Bloody Shovel 3

We will drown and nobody shall save us


I'm accused of timing my last post just before the New York Times launched it's much awaited hit-piece on Scott Alexander.

It's all a funny coincidence. But funny it is. Indeed Scott Alexander was the subject of a post I wrote exactly 5 years ago where I also mention the story of Ying Bu.

It's been interesting to see Scott's development since then. On one hand he hasn't changed much. He's got progressively more famous, and deservedly so. He's also got progressively more fat. Which is sad, but not unexpected. Neutered animals also get fat, and Scott talked about himself being basically chemically neutered.

I was pleasantly surprised though with the way he dealt with the New York Times doxing him. Closing the blog was a smart move (and now that I think of it, a great example of a 苦肉計 stratagem 34, the very next one!), and his recent move towards financial independence by moving to substack and starting a private practice is actually pretty ballsy. Good for him. Hopefully at some point he realizes that the best cure for depression is regular sessions of weight-lifting and parties with abundant MDMA and hot chicks.

As it happened we didn't have to pull a Ying Bu on Scott Alexander; the left banished him of their own accord. As such he didn't move to our side, he pulled a Stratagem 36 and just gtfo to his own turf. Which is fair. But you can only run for so long. The NYT will be back to haunt him and he obviously doesn't have the strength to fight them head on. The IDW crowd isn't sleeping soundly, that's for sure.

By the way TIL that Scott's ex poly-gf or whatever, the infamous camgirl with a masectomy fetish got married (to some other weirdo) and has a kid! Oh boy. What a cursed image.

Any way, I'll spell it out. We need to pull a Ying Bu not just on Scott Alexander. We ned to run a massive, complete, society-wise Ying Bu on every single non-bioleninist person who is still working for the enemy. We can define the enemy as the wider Left, which includes our governments and corporations known to have helped the left, either with money or with influence.

The point of the Ying Bu story (henceforward "stratagem 33b") is that we need to find a way to deny our enemy the use of their best human capital; and not only that, we must do it so that our enemy sends their best human capital to our side. And we do that by implying that they are disloyal to the government side. All of them.

This should be easy, really, the left itself is busy making the point for us, implying that white people are born evil and incapable of loyalty to the Woke cause. Especially in America, Europe is nowhere as bad in this department yet (yes, Europe doesn't include Britain), so what follows applies especially to Anglo countries.

I don't watch TV and haven't done for years, but I bought an Oculus Quest recently and there's this app where you can watch some American TV news channels. I was just browsing for a few minutes on CNN, ABC and a few others and it's outstanding how demonic talk about "whiteness" this and "privilege" that is now completely normal. The loyalty of white people is suspect already. Bioleninists at your company or department are already agitating to get your place and have you fired.

I say let them. Let's see how the federal government and Globohomo manages to even function without white men. I really want to see it. Now of course, most white men won't leave. They need the money. They have mortgages to pay and kids to provide for. I get that; but guys, they're after you anyway. So I'm sorry, I'm very sorry, but you gotta join our side. And sooner rather than later. You may not want to, you might be afraid, and we get that. But we're not gonna give you the choice. You're being drafted.

"But I'm not Nazi!!" you might say. "I'm not even based!". Well, you are now. Besides, nobody will believe your denials. Lateesha at HR saw with her own big black eyes that you have a Gab account where you like Hitler memes. "But I was hacked!!". Yes you were. But who cares? You are white. We are your only friends. We were always your only friends. Don't worry, it's all for your own good. We won't even make you lift. Yet.

Back when I wrote Biological Leninism one of the earliest criticisms was that I didn't explain white male leftists. The first response to that is that if you take out core Bioleninist constituencies like Jews, sexual deviants of any sort (homosexuals, troons, furries, whatever), there's very, very few actively loyal white men working for the Left. What there are though, in spades, is a lot of passively loyal NPC types who are risk averse and dont' want to rock the boat. Some people have very slavish personalities and they'll parrot the government line as second nature. I'm sure some men in Turkmenistan buy books of Turkmenbashi and eagerly watch TV to see their president kick a ball or something.

There's also lots, probably a plurality, of men who at some level know something is bad but again, they're risk averse and cant' just afford to make a stand and fight the system just yet, or at least think they can't. Those kinds of people are the exact target of a Ying Bu counter-op. We must deprive them of the choice of serving the enemy.

This is not going to be pleasant. As Mao said, a Revolution isn't going out to dinner. It's a violent affair. Stratagem 33b hurts. It's brutal. Ying Bu's wives and children were all murdered by Xiang Yu. But he won, and he got new ones.

