enjoy bullying people with force, *and* with insufferable sermons. Stronger than you *and*  holier than you. Take that. That's like the ultimate powerlust. The prerequisite for real power in the modern bureaucracy.

Anyway, I hope this guy is enjoying is Policepriest job in Vancouver. For when Chinese immigrants take over the half of the city, they aren't going to give sermons on the fundamental goodness of humanity on Youtube. That's Stuff White People Do. Stuff Anglos do, to be precise.

But maybe not; maybe the Sinocanadians just keep the nice parts of the city, and let the remaining whites be happy by giving them positions of authority over the worst parts of the country. Like the concentration camps (reducciones) the Jesuits used to run in South America to enjoy domesticating native tribals. That way race replacement could go on all over the white world and our liberals and cucks would enjoy every day of it.


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  • Maybe the Police should let cripples in wheelchairs be robbed at knife-point? The real police Bully The Bullies. That's what they do and to the extent they enjoy it let them. I say real police as opposed to the police of the mind. I can't think of one high school bully I know who became a cop BTW. Jocks yes. Cops no. As far as paying lip service to the reigning religion since when is that a problem? [vulnerable people-which in this case they are indeed vulnerable].

      • And you guys are resentful cowards. And I'm not a cop LOL. I'm a Vet. We're "Bullies" too... My profession is technical and not LEO, security, etc. None of you have actual jobs or work experience do you? Bosses are also "Bullies." God Almighty stop displaying weakness. It incites aggression. cheers.

        • For the abuse my wife and I have received from pigs like you, I support BLM 200% and stand behind every single bullet they shoot into your worthless chests. Now do you get it?

            • Okay. My wife was anally raped by two men at night. A policeman saw this, approached the scene. "Can I join?" he asked them. Though he did not eventually join, he also did not arrest them. It was all fun, y'know? Pigs are above the law. Is that elaborate enough?

  • >But maybe not; maybe the Sinocanadians just keep the nice parts of the city, and let the remaining whites be happy by giving them positions of authority over the worst parts of the country. Like the concentration camps (reducciones) the Jesuits used to run in South America to enjoy domesticating native tribals. That way race replacement could go on all over the white world and our liberals and cucks would enjoy every day of it. Man, you cut like a knife.

    • This has got to have some potential for our side, too. If we could somehow send all our would-be saints to carefully shepherd far-off savages into enlightenment, then they're not here to carefully shepherd us into enlightenment. They'd get all the status and power they could want, while I'd be left alone to enjoy misogyny in video games without the endless harangues.

  • Check out this chick: "Policepriest" - nice. "But maybe not; maybe the Sinocanadians just keep the nice parts of the city, and let the remaining whites be happy by giving them positions of authority over the worst parts of the country. Like the concentration camps (reducciones) the Jesuits used to run in South America to enjoy domesticating native tribals. That way race replacement could go on all over the white world and our liberals and cucks would enjoy every day of it." In a way, it is not a bad idea only you just exile the varlets and the priests to some large Island somwhere.

    • Apparently there is a terrible place called "Research Centre for Able Pupils" (RECAP) at Oxford Brookes University. (See article ‘Is your child a genius’ by Sarah Harris, Daily Mail, 5 January 2008.) We are told that someone called Bernadette Tynan, formerly of RECAP, "has toured schools helping identify talented pupils for a Channel Five series, Make Your Child Brilliant, which starts on Thursday." Before confiscating even more money from taxpayers for ‘research’ to be done by socially appointed oppressors of humanity, they should have devoted at least the same amount of money to restitution and reparation of those who have been deprived of a career, or even an acceptable means of livelihood, by the oppressive school and university system. They should close this place now, and give me the money which is being spent on supporting it, so that I can set up at least a minimal institutional environment within which I and my associates can at long last have progressive and productive academic careers. The same applies to the other appalling place, the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth at Warwick University (now taken over by the education department). If both were closed and the money given to me, I could proceed to make some use of my ability on a more adequate scale. The money that is being spent on ‘helping’ the present generation of gifted children should first of all be spent on undoing the harm that has already been done to the lives of former gifted children, rather than doing ‘research’ on even more effective methods for destroying the lives of those with high IQs. ...
      What a gem.

