Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


People have been asking for a blog post on the coronavirus crisis, and I've demurred. Mostly because I have little facts to add. I'm no virologist, no epidemiologist, I basically know nothing useful about the virus, and I'm not in the business of making up shit or speculating for clicks. I try to offer insight in this blog and I really have no insight about viruses.

Is the virus man-made? I don't know. Is it just the flu? I don't know. Did China release it on purpose? I don't know. Was it made by Americans to fuck with China? I don't know. Is bat soup that good? I don't know! I'd say I'm sorry that I'll never get to try it at this point but nah, I've had the chance but never tried it. I'm high-openness but not that high. I've never even tried cat meat. Or bugs. Or pangolin! Oh pangolin. That I wouldn't have minded trying. Friend tells me it's pretty good.

What I can write about is the all sorts of realizations I've had over this already 3 months of global crisis. And I'd say by far the most salient thing that's struck me is the sheer amount of bullshit going around. People literally making up shit all the time and peddling on Twitter, on Reddit, on WhatsApp, everywhere there's an audience.

And sure, some of that is Hasbara, i.e. covert state propaganda by China to shit on America, by America to shit on China, etc. But you can mostly tell the state-sponsored fake news: it's yelling CUI BONO!! to anyone with a room temperature IQ. "US intelligence sources have concluded that the virus was made by China". Oh, really? You don't fucking say.

But by far the largest portion of fake news is random people doing it I guess for lulz or to get attention. And oh man are they fucking annoying. Back when the very term "fake news" was coined in early 2017 by the US mainstream media to blame it for Donald Trump's election, I remember thinking what a pathetic cope the whole thing was. Then some countries started making government "Fake News Suppression Taskforces" and I thought the whole world had gone insane. Surely people making up shit on Twitter isn't a big deal?

I retract that. Shoot them all. Every single one. Put them against a wall, shoot them in the head, and then feed them to the dogs that China isn't eating anymore. The whole heaps of disinformation going around getting everybody and their mother confused, it's infuriating. Shut the fuck up already. 10 million cases in China! Cover up in Italy! Vietnam is not testing! Animals spreading it in Australia the government isn't acting! Shut up. Now. Sheesh.

Then again there's a reason why so many disinformation gets an audience at all. Where are the experts? People who supposedly know what they're talking about respect to virology and epidemics have been saying pretty much every single possible take on the pandemic. I thought Economics was the dismal science which is not really a science and you can find an economist taking 2 completely opposite takes on every conceivable topic. Well, they're not alone anymore. Is the virus man made? Got two experts saying yes and no. Is the virus more or less deadly than we think? Experts disagree. Do we actually need ventilators? Well, it depends. Will the virus become endemic and come back every winter? Who knows.

It's been more than 3 months since we got the complete DNA sequence of coronachan and we still don't know the real death rate! Just yesterday a new paper came in saying that a lot more people are infected than we think so the death rate isn't that much higher than the flu. Just the flu! Is it though? The death rate in some Italian towns shot 6x compared to last year, that's not the fucking flu is it? Oh well, nobody knows shit.

Nobody Knows Shit. That's the real moral of the coronachan story. We don't have a fucking clue about anything. It's 2020 guys, and a lot of people just realized that. This is gonna be a fun decade.

On my personal opinion about coronachan, again not about the actual science of the virus, just its societal repercussions. As my followers on Twitter know, I'm a big fan. One thing we *do* know, even though the media and all the hysterical virtue signalers out there deny it, is that the virus pretty much only kills the old and weak and the fat. This blog has always been a supporter of eugenics, and also a deplorer of the modern life cycle where people just marry too late, have kids too late, and die too fucking late. I firmly believe that people should have children in their early 20s, be grandparents in their 40s and have intense and enjoyable lives so that their bodies are exhausted by their 60s and die in their mid 70s at the latest. Aldous Huxley started doing hard drugs in his late life and died while tripping on LSD age 69. If everybody did that we wouldn't have had to murder the world economy for corona.