Now, I don't expect the Left to go around murdering the wives and children of every competent engineer that we slander as being a Nazi with a Gab account. But there'll be some short-term financial damage. And probably a lot (a fucking lot) of divorces and personal trouble.

But it'll all be for the better. Scott Alexander was forced out of polite society, but after some short-term pain he'll be happier and (way) wealthier than he could ever expect to be as a wage-cuck in the government healthcare system. And once his polyamorous friends have all ostracized him and he has no choice but to make new based friends… then he'll have to hit the gym, get fit and healthy and even look good. The horror!

If you're a numbers guy but has read some history you might often be surprised on how often very few men were able to conquer vast populations. Mongols at their peak were probably no more than 100k warriors; yet they conquered literally 70% of the civilized world. They way they did that was by co-opting the locals. The Mongol armies conquering Baghdad were full of Muslims. The Mongol armies conqurering China were led by Han generals. They paid them well.

Thankfully the modern Left isn't quite as smart and competent as the Mongol armies, and they're already busy expelling every single man (and increasingly woman) of talent out of high-status positions. All I'm saying is we weaponize this very internal tendency for our own purposes. YouTube wouldn't be able to censor us if every single straight white and yellow man (which are also being victimized plenty) stopped working for them. They couldn't even function.

And don't even get me started with law enforcement. BLM and their buddies salivate about a police force without white men. Red-blooded white men are being purged off the US army just as we speak. Do you want secession but are worried that the US army would destroy you? Not once you pull a Ying Bu on them and every single soldier is a stunning and brave curvy black woman.

You might think I'm joking. This is no joke. But sure, things have to happen gradually then suddenly. You want to test the stratagem to see how it goes? The IRS. Every single white man (and married white woman with kids) working for the IRS must be outed as a White Supremacist 1488 acolyte who doesn't check their privilege twice every morning. Have the token blacks working there panic twice a day that the evil eye rays of white people are lowering their eye-queue.

Imagine purging the IRS the way Stalin purged the Soviet Army before the Winter War. Thank me later. Or better, send me part of your tax savings to the bitcoin wallet at the top.

Guys, this is not on me. I'm at a safe place; my homeland is not that bad either, I'm not at war. But you Anglos, you are being preyed on. You have to fight back. And you have to fight smart. This is, by far, the best and most actionable stratagem. It will be painful, for sure. Very. But it'll work.

Do you want to win?


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  • Ultimately, this was always going to boil down to a racial conflict. The key is getting all the whites cooperating on our side. Harder than it seems.

  • Spot on. The children of the revolution are coming for anyone with even a whiff of work-ethic and talent. They're busy ravaging the low-hanging fruit (straight white males) but on a long enough time scale they will come for us all.

    Knowing this, the way forward for me is clear. Fortunately I live and work in Southeast Asia where the diversity commissars can't easily get to me. Sure it has its own problems but they are problems I can easily deal with.

    White and Asian guys need to get the hell out of the US in the near future. Or at least prepare to dig in and be harassed.

    The best time to prepare was yesterday.

    The second best time is now.

    • Where you at buddy? Hit me on telegram or send me an email, spandrell [[at]]

  • I'm somewhat skeptical about this idea. Let's look at South Africa for example, the white people there seem - for the most part - to simply have accepted their fate. The constant media barrage portraying them as evil, racist people. And they still do remember living in a way more sane and functional society over there, with a reliable power grid and world class healthcare for example, but no one there is currently on the verge of staging a coup. To give you another example the communist struggle sessions did not make people lose faith in Mao and the CCP but they solidified his power when he politically hung in the ropes. And how many people got wrongfully put through these struggle sessions? Many people of course, didn't change a thing.

    And how can you even miss a thing you never knew in the first place? What would a non-1965 immigration reform USA look like today being still 90% white? We know that everything would be better but they don't. Darwinism knows neither wistfulness nor regret so we should cut the Anglosphere off like a gangrene toe. The smart, worthy people will vote with their feet before they can't leave anymore. I'm accepting virgin tradgirls over here so I'm doing my part. (Hopefully that homeland of yours you mentioned isn't France as I suspect - lmao)

    • South Africa isn't a sovereign country. White people could have run 20 coups already but America would nuke them all so the based ones leave and the weak ones stay. The country isn't functioning at all but nobody cares because one country going to hell is not a big deal in the big picture.

