Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


Biden was inaugurated yesterday. Didn't watch the thing, it's kinda depressing, so I went back to my old disinterested, cynical self. I used to be very happy ignoring mainstream politics. Damn you, Trump, you pulled me out of my detached cool lifestyle. Well it was more the pepes and other 4chan memes created since 2016. Damn you guys. I used to not care. I didn't want to care. But you draw me in. It was great. I had a lot of fun. But it was wrong. We all knew it was wrong, that it wouldn't get anywhere. And yet… Oh well. What is done is done.

Now back to regular programming. As promised I'll go with my translation of the 三十六計, the 36 stratagems of ancient Chinese warfare. Well, I'm only translating six stratagems, the six stratagems to use when you're in the weak side, losing the war against a strong enemy. Last time I did the very last one, which can be summarized as gtfo. Today it's turn for Stratagem #31.


The Honeypot

(literally: The Beautiful Person Trick)


When the enemy army is strong, attack its commander. When the commander is smart, attack his emotions. When the troops are strong but their commander is weak, its momentum withers on its own. Use this to resist your enemy and you will protect yourself successfully.


When the enemy army is strong and its commanders are intelligent, you just can't compete, you have to surrender something.

If you give them land, it increases the enemy's power. That's what happened to the six states and Qin [which eventually destroyed them and founded the first Empire]. That's the worst possible tactic. If you give the money and silk, it increases the enemy's wealth. That's what happened with the Song Dynasty vs. the Khitans and Jurchens. Also a bad tactic. The only good tactic is to give them hot chicks. That shaves away theirs resolve, weakens their bodies and increases the resentment of their subordinates. That's what happened with Gou Jian, King of Yue, who sent Xi Shi [legendary beauty in China to this day] to Fu Chai, King of Wu. That's the way to turn defeat into victory.

My book has some extra examples for illustration, let me introduce a funny one:

During the An Lushan rebellion, Tang Dynasty general Li Guangbi was sent to resist [An Lushan's second in command and later successor] the rebel armies of Shi Siming. The two armies soon found each other and dug trenches across a river and the situation stagnated.

At the time Shi Siming's army was slightly stronger than Li Guangbi's, having more than 1,000 high quality war horses. One day Shi Siming ordered a subordinate to take their thousand hourses to the river to drink and wash, but actually he just wanted to show them off to intimidate the governmenet forces. Li Guangbi heard of this and thought of a trick. He sent a subordinate to gather every single mare in his army, a total of around 500, and sent them close to the river where the rebel army's horses were drinking.

The mares started crying and moving excitedly as they approached the 1,000 war horses of the rebel army, and those horses on seeing the mares run straight away towards them, crossing the river and leaving their soldiers behind.

Thus, the government forces easily captured 1,000 strong war horses, and the rebel armies had to retreat several miles after losing much of its military advantage.


This might seem quite irrelevant for my readership and current affairs. Honeypots are indeed old as sin, and quite effective. And they don't require strong armies so they can be used by people in a weak position in order to gain some advantage.

But they're also not a trick which is exclusive to people in a weak position. Honeypots are just as powerful when used from a position of strength. Governments, police forces use honeypots all the time to capture criminals or dissidents. It's just a good and rather cheap trick no matter who initiates it.

If anything, I think you could say that using women against their enemies is a trick that the left has been using a lot. For centuries really. To a large extent the victory of leftism against traditional society, since the very beginning really, has been a long, centuries-long, sustained honeypot. Not just sending hot chicks to get some short term advantage or extract some incel. It's a rather more insidious sort: it's using all our women, our wives, our sisters, our daughters! in a life-long mission to sow discord and division among our ranks. The mother of all honeypots.

What to do? Write your suggestions in the comments.

By the way my call to people to join my Urbit group has been massively successful. ~docteg-mothep/bloody-shovel is right now the most active group on Urbit! You're missing out. This post will be published there too, do come and join the discussion.


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  • What do you think could be done with the new technology of social credit scores? You said women predominantly chase social status (points) so their behavior could effectively be directed that way. So China/any government could reduce a woman's social credit score for example for not being married at a certain age or for not having X amount of children by age Y. We could beat women with their own weapons here, chance of a lifetime. In the West this might not be possible however because of feminist politicians protecting their sex from any form of criticism and social ramifications but China could most likely improve their increasingly troubling demographics fairly easily.