That said, that's not the world we live in, and yes many of us have parents or grandparents who we don't want dead just yet, so I get it when people get emotional about it. But one (at least men) should be able to abstract oneself from personal circumstances and see the whole picture. Have you guys been to rural Japan? Or rural Italy by that token. It's miserable. You have no idea how dark and sad a country's culture becomes when you have more old geezers than toddlers. Not to mention public finances. Japan is basically murdering itself, having fallen into a vicious trap where there's too many old people taking pensions and using the national healthcare system, and the government raising the taxes of the young generation making it even harder for them to have babies to solve the problem. Sure, to this date the country has been rather conservative in taking immigrants, but it's still literally dying off, and the effects on the culture at large and the national psychology are there for everyone to see. Despair, detachment, sadness and ennui.

If it takes 10 million 80+ year olds dying of pneumonia to solve that, to get taxes low again so people can actually make money again and form families and have babies and have spare time to write books and scripts and songs, to revive the culture, well bring it on coronachan. BTW this is not just me being evil, every single Japanese under 50 will tell you that all the problems in Japan are caused by the 老害, "old vermin". And yet when coronachan comes to put the vermin out of their misery, people start panicking. Ah, the humanity.

On politics, what will happen next? Finance types sure have been enjoying the crisis. Moldbug, i.e. Curtis Yarvin, has been having a field day with the collapse of the financial markets worldwide, writing a few pieces on how financial policy could be fixed to deal with the pandemic. I've always liked the Unfulfilled Financial Engineer part of Moldbug's career so by all means go take a look. It's been funny seeing how every country but especially the US is printing money like crazy, all restraint thrown to the window. 6 trillion? Sure. And more coming! Talk right now is for USD 2,000 *monthly* for every American resident until the crisis is over. Nobody will remember Andrew Yang (serves him right for letting his wife dominate him in public during the campaign) in 3 months but hey, I was into UBI before it was cool.

Alas I also have no financial advise to give. Bitcoin fell a lot but has recovered a bit; stocks collapsed until the Fed started artificially propping it up, real estate seems to be taking a big hit on the collapse of the global tourism industry. Oil is so dead it's quite funny really. We're at (or almost at) pre 1973 oil crisis levels! Who see this happening 2 years ago? Hell, 1 year ago? Again, nobody knows shit.

But I guess what most people want me to talk about is international politics. Will China came ahead after the crisis? Well whatever the volunteer (and paid) Trump propagandists tell you, China surely is looking, and most importantly, feeling good after corona. China may have produced the virus, but it got it under control in record time given the circumstances. And it got it done precisely because it had the administrative apparatus that Xi Jinping has been introducing for years, the very weapons of totalitarianism that China has been criticized for the last 5 years. Massive surveillance, complete control of the internet, party cells in every neighborhood and residential compound. China got hit bad, but it recovered, now restaurants are open and people are back to work. 4k dead officially, 80k infected. Say it's double that, it's still nothing.

Meanwhile 1 million infected in Europe, another 1 million in the US. The EU completely collapsing as a political actor, with European countries not only not helping each other but actively sabotaging them, e.g. France confiscating medical supplies bought by Italy from Sweden as it passed through French territory. Trump denying the whole thing, then getting shamed by Tucker Carlson to do something, then getting AMOG'ed by state governors into taking a harder line than he wanted, then pushing for hydroxychloroquine as a cure all, then having the whole Cathedral campaigning against the treatment, preferring people die than proving Trump right.

The Chinese are watching Tiktok all day, which in China feeds them government news videos randomly among the first 10 or so videos, and last month it was all about "see these dumb white people not wearing a mask! Partying as the virus spread! Saying it's like the flu! What are they thinking?!". So yeah, the Chinese are feeling very damn smart right now. Which I think it's great. As you all may know, my stance is that the world needs political diversity. China is the only world power not under the control or influence of USG, the Cathedral and progressive ideology. No Globohomo down there. China was way more admiring of the West 10 years ago, when they felt poor and inadequate compared to the wealth and sophistication of the West. Now they think they're rich and smart and we're stupid and incapable of manufacturing even fucking paper masks. China is making a point of selling medical equipment as a diplomatic endeavor, "winning hearts and minds". But the fact remains that the West is physically incapable of providing basic goods for the healthcare of its citizens. Which is something you'd expect of the Third World.

So yes, the prestige of the West in Asia is pretty much dead. I hear in Vietnam (a very poor country with a long land border with China who has nonetheless masterfully managed to control the outbreak) people cross the street when they see white people because they think they might be infected. We laughed when people stopped eating Chinese food in February because of corona. Casual racism against Asians is cool because they're kinda small and well behaved. Hell, Brad Pitt could beat the shit out of Bruce Lee! These Asians they just suck. And now they got the virus hahaha. Oops, shit, it's us who got it. 10x prevalence! Oh fuck fuck.