      Cultural Revolution didn't remove intelligent people from sustaining an advanced information economy. It shuffled some people around (about 1 million) in a rather primitive agricultural economy. The economy actual grew during that time. The comparison of the Federal Government having to run its IT infrastructure with FOB Pajeet and black women isn't even close.

      • Okay to make things as unambiguous as possible then let's talk about Cambodia. Where Pol Pot's regime killed the vast majority of their intellectuals. They didn't shuffle them around to do farm work on the countryside, they straight up cracked their skulls with rods. So quality of life in Cambodia went down and so did their economy. And it weren't the Cambodians that revolted against their tyrannical government, it was the Vietkong army that intervened and disposed of him. But you know what, I'm not even that big of a fan of historical explanations of what's to come. Our current circumstances are very unique. The state never had so sophisticated means of social engineering and the population was never that atomized (fever friends, familiy members, children, poor support networks). And then there are the more obvious things like a globalized world/work force, the internet and so on... I guess what I was trying to say was that the human species' greatest strength will be their greatest weakness. And that's diversity (lol joke). That's their adaptiveness. People will simply accept and learn to live with tyranny. And this will go on as long as the system can provide very basic things like (inferior, poisoned) food and water, (dorm-like) shelter, (pozzed) entertainment and so on. The notion that people will revolt is especially in times of one year of corona lockdowns questionable.

        • Without white men they wont be able to provide enough food to feed themselves, regardless of quality.

          I live in Wyoming right now, and I'm waiting/recovering while the VA does a bunch of surgeries on my spine, and I get a pair of knee and ankle replacememts (Rangers lead the way! Help I've fallen and I can't get up!). I spend a lot of time on busses and waiting rooms, chatting people up. Literally everyone I meet has guns and are waiting for the signal. We're talking 60 year old grocery store shift managers who are making lists lmao. It's not bad at all here, the state govt will just ignore the feds and arrest any who show up.

          Desantis will be the king of Florida in 4 years, and youve been out of the loop so long you have no idea whats up.

          • >the state govt will just ignore the feds and arrest any who show up.

            No they won't. States can disobey the feds to be more left-wing, but never more right-.

            • How will they enforce it? A bunch of illiterate mammies using an xbox controller to pilot a drone, their 2 inch long acrylic nails clacking away like so many lobsters?

              They barely have the human capitol to keep us in line now. Imagine how bad it will be as the Boomers die off and they purge the remaining competent whites and asian.

              • White men will enforce it for them, man, just like they've been doing for decades.

                Asians too, definitely. You're delusional if you think Asians are going to side with Whites when we won't even side with ourselves. You can fool yourself because lots of the 1st gens aren't quite savvy enough about our taboos to avoid the unsayable, but the from 2nd gen on, Asians go hard for Team BIPOC, and unlike most of that team, they're actually good at what they do.

                Spandrell's Yu Bing plan is OK: it will happen and is happening even without us doing anything to encourage it, but it's not going to happen on a large enough scale to make a difference. A fair portion of white men are fully committed, morally and spiritually. to the other side. Another good slice of us are bribed or threatened into collaborating. Then there's the vast, complacent majority who go with the flow, follow the rules, and believe what every movie, every newspaper, every teacher, and every TV show tell them. A White Strike is a fantasy, much less a White Rebellion.

                • > White men will enforce it for them, man, just like they've been doing for decades.

                  The white men they have left will have to spend their life in sterile servitude to get the "oppress whitey" jobs, which are well paid enough that blacks demand they get these gibs jobs.

                  Besides, the ATF routinely screws over their own agents, which is why no one but fat slovenly retards will work for them. I'm not worried about them.

                  The CIA put out ads for more diversity hires. Given their recent, inexplicably incompetent performances in Venezuela and Myanmar, they already purged all the competent killers. All they have left are whisperers and backstabbers, who don't inspire the loyalty of hard men.

                  > Asians too, definitely. You're delusional if you think Asians are going to side with Whites when we won't even side with ourselves. You can fool yourself because lots of the 1st gens aren't quite savvy enough about our taboos to avoid the unsayable, but the from 2nd gen on, Asians go hard for Team BIPOC, and unlike most of that team, they're actually good at what they do.

                  Asian women just do it for attention. I haven't seen a single 2nd generation Asian women who dates or marries Asian men, ever. And I lived in Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver (Washington), Portland, Eugene, and Los Angeles.

                  Asian men are too busy playing video games or jacking off to hentai to do any of this. They are more to be pitied than feared.