    • Why would you think "any government" would do such a thing though? More likely scenario is any woman with a vagina having 95% of minimal needed threshold at birth, while men will have to bend sideways to get there. Literal life on tutorial mode, since social credit is just a gamified version of social status.

      Also you are putting way too much importance on feminists in the politics. Women in politics exist only to repeat the pre-existing mainstream party line, they basically fill the role of eunuchs. It won't work in the West, or anywhere else really, because of women-respecting cucks in the apparatus, not the women themselves. And neoliberalism is pretty damn good at putting cucks into positions of power, you won't be able to build a functioning social credit score system without neoliberalism anyway.

      What exactly is a "troubling demographics" you speak of? I think you've mistaken the shill manual, this line is used against Japan. There are at least a billion chinese, so China doesn't have any demographics problems, never had and never will.

      • If you think that "demographics" is the population size of a country then I really don't know what to say to you... A healthy nation has to be a nation of families and not a nation of atomized individuals. And a family requires children and preferably more than one. I don't know how you stumbled onto this blog if you don't believe this.

        • That's just your belief, nothing more.

          China has existed way before liberalism just fine, but when commies came to power suddenly majority of population needs to be "fixed" and by complete coincidence, no less, they are the only ones who can perform such task. Smells like circular reasoning to justify total power grab.

          • As long as everyone else is losing with China, China doesn't have much to fear from demographic collapse. So they lose 3/4 of their population over the next 120 years: big whoop, everyone in 2000 miles of China is losing almost as much (or they're inbreeding themselves retarded, as is the case with Muslims) and since they have smaller populations the effect is worse.

            All China needs to do is steal environmental remediation tech from the USA and Germany, unfuck their pollution issues with social credit scores, increase the amount/quality of arable land, and wait 100 years without any catastrophic fuck-ups. They'll be sitting pretty with a nice, clean, modern nation and a homogeneous population roughly the size of modern America, with none of our problems.

  • The analysis of "the victory of leftism against traditional society" as being a giant centuries-long honeypot is an interesting idea, and brings to my mind a larger question: how many other social changes throughout history have been to a greater or lesser extent honeypots? It might just be a common thing.

    For example, I've read where the greatest weapon of the Germanic tribes against Rome were all those beautiful blonde girls that offered to Roman men a chance for a new life with a red-blooded bride that came from a culture that had vigor and had confidence in a future that was better than the unending decline and oppression Rome offered in its last days.

    As for "what to do" I'm not sure, but if the changes seen in modern culture are a honeypot the honey might be spoiling. The look, appearance, and demeanor needed to be on the cutting-edge of progressive, in the sense of the kind of woman that the propaganda apparatus promotes, is starting to move so far away from timeless beauty it's becoming outright repulsive to most men, and that in turn makes it less attractive to women.

    If that's true then there are many possible outcomes, among them the promotion of mass sexlessness (we see some of this in the rhetoric and policy of lockdown, interestingly), a reversion of the ideal progressive woman into a more timelessly beautiful form, or a mass turn against progressiveness. In any case some pillar of the social trends seen in the past few generations will give way.

  • In my opinion, leftist degeneracy hasn’t impacted day-to-day life for a western family too much yet, thank god. Keep your mouth shut at work. Yea it sucks to be muzzled, but it’s not that hard.

    But the greatest danger for every family is leftism’s effect on children, particularly daughters. I’m not too concerned about my sons. I’m lucky to be in the upper middle class and I think I’ll be able to transfer that status to my sons, so they’ll be okay. Boys are more resilient to leftism anyways because they’re less susceptible to emotional appeals. But upper middle class girls can easily ruin their lives if they follow leftist degeneracy.

    And our society now demands a college education. Unless you live near a top college, it’s hard not to send your daughters hundreds of miles away to a top college during some of her most impressionable years. This is where most girls from good backgrounds go leftist and get turned against their family. I’m still trying to think of a solution. I envy the Mormons who created their own top-tier university that follows their own values, BYU. They’ve created a cradle to grave life path for Mormons.

    So on the defence side, educate your daughters and instill your values in them while they’re under your roof. I think its worth considering the local nearby state college for daughters, even if she gets into more elite colleges, so she can continue to live at home. And she can leave the home when she marries - passing her from one responsible male figure to another. Don’t let her have a phase of complete independence where the only input is from leftist media. Good girls will mostly avoid the siren call, but why risk it by putting her in the way of harm.