So by April the Chinese don't look dumb, they actually look too smart. Devious! Hence the Redgov (i.e. the Republican Party and the Military Industrial Complex that funds it) propaganda machine (which is smaller than Bluegov by an order of magnitude but getting quite big now under Trump and Bannon) are openly demonizing China and basically begging for war. China covered the virus up for months! (looks notes) ... 2 weeks (looks newer notes) 6 days! That the West had 2 months (that's 6 x 10 days by the way) advance notice and still pretty much did nothing to prevent contagion doesn't really matter. I get it, I get it. Nobody likes feeling incompetent. And there's good reasons for China-Western hostility. Trump from the beginning has an agenda of reducing commercial ties with China so that manufacturing goes back to the US. Which is a great idea. And the Pentagon just wants more money and Cold War 2 is the perfect excuse for it.

The Pentagon is very greedy and very (very) wasteful but for better or worse they are the only political actor with enough money to be able to resist the Leftist political machine in America so, sure, good for them. China is also enjoying the hostility, it has made its population so much more loyal to the government. Arms races are a great thing. We owe much of our technology to them. But again, Cold War 2 has been gearing up for years. Corona is just yet another excuse to drive it up.

The whole thing is just sad, though. Sad and dumb. Lockdown is boring. I'm not that much of an introvert to enjoy it. And the whole official response is just retarded. Why can't we get antibody tests for free and a certificate of immunity to be able to do a normal life? Why can't old and vulnerable people be left to die be isolated and the rest of us be allowed out? The world economy is gonna contract something like 30% in a year. The whole thing is crazy. Where are the greedy Scrooge Capitalists furious with the shrinkage of their bank accounts, using their billions to force governments to open the economy? Trillions left there on the table! The Corona crisis has proven that the driving force of world government isn't greed or evil. It's just bureaucratic cover-your-ass. Do No Harm. Or more exactly, Do No Harm That You Can Be Blamed For. If everything goes to hell *but* bureaucrats had been following their manuals to the T and can't be blamed for it, everything's cool. But don't innovate! Oh no, you might be blamed for the results. Or take credit for the success! And we can't have that either. Nobody is better than anyone else. Just shut everything up and if people die it's their fault.

Oh yes, people have asked me if the corona crisis is going to end Bioleninism as we know it. Well it sure seems that people have less interest in transexual men trying to force normal people to have sex with them or the plight of Somali taxi drivers struggling to organize a competent jihad with their meager Uber earnings. Gotta say it' s been quite hilarious to see the grunts of the Cathedral trying to shoehorn their causes into the corona crisis. Black people more affected! Men are dying more but the nurses in the hospitals are mostly women! Can't get an abortion while on lockdown!

But let's all remember: the progressive memeplex is a means to an end. The end is absolute power, a tight single-party regime. Feminism and Globohomo and all that are things that in recent decades have helped organize leftist movements to that end, getting people motivated and loyal. That indeed has changed. Right now the easiest way to achieve absolute control is go absolutely hysterical about Corona, and that's exactly what we see in the left, many of whom are pushing for outright economic communism.

But corona will pass. Worst case scenario it will infect everyone and after herd immunity it will go away in less than a year, so corona-hysteria isn't a viable long-term strategy. Nobody is talking about climate change these days, of course, the whole thing was bullshit and we have better things to think about now; but I'd imagine we'll go back to the good old progressive days of Climate-histerical-globohomo very quickly after corona disappears. I guess someone could run a single-party regime on pandemic grounds, "just to prepare for the next virus". But that's not gonna work in any large-ish country; very hard to get enough people motivated to staff it on those grounds. Bioleninism works because it motivates large amounts of people. That's not gonna change.