                  "BIPOC" explicitly excludes Asians, and Asians prefer to live in diverse cities. In my estimation, they'll soon be too busy trying to to be beaten to death by gangs of roving blacks to worry much about whitey.

                  > Spandrell's Yu Bing plan is OK: it will happen and is happening even without us doing anything to encourage it, but it's not going to happen on a large enough scale to make a difference. A fair portion of white men are fully committed, morally and spiritually. to the other side. Another good slice of us are bribed or threatened into collaborating. Then there's the vast, complacent majority who go with the flow, follow the rules, and believe what every movie, every newspaper, every teacher, and every TV show tell them. A White Strike is a fantasy, much less a White Rebellion.

                  So you were asian earlier in your post, and now you're white? Pretty weird!

                  I know all the white men who are committed to it. They're catty sexual predators. 9,999/10,000 couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

                  Besides, this isn't a white strike. This is racist honkies using the enemy's control systems against them. We want to become like cancer. They can't kill the cancer without either purging all the honkies and honky-adjacents (asians), which is a win for us; or by dialing back the exterminationist policies and rhetoric (another win for us).

                  We want them to boil the frog as fast as possible. This is one of the ways we do that.

                  • Forgot to add: we don't need a White Strike, or any collective action. We need only to get the ideas out there, and provide blueprints and checksheets for anons to follow. From there it's individual actions, but massed in the style of 4chan ops.

                    That's not to say some people aren't planning and organizing off-site, but they are the minority and their participation is spontaneous.

                    What we need is a guidebook, a FAQ, for the practical application of BAPs treatsie/exhortation. It should be divided into 3 sections: funding (personal financial independence achievable for the average man at age 18), defensive psyops (IRL and online), and offensive psyops (ditto).

                    This is the closest I've found to such a guide.



      • Once US navy battle groups can't leave ports in the USA without hundreds of smaller vessels screening the ocean (and getting blown up) by submersible kamikaze drones - which will be impossible without white men - the Boers will have nothing to fear from the Great Satan. Theyll rise up then and only then.

        • You are a hell of an optimist. Don't you know that we will drown and nobody shall save us? White men don't have the cohesion, the trust, the morale, the communication system, or even the basic belief in their own rightness to do anything like you describe. A century of the best propaganda in human history has given the enemy control of our own minds.

          • >Contaminated NEET says:

            >You are a hell of an optimist. Don't you know that we will drown and nobody shall save us? White men don't have the cohesion, the trust, the morale, the communication system, or even the basic belief in their own rightness to do anything like you describe. A century of the best propaganda in human history has given the enemy control of our own minds.

            Found the fed.

            • >Found the fed.

              Oh please. If I were a fed, I'd be trying to get you to go violent by mocking your supposed cowardice. But if I were a fed, it would only prove my point: there is an infinite supply of white men willing to betray our own side for money, status, a pension, or more often than you think, a genuine belief that it's the right thing to do.

              • >Oh please. If I were a fed, I'd be trying to get you to go violent by mocking your supposed cowardice. But if I were a fed, it would only prove my point: there is an infinite supply of white men willing to betray our own side for money, status, a pension, or more often than you think, a genuine belief that it's the right thing to do.

                Demoralization agitprop. "Don't do anything goy, just lay down, die, and wait for Hitler!"

    • No one is staging a coup, but based South Africans are standing their ground in other ways. Look up Cape Independence. Look up Orania, the self-sufficient Afrikaner-only town. The civil society group Afriforum is actively building a parallel state as the official one collapses under the crushing weight of bioleninism.

      As Spandrell said there's not going to be a coup because USG would nuke us, but there are other ways. Most of the whites who've left are flighty Anglos, but Boers are far less cucked than your standard Westerner and many will stand and defend the land they've lived on for longer than the USA has been a country.

  • There might be some interest among you in the sci fi novel Run in which a group of traditionalists on Earth's first space colony make a run for it to a distant asteroid. Several chapters are online, take a look. Not promoted anywhere, too radical. Https://

    The world-wide left seem too powerful to resist until reality knocks away their support systems (and us along with it). Unless we keep trying, using democracy and dying for it as needed. We have to find and offer our people an economic alternative to socialism and predatory capitalism. It exists in the economy of medievalism that capitalism overthrew. No usury. Value-backed money. Local ownership with cooperatives for services and goods best left large. Natural markets. Natural sex. Natural death. And God.