  • Most police are toadies: people who enjoy DELEGATED POWER but who lack the ambition/drive/intelligence/risk-taking to seek ACTUAL POWER and show absolute deference when they encounter it. They're not saints, but in an orderly society, there's always a use for people who are inclined to defer to power and to knock around people who are disinclined to defer to that power. And you're better off having too many toadies than having too many overambitious people. A bully could be a toadie or could be someone with actual power: anyone who enjoys abusing their power with petty cruelties. But not all toadies are bullies. Soldiers -- true soldiers -- are warriors, which is a fundamentally different personality type than toadies or bullies. If I had to guess, 5% of U.S. military men (and 0% of women) are warriors, but they account for 80% of our combat effectiveness. The rest are mostly schlubs for whom it's just a job, with a few psychopathic political types towards the top.

  • i was thinking about this modern phenomenon of power fusion. the fusion of religious and military power seems to be the key to the success of modern europeans over the world. now they're facing the complications of that, as a further fusion takes place: between economic and military power. indeed it seems that the chinese are best positioned to realize a full fusion of power into a single military-economic-religious unit. the Overman, maybe?

        • That's how the guy who introduced the word used it, anyway. You can use it however you want to, I guess. (Not that all thinking and enjoying persons are Overmen -- but all Overmen are thinking, enjoying persons. [According to his use of the word.]) A conscious AI can be an individual person who thinks and enjoys, so if you're a conscious AI don't feel insulted. (Cavalier's a conscious AI, I believe.)

    • I'm not sure what you're talking about. I can't figure out what fusion of religious and military power you're talking about, since Christianity peaked long before European power did. If Christianity was any boost to European power (and it was probably a net hindrance), it was in providing some cohesion to the Spanish Empire, and perhaps in some of the efforts to contain the Ottomans in the 16th-17th centuries. It did nothing to help the British Empire. The ability to translate economic power into military power peaked with the World Wars, both of which were decided, in the end, by the disparity in industrial capacity and natural resources. Since then, the ability to translate economic power into military power has been decidedly mixed. In the post-WW2 world, wealth seems to be accompanied by loss of asabiyyah, and the outcomes of the wars since then suggests no amount of funding can overcome a large disparity in asabiyyah.

      • The Cathedral is a church whose bishops are the generals of the strongest army in world history, that's what I mean. and while industrial capabilities do determine military outcomes, no CEOs of gigantic transnational corporations do command any armies - until crypto-weapons are in place.

      • Gustavus Adolphus in the 30 Years War, Cromwell's New Model Army -- religious energy generates northern ass-kicking abilities?

      • The World Wars were the peak of democratic warfare, the "optimal" point at which with contemporary warfare tech you could slap a rifle into a farmer boy's hands, give him a few months of training, support him with a supply chain, and have a soldier roughly equivalent to any other glorified lead magnet. Unlike with a club or a spear or a sword, no amount of skill can save you from a bullet or a bomb or an artillery shell. Since satellites and ICBMs and other sophisticated missiles, the potency of ground troops is greatly diminished. A defense system capable of killing Very Fast Missiles, probably with lasers, is a holy grail breaker-of-mutual-deterrence. That sort of thing requires large and ongoing capital investment, sure, but there's a lot of capital in the world — the choke point is the supply of the world's best scientists and engineers. STEM doesn't require "asabiyyah" as the word is commonly understood — the predilection to sacrifice oneself for the good of non-relative "countrymen". The Chinese have none of that, but they might be just as good at high tech, or better, a frightening prospect indeed.

          • Man, I wish the Chinese guys in Brooklyn would start beating up Brown thugs for the greatness of their group. I was in the Park at dancing-lady-time with about about two hundred Chinese guys standing around chatting while about eighty ladies did their step dances in three different groups, and some Brown thugs starting mocking the ladies in a threatening way -- and nobody reacted even though the dance-leading-lady was visibly scared. What's with that?

  • Theoretically, you’d expect policemen to display watered-down versions of some behavioural traits of the criminal they must deal with. First, because the longest the war the more the parties begin to act like one-another, and secondly, because you only get a limited number of smart, wise, well-adjusted guys who can handle some power without going nuts and you’d rather have them be judges and entrepreneurs. Bullies kept in check by stern discipline are good enough for most police work. As long as people are still more afraid of criminals than of the police force (at the very least in the former commie block this was the other way around), then one must tolerate the abuses that necessarily go hand in hand with giving powers to a relatively unstable class of people. A simple issue of minimizing marginal disutility.