    On the offence side, I think the left - and all of society actually - is already riddled with honeypots in some sense. Porn, hookup culture, etc. have sedated all men. I think China is 100% right to ban porn, although I have no idea how effective it is. Everybody in western society thinks too damn much about sex. Conquest after conquest is exciting, but it’s the complete opposite of building something. It’s the whole r vs K strategy thing. I’m now partial to the view of Catholics that sex should only be for procreation.

    Everyone’s talking about their hookups if they’re not married, or if they are married their dalliances, or if they’ve really been married a long time, the spicier and spicier stuff they’re doing in the bedroom to get that same rush. I get it. Sex is great. But it’s just sex. How much energy and time is going into thinking about sex instead of building something: finding a good girl to marry, having another kid, raising your children well.

    I don’t think you have to LARP as a trad. I think if you stop thinking about sex in the degenerate way that porn and hookup promote, you’ll naturally desire marriage, having more children, and raising your children well.

    And hopefully you don’t cheat on your wife. Its really a short term and small gain for potentially ripping apart your family. At the very least, respect that she is the mother of your kids. The kids need both of you as parents. I know that emperors used to have harems and shit, and if you’re a decent dude you’ll get opportunities, but emperors also didn’t need to parent their kids at all, they could just inherit the kingdom. It’s a human capital arms race now, and kids from stable families do better. Once you‘ve gotten a bit of life experience, you can almost smell out the people from divorced families, it scars them.

    I agree with the dark enlightenment idea of passivism. The left is already drowning in degeneracy. You couldn’t introduce more honeypots to them if you wanted to. Protect your family. Become strong by being better than society, and not getting into the leftist filth. And I think eventually the next batch of elites that overthrows the rotting mess will come from our side because that’s where the strength is. It’s not exciting. And it’s going to take a long time. But if you survive long enough you’ll see the bodies of your enemies floating down the river.

    But don’t be too passive Spandrell! You’re the best, please keep writing if you’re still enjoying it. I still hope I’ll get to read your book about Chinese history/strategy someday.

    • As a father of several daughters from a middle class family who witnessed several of my smart female cousins fall prey to globohomo and end up childless I think about how to shield my kids from this a lot. As you note it's really hard because my daughters are sweet and caring and susceptible to emotional appeals and tearjerker stories even if these are dog bites man, exception that proves the rule type. From this perspective Covid and WFH has been a positive as I can be more present with them day to day to combat the general brainwashing but once Covid ends (and I hope it does obviously), they will go back to school, which good as it is from a stock perspective is still transmitting a lot of the globohomo. Thankfully my wife and I are aligned but we will only know how successful we've been once they go to college. We do want them to live at home for the reasons you mentioned - my wife did and her family was generally very conservative. Part of the issue is the corrosive nature of emotional appeals like "but even if group X is genetically predisposed to Y shouldn't we celebrate the exceptions, and dad you don't need to remind me of this statistic all the time". There's something dishonorable about shitting on group X who is marketed by globohomo as being super amazing but in reality underperforms on all KPIs that matter in the modern world. Globo homo's front line troops are bioleninist mercs and so crapping on them is a bit not noble (shitting on midgets) but it needs to be done.

      • I feel bad about shitting on certain groups too. But these conversations are too important to go unsaid. It’s like the birds and the bees talk. It’s uncomfortable for everybody, but it’s important kids hear from their parents about the family’s values and what is reality. It should be done tactfully, gradually, and at opportune times. But it has to be done. They sure as hell aren’t going to get that from the MSM.

        I’ve also got smart female cousins/family friends who went childless, bought into leftism, etc. It’s a shame. Looking at their family structure, many had a parent or a close aunt/uncle that was leftist. I think it’s very hard, but these people have got to be cut out of the children’s lives, even though they’re family. If these people can be changed, great, but if not, they can’t be influencing the kids. Nothing is more precious than your children. And you’ve only got one shot to raise your children.

        The rest just had passive/hands off parents, which meant the media and the culture ultimately influenced their daughters. When their daughters started to make important life-altering decisions in adulthood that they disagreed with, they began to speak up, but it was too late. Their daughters had already become young adults, out of the house, independent and working, and with their own lives. Nothing they said was able to move their daughters much at that point anymore.

        I feel bad for these parents. I bet they wish they could do it over again. I think many just didn’t see the tsunami of extreme leftist culture that was coming and the havoc it would wreck on their children and their families.