  • Great post. This Scott Alexander shitstorm has been really interesting to observe and led to probably the best writing of Moldbug since he came back.

    I would however like to make a little note about your remark that shit is not as bad in continental Europe as it is in the Anglo world. Yes, it is not as bad, but it is still pretty bad. And it's getting worse.

    I don't even live in Western Europe. I live in Eastern Europe, in one of the poorest EU countries. And even HERE, the Great March of Progress is ratcheting up. You think you can't get fired for racism in Europe? Shit, a professor in the biggest university in my country got fired just two months ago, for being "racist" in a lecture on sociology. What was the racism? He pointed out that gypsies have high crime rates and are mostly a pretty unruly bunch. He also said Middle-eastern migrants are not very good at studying and are mostly useful for manual labor, etc. And he said that the government needs to be quite more heavy handed when dealing with such minorities.

    So what happened? Well, there is this little "progressive" student society for equality and tolerance or whatever that appeared at the university a couple of years ago. Thy immediately get riled up and start pesturing the dean to fire this guy. At first there is a little pushback, but in the end he does get fired. At least he is a visiting professor, so he didn't become unemployed (he kept his job at the other university), but still. The crimethink professor had to publicly humiliate himself, recant his statements and all that jazz.

    And what's notable is that this is not just some random motherfucker. No, this guy is literally from the old, red-state nobility of the Communist regime in Bulgaria. He was actually a candidate for mayor from the second-largest party - the Bulgarian Socialist Party in 2015. His father was member of the central committee of the Communist party from 1976 to 1988. This is not some random guy.

    And yet, even he can get cancelled by some brainwashed progs, probably on payroll from the American embassy. In what is supposed to be HIS country! "You have no power here". I am not a fan of the old reds at all, but this shit is scary. Makes it so painfully clear that you really do not live in a sovereign country.

    If the situation is already like this in EASTERN Europe, I can only imagine what it is in the western portion of the continent. True, it is easier for me to notice these things and I am more sensitive to them, because I am partly involved with politics in my country. Local normies probably do not even know much about this, although the media did make a decent fuss. But still, even if normies in cubicles are not being fired for racist jokes or flirting with the secretary yet, it is coming, even here.

    The US State Department is clearly ratcheting up its activity abroad in this regard. Last year the American embassy successfully lobbied the government to ban an annual march held by a local crypto-fascist organization. The march itself is not explicitly fascist, it is in honor of a general famous for sympathising with some fascist ideas. Last year it was surprisingly banned by the Interior Ministry. No detailed explanation was given, but I have been told by government sources that this came straight from the US embassy. Meanwhile, the "Pride" parade, is of course still on the menu. Every year. The local US embassy even puts a congratulatory post on the day it is held. LOL.

    So, even if shit is not as bad in Europe as it is in Anglo-world. It is getting there. I can see even Eastern Europe becoming a total shithole like that in the manner of 10 years. So your call for a draft should be global.

    • I am cautiously optimistic that the sort of climate Anglos are living, where "whiteness" basically means evil and you can get fired just for being white, or being forced to undergo a litany of humiliating rituals for being white (or fired) will never come to continental Europe. Or at least not south of Sweden.

      France seems to be fighting back, Germany hardly has the number of browns and blacks for that to work, let alone other countries.

      That said Eastern Europe is fucked at a different fundamental level. You're really running out of people, and fast.

      • One thing I'd want to remark about the demographics is that Germany for example would be the number one most overaged country in the world (even before Japan) if it wasn't for mass immigration. The last year Germany had above replacement level fertility was 1970. So I'd cut off people over 70 when looking at European demographic data. Those people are still there of course but for the most part don't influence society in any meaningful way besides being a burden on pensions and the healthcare system. So doing that Germany's numbers are looking alot bleaker. France has in all likelihood now the same proportion of black people as the US (no more official data by the state) so the Pentagon can just copy and paste their psyops for that country. In Germany they might have to alter the narrative to include Turks and Arabs though. Eastern Europe is looking good because the peoples will stay the uncontested majorities in their respective countries for a long long time (maybe exclude Hungary for their gypsies if you want). So even when the total population numbers drop like in Japan they will still have their countries for themselves. We cannot play number games with Asia anyways (economies of scale), so quality over quantity it has to be. The future of whites will most likely be someplace between Vienna and Vladivostok.

        • *change 'influence' to 'participate'. What good is it if someone walks through a German city where whites on paper are still the majority but in the streets you won't encounter many of them. Because they are super old and spend their days indoors watching TV as if they were zombies. You will see and interact with lots of young Turkish people so that might as be the de facto population of Germany.