So yes, the whole crisis has been rather underwhelming. Just lame and gay, as pretty much everything. No massive financial collapse. No political collapse (although California declaring itself a nation-state has been interesting). No war, no riots, no nothing. We'll see though. The loss of prestige of the Western ruling class will have some consequences. The EU is looking particularly bad. I'd be surprised if it survives this long term. At any rate it has absolutely lost the ability to expand its power any further. Lost the legitimacy to do that, I'd say forever. America is in a different plane, I don't see secession happening and partisanship isn't that much worse than it's always been. At any rate the crisis isn't quite yet over. Some countries (Germany most importantly) are now opening up, but Russia and Japan are only getting started, so restrictions on international travel are going to stay well into summer if not beyond. The world economy may take some unforeseen hit in a few months. These are interesting times, just not amazingly entertaining ones. Yet again that's what degeneration looks like. A process, not an event. The Romans also thought that everything was lame and gay. Then the Goths sacked Rome. But it took a while.


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  • It may be too hopeful, but sometimes I think globohomo is a bubble that expanded way too fast over the last few years, and now has gone too far without consolidating its gains. It went from making people accept gays to trans kids rights in what, 10 years? Surely the real world of infrastructure and pandemics can pop it. Their inner system has left no options besides just getting more and more woke(virtue signalling etc) and there is a limit to what the medium citizen can accept. The people, however abstract "the people" means, are starting to realize immigrants rape gangs and general malfunction caused by bioleninism - highlighted by things like Coronachan - is what the present is, and I don't know if globohomo can stop going further and further, until the future is pedo and fucking poor on top of it. Similar things may happen with the economic system - maybe people can cope with the current situation, but will reject bugs and pods. I know this sounds like a cope, but a man can have a bit of faith in humanity - and sense of intensity. There must be a difference in accepting gay couples and drag queen story time. It will be quite bleak if there isn't.

    • It did expand to fast. Like Ebola. Because the group of people responsible for pushing the ideas has a historical inability to regular their subversive behavior.

    • Their inner system has left no options besides just getting more and more woke(virtue signalling etc) and there is a limit to what the medium citizen can accept. The people, however abstract “the people” means, are starting to realize immigrants rape gangs and general malfunction caused by bioleninism – highlighted by things like Coronachan – is what the present is, and I don’t know if globohomo can stop going further and further, until the future is pedo and fucking poor on top of it.
      It doesn't matter if they think it "goes too far" - it only matters if they'll buy the needed actions to roll it back - and they absolutely do not. Immigration has to end; birthright citizenship has to end; voting has to end; "gay liberation" has to end, etc. People are still opposed to crashing into the cliff face but also oppose slowing the car or turning the wheel; that would be "racist". It turns out there's no difference between "accepting" gay couples and allowing them to rape boys and people aren't willing to go back to not accepting gay couples so ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯ .

      • Once wokeness stop advancing, it's likely that inertia kicks in and thinks slowly start to roll back - it takes an enormous ammount effort in order to mantain that order in first place. I I'm presuming that it can be stopped by people's common sense however, maybe that's not the case and people will just learn to like mass child rape.

        • Coronachan is already killing wokeness, which was reducing all to lesbianism. 'His husband', 'her wife'=Cooties. The athletic perversions (including incest) are going to proceed--so better for all, including the sinners, to return them to illegality and sin-heat. Putin started worshipping Coronachan this week; she'll kill pedo.

        • You already accept it with your language - by calling it "child rape" you're obscuring the problem of gays raping boys.

  • Brutal post, Spandrell. I enjoyed it. An astronomical metaphor: this event has brought our social and political orbit into unusually close proximity to a very deep gravity well - perhaps even a singularity - of illiberal statism. The "Roche limit" is the radius around a gravity well within which tidal forces exceed the gravitational force that holds an orbiting body together. Within that limit, then, moons are stretched to the breaking point and come apart. (It's why Saturn has rings.) Given that we were already skirting the Roche limit in America, with great cracks and fissures widening every day, the sharp increase of the gravitational gradient caused by our current close approach should make for very "interesting" times indeed.