        It’s tough to be a parent in a society that doesn’t share your values. And the change has happened so quick. Just 1 generation ago, parents could reasonably assume authority figures (politicians, teachers, media, etc.) were moderate in their views and values, and they could trust that their children would be molded into fine men and women by society. But that’s no longer the case. It’s up to each family now to be hands-on in shielding their children and raising them well.

        Woe to any parent who doesn’t realize this by now.

        • I am at the leading edge of this phenomenon. Worse, I grew up around shitlibs. You guys know what you know because guys like me went through the wringer of leftist feminism and paid dearly for it. I got off lightly by wising up fast. When my daughter came home from school and announced that she was a militant lesbian SJW, and she and her creepy life partner would be enforcing Globohomo in the family - I banished the lefties in my life. All of them. I told my wife to come with me or go with them but she couldn’t do both. We haven’t seen our families in 7 or 8 years. It’s harsh. It hurts. It was necessary.

          We were just the first. After that other family members went on to divorces and estrangements of their own. I personally think neoliberalism is going to implode... soon. Some of them were literally ruined in the messy divorces. My wife and I did fairly well. The wife found a little traditional chapel out in the country with wonderful people and the values we like. Like us, they’ve successfully rebuffed SJW intrusion with polite but determined refusal.

          Anything your side does has to be built around the idea of preserving the family, and building and protecting the community. I hear the young men boasting and blustering about pumping and dumping the best and most productive years of their lives away. They prattle about status and harassing and dominating other men... and I’ve seen more than a few of these men wind up as lonely derelicts. Most are just poseurs. Feral young men are the flip side of feral young women.

          Traditional values arose because they work. Traditional marriage is a good deal for everyone: the partners combine resources and divide the chores and accomplish more together than they do alone. Find a church that espouses traditional values, and you will find women that do too. Make a traditional family - most churches run their own home schools and produce students that can wipe the academic mat with public schooled kids.

          It takes a lot of work and time...but the payoff is far beyond anything that neoliberalism can offer.

          • You can get your kids (and son/daughter-in-laws) free education and get them started on raising a family at 18 by manipulating the financial aid system.

            Financial aid makes your parents income determine your maximum grants/scholarships/govt-loans, unless:

            1. You're 24 or older.

            2. You're in the military or a veteran.

            3. You have a kid of your own.

            4. You're married.

            5. You were emancipated, went through the foster care system, or I were adopted. I'm not sure about the adopted part, ask the financial aid office.

            Anyways, here's what to do.

            1. Have your son/daughter marry their childhood/high-school sweetheart and have kids.

            2. Buy a house that is close to a good community college (near a state capital or major city) and your university of choice.

            3. Have the lovebirds apply for section 8 housing, food stamps, WIC (food program for pregnant/breastfeeding women and infants/toddlers), and every other program you can think of. Pay someone who works at the local benefits office $1000 to tell you everything they know.

            4. Have them rent the house bought for you using their section 8 housing grant. Maybe use a corporation or a distant relative you trust to hold the house if the state checks for conflicts of interest. Structure the rent payment to extract the maximum amount of money from section 8 vouchers, and put it towards the mortgage. Any excess will get the lovebirds bonus food stamps, so don't worry.

            5. Get a tax break for accepting section 8 vouchers, and just give them back the part of the rent that they pay to you as cash. Or just give them the cash to pay you the rent, and then give it back to them afterwards while claiming it's from babysitting or some shit.

            6. Have the kids attend the community college for 2 to 4 years, getting transfer academic degrees, applied/technical degrees, and trade degrees. They should be able to get 4 to 6 years of Pell grants, and various other federal and state scholarships and grants. DO NOT GET STUDENT LOANS! Since they're married and parents, the college won't force them to pay $10,000 a year on the student housing scam. If they're doing anything hard-science-y, have them take as many math and computer science classes as they can so they can keep up with computing-related advances in the hard sciences, and so they have the programming skills to automate as much of their jobs as possible later in life.

            7. Move grandma or the wife in with the kids to help take care of the grand-babies while the kids are in school. Have them continue to pump out grand-kids.

            8. Once they're done with community college, transfer to a university. Have the son join the national guard or reserves as anything that isn't infantry or which will put him in harm's way. If you're on the coast, try the coast guard maybe. This gets him additional housing aid to put towards your mortgage, and another 3 to 4 years of school funding.