  • Spandrell, on the topic of power, check out Sean Spicer's appearance at the Emmy's, where he posed with celebrities that obviously hated his guts and wanted him dead while he beamed a shiteating smile. Even Darnell fucking your wife while you watch isn't up to this level of cuckery. It's truly an astonishing sight to behold. The daily mail article is here: I talk a little about it here:

  • Off Topic, I know! But considering your antipathy for Feminism, I cannot think of anyone who can do justice to this more than you, not even Jim! Behold and Skewer, my dear Spandrell, this latest innovation in Feminism What the Fuck is After-Birth Abortion? This is really cutting edge stuff I must say, literally and Figuratively. Can't wait to see what you have to say about this.

      • I think you need to replace the phrase Liberal with Leftie or Leftist. Now how do you know the baby is gonna turn out to be a Leftist? Or are you defining after birth abortion to be anytime after birth, say 35 years after?

        • The latter. I particularly like how the essay defined people as "actual people" and "potential people." An unperson surely has no rights to live if it inconveniences an "actual person."

    • To be sure, the idea that infanticide is murder is mostly a Christian innovation. As it was in the pre-Christian West, so we should expect it to become in the post-Christian West. The difference is that in the pre-Christian West, there would presumably be consequences for a woman who killed her baby without her husband's consent.

      • Infanticide being defined as murder has less to do with Christianity and a lot more to do with prosperity. It is no mere coincidence that the west is redefining infanticide as ok with their cute euphemisms just as their societies are getting poorer.

        • That's not fair, Christians were against infanticide and very effectively so since the very beginning, and they surely were not prosperous back then.

          • Point taken, but........ I don't think civilized, prosperous people anywhere were ever into infanticide. There are all these articles saying infanticide was common throughout ancient Rome and Greece and I just can't agree. Yes Sparta might have been into it, but was Classical Athens into it? During times of prosperity? Unlikely! As for Romans, perhaps in the times of Kings, but once it was prosperous? With Augustus at the helm who castigated couples not having Children? Unlikely! Seeing Christian propaganda against Hindus in India, I must dismiss these accusations of infanticide being common in Classical Greece and Rome too as Christian propaganda. After all, the followers of the ancient Greco-Roman faiths are no longer here to defend themselves. The Christians might have been against infanticide as a means of increasing their populations as their early experience was as minorities. Muslims too are against it.

            • There are Roman letters showing fathers who advised their wives to expose children if a girl was born. I could argue that prosperity and heightened investment in individual children increases incentives for infanticide and abortion in general once children are seen as cost centers rather than future revenue producers.

              • What era? How do we know those letters are genuine and not produced by propaganda? Any mention of this by classical Roman Philosophers?

                • Its even in Roman law: the Twelve Tables. "A dreadfully deformed child shall be quickly killed." Philo's Exposition writes against it because it is presumably common around his time. Such attitudes would be hard to change at any rate.

                  • Ok, fine! Now are there any Roman writers who have written against this practice? In general there are always two opinions to any issue in any culture (except Islam, but let's not go there).

                    • It's not a thing people like to write about. Infanticide was normal in China until yesterday, but nobody made a point of opposing it, so it never shows up in written sources.

            • The word "prosperity" doesn't mean all that much when comparing average incomes in one pre-industrial settled society to another. Read Greg Clark. If you compare average incomes on the Italian peninsula in 500 B.C. to 1 A.D. to 1000 A.D. to 1500 A.D., you wouldn't see all that big a difference -- maybe a factor of 2 or so, off the top of my head. Comparable perhaps to the difference between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. And during those periods, there would be feasts and famines; you might have about as much variation between 5-year periods as you do between centuries. The main thing that changed across centuries was population density. And, of course, the customs. You are right though that the Christians' pro-natal, anti-infanticide position probably helped increase their numbers. As did things like forming local communities with strong internal cohesion and trust. Differential fertility probably had a lot to do with Christianity's success in the Mediterranean after 100 A.D. or so.

    • As with much, this is regressive, not cutting edge. Romans saw and Islam sees nothing wrong with 85th trimester abortions, when authorized by the father.

  • you might be interested in this.

  • I'm surprised people believe that Cops are so one dimensional. There's actually three types of Cops. One is the bully as mentioned. The next is the guy just looking for an early pension. The type that won't be rushing to the front of a firefight but will do his job if he has to. This guy likely to have had relatives that were Cops and followed the family tradition. The last is the Hero type. Typically a big guy who believes in using his strength to rescue the less powerful from evil. Great Cops and very valuable people to any community the Hero types are. As mentioned they might be Priest otherwise. I suspect that the majority of the Cops are in the Hero and bully type with the pension type bringing up the rear in numbers.

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