    • Let me try again with the 2nd which wouldn't paste, but that I thought to copy: Think my comment didn't go through I'll just synopsize. This is important: Glimmer of hope even for this drug, but in answer to those who wonder why Dr. Trump stopped talking about HCQ: It was being used for the last 3 weeks (and more, actually) all over the world and with pretty meagre results. They not only talk as if the U.S. 'fake and gay' reaction was a totally isolated phenomenon, but that by now, HCQ was supposed to have mopped all this up, and now some won't keep losing in the NYSE, which they really oughtn't have publicized. But if 'Cloroquine denier' made sense, it would mean that Dems wanted HCQ not to save lives in order to pin more blame on Trump, and had started an anti-Dr. Trump conspiracy months ago in China and Italy and S. Korea as well, etc., where they're not even concerned with Trump or Dems either one at this point. I voted for him, but never will again-he's handled this as abysmally as possible and still does, by now projecting an unique kind of hysteria all nicely reserved for him alone. None of it makes any sense, and he's as much a weathervane as all the rest of the news. Do read your Twitter every day since you started, but I don't Tweet, so this is excellent you've put this post, which is indeed the only truth, and I've completely ruled out the numbers hysteria, whether 'exaggeratedly high' or 'too low'. Also read the Yarvin articles due to your Twitter, and it needs to be documented for all those in your group that Yarvin himself at least thinks "Trump should resign now" although he did sound rather overwrought in that first one. I thought all NRx supported everything Trump does, so Yarvin saying that was huge surprise for me. Must thank you in person for inspiring me to read Gibbon, albeit it was from reading some fine Chinese history on this blog 2-3 years ago. One of 2-3 greatest books I've read, it now seems indispensable with all that intensity in every paragraph. Literally changed my fucking life. Please do answer, if you will, what single tome on the Roman Republic would be most required to get me less spotty on that as well. Was fantastic the way the book is so magnificent that it can't by suppressed even when he says all those things about Jews like "that insular and sullen race", which is certainly true. BTW, isn't 'Sheesh' a little Jewish for you? Nobody else here in Hymie-town says it, and all of them do. I know I'll never figure out what European nation you come from, because don't know enough other languages to be able to pick it out from your English. I hope you're as famous as you seem to need to protect, though. Please erase either this one or the other. I now remember having this problem here before. Well, we'll always have one brotherly bond: Fat hatred. Your funniest tweet was "Even the figure skaters are fat".

      • Haven't read on Roman history in ages, but the History of Rome podcast by Mike Duncan was well done. I think he has a book out too.

    • Those were probably too long. You probably know of above study, only one with the 'anecdotal drugs' that seems moderately hopeful. Thanks for Yarvin link, but some don't know he does say "Trump should just resign" I wouldn't have thought so. Anyway, Dr. Trump has stopped talking about HCQ, which has succeeded less than remdesivir. Can't have been a 'Cathedral conspiracy', though, at least not the drug one. Also appreciate your inspiring me to read Gibbon. So intense and great he even says "Jews--that insular and sullen race". "Sheesh" is 'too Jewish' for you, isn't it? Please do tell if there is a tome comparable for the Republic, still very spotty on that. Those saying the U.S. response is 'fake and gay' tend to ignore that it happened in all the other nations first, and that they weren't tutored by Dems to produce an 'anti-Trump conspiracy'. Keep up the piss 'n' vinegar, and we both have at least the Fat Hatred.

    • Comments get flagged very easily on this platform. Just wait a bit, I check the queue often.

      • Hey, thanks. But that first one isn't necessary now, because will repeat too much of the 2nd one I wrote in its place. Still hope you'll give some more history tome recommendations. These little ones all should be erased. It makes me sound FAT.

          • Here's the one with the drug with the best results so far in tests. As far as I know, Trump has not mentioned this one, but the point was that conspiracies about the anecdotal drugs, at least, cannot be being suppressed, since if anti-Trumpers want to make the stalled economy and lockdown last forever, they wouldn't want the news about remdesivir out either, since it's performing much better than HCQ. 'Pdimov' said he thought Boris Johnson was probably being treated with remdesivir. Trump won't mention it because it wasn't his idea as was HCQ. What a clown. But even msm media columnists are hawking this Gilead drug. What's 'fake and gay' is concluding that locking down the US is somehow different from locking down Wuhan or Milan or Singapore, as if BJ's first attempts at 'herd immunity' had also not failed miserably, as has Sweden's. What's downright *limpwrist* is US unpreparedness, mask failure, and now zero social distancing as of yesterday in Florida and elsewhere--just because Americans are so shallow and spoiled as 'not to be able to stand it anymore'. What a fucking nation of hicks.

  • Oddly enough, the news source which has been most reliable throughout all of this is actually ZeroHedge. That's not a feather in ZH's cap so much as an indictment of "trusted" media.