            9. Once they get their bachelors, have her start a minority (woman) owned business, and use the points system from her husband being in the military to get government contracts. Have him get a commission as an officer. Have him get a masters, PhD, or professional degree as desired. Have the military pay for as much of it as possible, as they need doctors, dentists, chemists, pharmacists, engineers, programmers, and headshrinkers, among others.

            10. Have him do 4 years as an officer, then GTFO and do the same job as before but working "for" his wife in "her" contracting company and making at least 4x as much money.

            11. The house should be paid off now, gift it to your kids.

            12. Enjoy the company of your grand-kids for another 8 years until the oldest turns 18, and the process begins anew.

            It's the ciiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrcccccclllllleeeee ooooooofffffffffffffff lllliiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

            • BTW, your son will be able to get military disability from normal wear and tear on his body during his service, AND military pension from his time in service and his rank. He could be looking at a $70,000/year pension, partially tax free, plus he can continue to work as a government contractor making 3 times that.

  • What to do, what to do. Let's put our cards on the table.

    1-We're in a state of war. Therefore, the time for idealism and cheap moralizing is over.

    2-All western women are by default the property of Globohomo, who seeks our destruction.

    3-Globohomo owns the women because Globohomo can give them both status and resources and break the backs of their husbands and fathers.

    4-Globohomo is all-mighty, but near-sighted. Therefore any action that doesn't catch its attention is good.

    5-The only way to own a woman is to out-alpha Globohomo's minions in her social circle. Therefore:

    5.1-Eliminate Globohomo from your wife, sister or daughter's social circle. Homeschool the latter. And for God's sake, don't pay for pozzed media, be it movies, Netflix or videogames.

    5.2-Be as much of a Gigachad as possible. Lift weights, practice full-contact martial arts, make money, befriend other Chads and build an informal posse.

    5.3-Mog and predate on bugmen and normies as much as you can, as long as you don't catch Globohomo's attention. Again, this is war.

    6-If you're sexually disenfranchised, quit porn and pay for escorts.

    6.1 Sex with escorts is real, so you'll get experience.

    6.2 Regularly paying for sex will also dispel any lingering romantic notions of love you might still have. Remember not to fall in love with the property of the enemy.

    7-Pick up girls occasionally, not for the sex (you got that covered) but to get acquainted with female nature and to learn to mog other men.

    8-Dating is for literal fags. Marriage is exclusively for virgin women. If you want a long-term relationship with a non-virgin, make its dynamics be those of informal concubinage. Make sure that she lives in her own house and makes her own money. Having children with those is obviously better than being childless, but make sure to DNA test them.

    9-Use digital nomadism to your advantage. Treat your urban dwelling as temporal. Invest in a good-looking property innawoods, preferably along with your posse, and send your Sabines there.

    10-Having children, especially of your own stock is the ultimate objective in life. Make sure your genes survive, by hook or by crook. Remember, war has no rules.

  • It's nice and all, but the examples of the stratagem share the same glaring flaw: they feature the exchange of asian women between asian sides. Interracial exchanges, however, have an opposing effect - they provide a readily available and somewhat sustainable stream of underclass, mixed race fatherless men, to the winning side. Which is even better than land and wealth, both of which have to be managed and integrated after the conquest - it provides the stability to the winner. And they need it more than anything else, since they resorted to external conflict in the first place because they've ran out of internal ones.

    In general I find it quite strange that China has all that rich history of existing as an empire and all these advises written by ancient philosophers about everything, but it looks like at any given moment the chinese ruling class is either retarded or outright ignores all of that. Qing dynasty could literally follow this advice to the T and flood East India Company officials with chinese women to the point each one of them ending with a harem, I am sure the population ratio between Britain and China was pretty much the same as now and East India Company wasn't even an entire Britain. Brits were proper women-respecting cucks at that point too, so that would ensure a complete control over the large part of european economics on top.

    Or they could shoot the entirety of The Company, China invented the guns after all, surely it was able to mass produce them. But they didn't do any of that and instead went for two retarded wars which they have lost, why? Last time I checked higher order entities like empires could grind even countries to dust, let alone some meager corporations.

