Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Here's one side:


Here's the other side:


(here's part 1)


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  • Yes, Canada's military and economic domination of the Earth is nearing its expiration-date.

  • 8 percent minority representation is just about right, since they make up about 8 percent of the population. The previous committee made the mistake of giving minorities too much representation.

  • Looking at some of those faces in the upper picture puts one in mind of the 'dysgenic mutations' theory of our predicament, as investigated by Woodley of Menie and others. The same reflections occur on observing the bloated humanoid creatures, usually apparently female, who waddle through the aisles of supermarkets. If this theory is on the right lines, the forces destroying us come from evolutionary pressures, or rather the lack of them, acting over only a century or so. Not even a new religion can save us and nor will voting, once the process has gone too far as it seems to have done in most Western countries.

      • Happiness may be relative. I know no Chinese proverbs but those you have taught your readers, yet Adam Smith wrote:

        [N]ations have been taught that their interest consisted in beggaring all their neighbours.
        I did not know that dysgenics is even worse everywhere else. How or why?

        • Correction: Adam Smith wrote the bit about beggars. I asked, "I did not know that dysgenics is even worse everywhere else. How or why?"

      • > If dysgenics is bad in western countries it’s even worse everywhere else. What? Surely your second picture indicates that in China, at least, things are not (yet?) so bad.

        • The degree to which the lower classes outbreed the upper classes, right now, is bad all over the world. Plenty of educated Chinese are childless; and the Japanese don't even marry.

        • I like this short summary that Greg Cochran put up a few months ago: Three types of dysgenic pressures are taking place: low IQ selection, demographic change, and relaxed selection. The U.S. and much of the West is experiencing all three. Asia is for the most part only facing two. But it's entirely possible that some countries will experience more dysgenics from those two than other countries do from all three. There's evidence low IQ selection (effect #1 per Greg Cochran) is much stronger among African Americans than white Americans (per Jayman and Audacious Epigone). In the U.S., TFR among low IQ blacks is like 2-3x that of high-IQ blacks, while TFR among low IQ whites is perhaps only 1.2x that of high IQ whites. If Chinese selection for low IQ were as strong as it is among African Americans, then the dysgenic pressures on China could be greater than in the U.S.

  • "[The posters] portrayed two contrasted scenes. On one side a native hut of hideous squalor, overrun with children of every age, suffering from every physical incapacity-crippled, deformed, blind, spotted and insane; the father prematurely aged with paternity squatted by an empty cook-pot; through the door could be seen his wife, withered and bowed with child bearing, desperately hoeing at their inadequate crop. On the other side a bright parlour furnished with chairs and table; the mother, young and beautiful, sat at her ease eating a huge slice of raw meat; her husband smoked a long Arab hubble-bubble (still a caste mark of leisure throughout the land), while a single, healthy child sat between them reading a newspaper. Inset between the two pictures was a detailed drawing of some up-to-date contraceptive apparatus and the words in Sakuyu: WHICH HOME DO YOU CHOOSE? Interest in the pictures was unbounded; all over the island woolly heads were nodding, black hands pointing, tongues clicking against filed teeth in un-syntactical dialects. Nowhere was there any doubt about the meaning of the beautiful new pictures. See: on right hand: there is rich man: smoke pipe like big chief: but his wife she no good: sit eating meat: and rich man no good: he only one son. See: on left hand: poor man: not much to eat: but his wife she very good, work hard in field: man he good too: eleven children: one very mad, very holy. And in the middle: Emperor's juju. Make you like that good man with eleven children."

  • What do you think of this propaganda effort? I thought it was pretty good, though it lacked boobs.

      • Here is General Secretary Xi—-clock-ticking-china-decade-concern-has-begun having a Governor Mike Dukakis moment riding a tank&view=detail&mid=8A47E5E6B058240226FD8A47E5E6B058240226FD&FORM=VIRE

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