  • And there’s good reasons for China-Western hostility. Trump from the beginning has an agenda of reducing commercial ties with China so that manufacturing goes back to the US. Which is a great idea.
    Yes, it would be a great idea but it misdiagnoses the problem to imply that the cause and effect was outsource to China -> declining American manufacturing. First the left killed American manufacturing through all the policies that are still popular exactly with Trump's marginal voters in the rust belt *then* the manufacturing declined (no one wanted an American car made by the UAW owned GM at any price) then people found out that they could manufacture things in countries that were less restrictive - like China. Cutting off China doesn't solve the first problem. It's a lot like ending globalhomo because of the 2014 changes while being in favor of everything that made those inevitable in the first place - it's still a coup complete problem to reverse even the things that huge numbers of people want to reverse.

  • This blog has always been a supporter of eugenics, and also a deplorer of the modern life cycle where people just marry too late, have kids too late, and die too fucking late. I don't really see how the two go together. K-selected species tend to live longer. The evolution of grandfathers/mothers as the norm was associated with greater cultural and technological complexity. More specifically to our current situation, IQ trends are dysgenic, so lower life expectancies can hardly be expected to translate into improvements (at least at the age-adjusted level). The one exception is if you think that "boomer genocide" will lead to a vigorous social revival and "based" demographic policies being instituted. Who knows, maybe. But it's a risky bet. We do know that older people are more conservative (even if it's often of the cuckish variety). We *certainly* know that they're more white. Corona-chan will just put existing electoral-demographic trends in the US and Western Europe on fast forwards. Though I suppose it can still be defended from a "the worse the better" accelerationist POV.

    • We've gone too far on K-selectedness. Modern childcare is a racket which is why smart people don't want kids anymore. Let's fix that.

      • We can do this but if we insist on putting people into cities, its going to cost a lot of money and require economic management for the greater good to create stability. Unless smart people have adequate stable income to enjoy the city life in comfort and to have kids over a twenty year plus cycle and stable marriage you won't get smart kids Basically every computer we build, every piece of automation means a baby not born. In a metaphorical sense we choose cheaper reliable, obedient machines over troublesome smart people till we can't as they are too small in number and the Amish get the ruins. The biggest irony is of any State the PRC is one of the few that could do what needs to be done but do to the culture or character I don't not know, it can't happen. Now new births are the lowest since the one child policy was relaxed In the end its self correcting. Future USA will be rather White, heavily religious and lower tech after the catabolic collapse. We already can't make much of what we use, or maybe won't, same effect In time this will be a permanent thing and over a a few centuries? 2220 will look like 1920 or earlier.

    • I agree more with akarlin here. As far as I can tell we are both futurists, and reduction in lifespan is irreconcilable with any lofty life extension goals. I don't think that there is any hope of convincing people to make lifestyle choices that would reduce their lifespan. The truth is, most people are afraid of death. Myself included. There is an alternative approach here that could possibly satisfy your requirements by going in the complete opposite direction. You could instead just extend reproductive years by a decade or so using radical life extension technology. As for the old, they would be youthful longer and work at older ages. Although, my guess is that compounding interest given a few extra decades has got to ensure financial independence at some point. You could use the advanced technology as an excuse to annul pensions, or raise the eligibility age significantly higher. The high IQ portion of the elderly are prevented from being shedded and those being born stick around a lot longer. Anyway, I was going to write a huge essay but fuck that. You get the picture. Of course all of the above hinges on technology not yet in existence, still I think 2040 is a reasonable target given current advancements. Call me deluded and retarded if you like, maybe I am. Lastly, not to be rude to you Spandrell, but it's one thing to say fuck living I'll die young when you are in your 20's and 30's, but can you maintain that position as you age? I wonder if you will take a similar position when you yourself are closer to death. Though conversely, I imagine I'm significantly younger than you, perhaps my belief will change as I age.

      • That I'm a fallible human who may fear death as it approaches doesn't invalidate my argument that society would be better if people died earlier. Arguments should be judged by their results not by the ability of weak humans to uphold them. That said I've seen plenty of older people who hold no attachment to life and I hope I can do so too. If I don't I'll drink some more until I do.