    As for women, the neoliberal order doesn't really "pit" them "against men", more like it panders directly to women, since they are the sole proprietors of the propagation for said order. As in the literal growth - they shit out at worst a mere debt receiver who either gets sent into prison (not really the worst case tbh, prison wardens want food on their table too) or dies before hitting welfare age, at best - the loyal neoliberal servant or another propagator. They are basically the oxygen to the liberal existence, and as a oxygen-breathing creature you would prefer more oxygen rather than less, regardless of context, and all decisions will downstream from that.

    The main hindrance with your line of thought is you think in patriarchal terms such as "family", "daughter", "mother", "bloodline" etc. when patriarchy is long gone (at least 100 years officially). In the matriarchy there are only "feel good", "free shit" and "fuck boy". Notice the primitive wording of these terms, that's how women think.

  • Well imho the gnon aligned solution is neo patriarchy/neo feudalism. Independent estates headed by powerful men.

    All the prole jobs will soon be automated, including cannon fodder. It will boil down to who controls energy, basic materials and AI drone production

    Now if continuing further those men likely be AI themselves

    In any case that is preferred to a society of homogenous castrated retards governed by surveillance and happy feels ( brave new world)

    Universe will not allow degenerates in power who cannot even reproduce themselves for too long.

    • Where do you think all those "powerful men" would come from, considering the whole point of bioleninism is to reduce every man into an effeminate consoomer? You are aware that "powerful men" in the modern sense are made, not born, right? And the current elites are not interested in making them when they can just put more women in power.

      Also you are putting way too much faith into AI, which is a subject to Pascal's mugging on the level comparable to women, if not more. AI in a nutshell is just a retard who crunches numbers 1000x times faster than a human. Which results in nominally better intelligence, but puts a hard limit on what kind of decisions it can make.

  • Women got a raw deal from the AR and Trumpism. They joined up expecting to become war brides in Tom Brady's polygamous compound; what they got was Kantbot industriously kneading their tits while his latent schizophrenia manifests as word salad.

    Women signed on with the feminism thing cause they thought they would all get fucked by hot guys and they'd be able to force those dudes to marry them, or barring that they'd get to share a hot guy until they can dispose of those other bitches at a later date. While we can make ourselves more attractive to them, there's really no way to avoid polygamy for at least a generation or two - especially when you consider the human detritus that infests the left.

    Anyone who doesn't believe me should think back to the White Sharia meme propagated by the War Room podcast on TRS, which excited thousands of women (I'm not kidding) and brought a stampede of beta men and boys chasing the poussii. This was a month or three before C-ille IIRC, and it contributed to the large population of clueless normies and autists who showed up.

    With that in mind, the first goal to is to lure women in, and to do that we should comb religious texts to find justifications for:

    1. Polygamy.

    2. Hypergamy.

    3. Racism in favor of white men.

    Once we have that, we disguise these justifications with flowery prose, and lure in a few women to attach their feelers to a random charismatic normie-chad we find. He gets to have 20 kids with 4 women, the women are too ecstatic at being knee deep in children to give any fucks about feminism, and we get photo-ops for our counter-honey-pot.

    Such a religion should have a distributed authority structure whose authority signals cannot be faked. These signals should rely exclusively on Caucasian aesthetics, being physically imposing/dominating, and being pathologically/aggressively normal.

    Obviously this would leave guys like me and a good sized minority of us with the short end of the stick, but I can content myself with women about to hit the wall, Asians, and women too dumb to understand that I am not a catch. As long as enemy men get nothing (and therefore need to change to get the smallest crumbs of pussy), and enemy women have to stop being insane bitches to get attention from the top 2/3 of white men, all will work out in our favor.

    If you are one of these men, your job is to not be weird, fuck pussy, and raise kids.

    If you are not one of these men, your job is to run interference for them and to wrangle a wife in the process.

    If you're part of the bottom 1/3 of white men and you are inexplicably not a shitlib, your job is to hassle women as only you can to get them to dial back the bitchiness. We need listicles that talk up these men by telling women that they are completely forbidden in every way, and that no good feminist is to give in to her sexual desires and allow herself to be carried away by these cunning, murderous brutes (do your best David-French-writing-about-BAP impression). We need you to run a few cycles of SARMs, put on the most cursory of autogynophile uniforms (grow your hair long, dye it the Colour Out Of Space, wear dresses), and use any pretext of TERF-iness to physically attack feminists. You were born to make women uncomfortable; revel in it. We will ensure that you get a 7.5/10 asian waifu for your service.

      • How much harder than installing Linux is it? Do I need a device that's online 24/7?

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