        • I don't know how much I want to respect such statements you make, because I don't know if, when you are old yourself, you will hold your current views. If you do, they'll be respectable. But it's a rather rare thing. Also, "society" is individuals. When you say let's ruin individuals to advantage society, what it means is, to advantage other individuals. Who have the power to advantage themselves, at the expense of the ruined ones. It can be legitimate (from a... darwinian viewpoint), but it's about using power for the interest of who uses it, not a noble, all-favouring line of action as it is made to sound when we say "it's for society".

        • It would be far better if old people could find something useful to do. Usually they don't, and in less health-conscious cultures and ages they just drink and smoke themselves to death. The US prole waying of eating themselves to death also works. It is the 75 years old fitness ladies with their nordic walking sticks all around here who are weird, as they don't have anything to live for and yet they are dedicating their time to just staying alive as if outliving all your friends and dying demented at 87 would be a way of scorekeeping, look, Lizzy died at 82, I won.

        • It's hard to accept killing old people or letting them die, especially, when they're your own family. Honestly, old people aren't a mere burden. They can also be figureheads of their family, the glue that holds everyone together. As to the more selfish perspective and the perspective of society's strangers, it all depends on individuals, their health and inclinations. My grandmother kept being practically useful to others via working till 89, even if part time; only stopped because her vision strongly deteriorated. My girlfriend's grandfather just retired, as a software engineer and university instructor, at 86. Generally, people can (and should, as long-term goal) live long, healthy lives, and retire past 80, if not 90. But yes, given people's tendency to get all kinds of nasty ailments and disabilities, compounded by loneliness and lack of purpose, perhaps there should be a cheap, publicly legitimate alternative: the ability to go for painless euthanasia. David Goodall ended his life at 104 this way. I feel sad that someone had to do it like this. When he fell on the floor at 102, he was lying on it for 2 entire days, no one discovering him. And it didn't have to happen, because he had living relatives. If one lives his life like this at such an age, being euthanized might be the better exit. But I believe that neither it's good nor normative: we ought to bother helping our parents and grandparents, making them feel needed or, at least, appreciated and thought of. Perhaps I'm setting myself up for disappointment, but I expect said attitude from my descendants.

    • Everyone needs to stfu. lol, NATO's largest ground OP is 1000 v 1000. My village has bigger riots.. I'm just gonna focus on my Sikhi 100% now, there's no point looking outside for guidance on warriorship. Spandrell, read the preview part. You'll be dying, a bunch of dacoits defeated "NATO" "Globohomo" "Sauron" xD

    • Boomers are not dying from this bug. Silents in their 80's are. Those people are the parties responsible for most of the mess we are on though this doesn't mean they deserve to die.

  • Real political change only will start happen by the next decade, I see the 2030s as the official end to the Judeo-American Empire. Boomers will be finally out of politics and the economy for good.

  • Great you are back posting, it has been so long since the last post I thought you stopped, volontarily or not. Coronachan has indeed put the woke subjects (egalitarianism, victim-power, climate change,..) on the back-burner, and I do not know if they will come back once the pandemic is over. However, I don't think its important, because my pressing question (and fear) is: will the pandemic be over? I do not mean it in the epidemiological sense, because a epidemic crisis always end (it become a chronic virus, with or without associated disease, it vanish, or the host species (us) vanish, but a pandemy like all exponential growth always morph into something else. I mean it in the political sense: I live in the heart of the beast (Belgium), and, like everywhere else in Europe, I am now living in a dictature. Not the bloody kind (not yet?), but the measures taken were not even imaginable 2 month ago, this kind of micro-management of people life is completely crazy. The power the different governments, together with medical experts, has grown incredibly (in my country it's especially crazy as the federal governement is temporary and have no majority, so no legitimity at all), while the power of the economic actors have decreased. Balance of power is also dictatorial, even if it was already mostly an act before: parliament still exist but do nothing anymore (in Belgium it was just the echo chamber for parties anyway), justice has been silenced, so it's the executive/media with a band of experts that have full control. So woke causes may have mostly vanished, but the end state of the game have been reached anyway: full control with a central power. No need to play the woke game anymore, it's power consolidation time and the end of the pandemy is the worst menace. It should not end, at least without being replaced by another health crisis, else the power structure in place risk loosing it's hold. I think after having tasted dictatorial power, it's not in the nature of Moloch to let it slip away. Police for sure like his new power, as expected. They get a kick out of the new power/prestige of telling ordinary citizens not lie down in a park, or asking what they plan to buy in the grocery. So I am wondering more about how governement/media health experts intend to hold the kind of power they currently have. They do not have experience and are generally quite inept, but still, it holding-game and not grabbing-game anymore. Personally I am more that fed-up with the sanitary dictature and would like to get rid of all who have tasted dictatorial power: I hope they get fired, even if they will be replaced by equivalent peoples. Even if it was needed, dictatorial power stains permanently.

  • "Worst case scenario it will infect everyone and after herd immunity it will go away in less than a year" Which coronaviruses have humans developed immunity to so far? I didn't think there were any.

    • Corona variants cause ~15% of all Common Colds annually and are the 2nd leading cause of Common Cold after rhinovirus variants. further, all major strains of Corona have been identified by paleo-biologists going back to AT LEAST 2500 BC. while a particular Corona variant may turn out to be something more like Smallpox ( 30% fatality rate in the Old World, upwards of 90% in the New ), CoViD-19 ain't it, and it ain't shit. the 1968 Hong Kong Flu killed ~100,000 Americans ( from a population of 200.7 million ) and well north of a million world wide. factored for current US pop of 330 million, Coronachan would need to kill 150-200,000 Americans to be AS deadly as HKF. Coronachan has just now crossed 200,000 fatalities ... WORLDWIDE ... and the cold/flu season is almost over. this is personally interesting to me, as i ( and mom and dad ) had HKF in the 1972 wave. what is HKF like? a bit more than a week of 100 temps, diarrhea and headaches. keep up your fluid and mineral intake and it's not a big deal. no fun, but not a big deal.

    • "Herd immunity" is such bullshit but it seems authority figures like the timbre of those words so they don't shut up about it. The United States, and most other modern societies having to cater to popular opinion for continued governance, will not consciously, as a matter of policy, allow herd immunity to play out with the COVID. "C'mon, it's only a 5 or 6 million deaths, but think of the bright side. You'll be able to go the beach and shop at the Apple store again!" Oh wait...what am I thinking. Of course most of people would be fine with this. In fact, they'll protest for their right to do so. Ben Franklin didn't want us sitting at home on beautiful sunny days.

  • "...Will the virus become endemic and come back every winter? Who knows....Nobody Knows Shit. That’s the real moral of the coronachan story. We don’t have a fucking clue about anything. It’s 2020 guys, and a lot of people just realized that..." "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey (CIA Director) According to Mark Berger, former Legislative aide for a United States Senator Casey really did say this when asked by President Reagan with his new cabinet secretaries to report to him on what they had learned about their agencies in the first couple of weeks of the administration. So we shouldn't be surprised if we are now totally confused. It's what a major player said is the primary function of his agency. Why we should fund any such a thing is beyond my comprehension. Several people have gone on record to say corona is likely engineered. Some have retracted that after criticism. It appears to me the only people who have had any benefit at all from corona is Israel and the Jews.

    • Coronachan has become political. For any man who knows anything there are at least 10 men who know nothing but have an opinion and an incentive to spread disinformation. We'll not know anything for a long time because it will stay political. Lockdowns are terribly expensive anywhere. In few months these costs will become obvious to everyone. Whether the lockdowns were necessary (or helpful or whatever) dependes on Coronachan. Your tribe/party was pro-lockdown, then you better understand how serious the disease was. Your tribe/party is against lock-down, then you better understand that it was just a regular flu season. Coronachan will be a weapon for any politician. The opposition will blame the govenment for the shutdown; except in Sweden where the opposition will blame the government for the deaths that could have been avoid by a timely shutdown.

  • >Nobody Knows Shit. That’s the real moral of the coronachan story. But don't forget that we are in a bit of a contrarian bubble. Nobody believes the NYT therefore there are 20 alternative opinions of everything. The faithful NYT reader thinks he knows shit because even though they might change their stance every week, that's just because "science is a self-correcting process as new evidence emerges", and it is, but of course this is not science, and it is mighty convenient to come up with a new opinion every week and call it evidence-based science and not even bother to make up the evidence, just make some guy with fancy degrees say there is "evidence". So the contrarians do not believe that, and thus one guy is saying it is a Chinese bioweapon, the other is it is an American bioweapon and a third one is that is is just a meme. The Cathedral is not trustworthy, and there is no thrustworthy Anti-Cathedral, just everybody doing their own wild speculation.

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