      • As the other commenter notes, Japan, or even sub-Japan level demographics suck, really suck on a lot of different levels, but are beareable as long as they are not combined with mass influx/breeding of hostile minorities and active Globohomo psy-ops.

        I don't know about western Europe, where things seem much different, but in the East every regime's biggest weakness is corruption. The West has money. Still has, at least. Especially the EU. Much more money than our former master - Russia. Our politicians get EU funds money which they spend buying 6 mansions, and in exchange they give ideological compliance. Obviously, the US also has money. As long as the money flows from the West, the ideology will also flow from there. Eastern Europe is not a complicated place. On the one hand this might seem easy to fix, on the other, not so much. I guess we just have to wait until western economies go full banana republic, but who knows how long that will take. Maybe by that point we will already have a Tranny party in parliament or whatever.

      • "Germany hardly has the number of browns and blacks for that to work"

        You're naive, there are already tons of people of color who have adopted American-style race discourse in German media and politics (e.g. google Aminata Toure, a daughter of asylum seekers and BLM enthusiast - this woman is vice president of the legislature of Schleswig-Holstein), also lots of ethnic German lefties who are talking about "white privilege" etc. (and this has already penetrated state institutions, Germany's Federal center for political education has sold books based on critical whiteness studies). Borders are de facto open, nobody ever gets deported, and the next government will be a CDU/CSU-Greens coalition, which will escalate mass immigration even more and increase repression against right-wingers to unprecedented levels. There's also already talk of quotas for migrants in the civil service and the like.

        I encounter this again and again on the net, a lot of people seem to have a very weird idea about Germany and think the country is somehow frozen in the 1980s or so, maybe with a few troublesome Turks, but basically sound otherwise. This is a total misreading of the situation, all the insanities from the US and UK are already percolating in "elite" discourse here and will become government policy in the next few years.

      • It's not like they are hiding, lol. What do you think, that someone will lynch them in the streets or something?

        • Historically, medieval Bulgarians died of violence much more often than French, Germans, and English. So yeah, I think they will.

          I think you guys need your own branch of the Daily Stormer. The trolling tactics Anglin and friends used back in 2015 should still work there, since the media there hasn't yet adapted to them as western media has.

          Look, you can sit around, moan, and bitch. If you do that, you will 100% lose and die. But if you do something useful - not a costumed wignat march, but something clever and sneaky which turns the system's parts against themselves - then your chance of survival will not be zero.

          • You don't know much about Bulgaria. The average Bulgarian is to the right of the Daily Stormer. We also already have a yearly march.

            The problem isn't that. In a small and poor country, US power and money have an outsized influence. The State dept could employ half of the country if they wanted to. These students are just American cutouts.

            Russia does some counterpropaganda but they aren't that interested in countering the poz.

            • Just lie to them, man. It's not rocket science, just fucking lie!

              Here's what you need to do. Get all your neonazi friends together. Buy some fake IDs from Russia or China, or just buy an ID printer and few thousand blank cards from China. Print IDs with fake names, addresses, and so on so this can't be linked to you. Then approach these Soros organizers and say you want to have a gay pride march in some obscure town, ideally your home town or somewhere that you know and trust everyone.

              Go to the town, get everyone in town on the Soros payroll with fake IDs. Invite the media and do your little gay march rally, while charging them massive amounts of money for "security" (you and your cousins) from the local neo-nazis (also you and your cousins).

              Have a few of your guys dressed all in black wrestle around on the ground with a few of your other guys wearing ski masks and camouflage military uniforms with Nazi patches on them.

              Everyone gets paid by Soros, and then you go home and use the money to buy a house, get married, and have lots of kids.

              Just become a fucking criminal, that's literally all it takes. You're an Eastern European, I shouldn't need to explain this to you for fuck's sake!

              • To put it another way, Lefties are like bees guarding a hive full of delicious honey. You and your cousins are monstrously large hornets - fewer in number and less organized, but individually powerful.

                You can't force your way into the hive and feast on honey. If you try, the bees will swarm you to death. Instead you must use guile and subterfuge.

                You and your cousins, your butts still tacky with yellow paint, hover outside the hive. "We're here to help you chew nectar," you say.

              • That's what Afghanistan does. The upside of being Afghanistan is that you're resistant to the poz. The downside is that you're Afghanistan.

                Eastern Europe is not Afghanistan. We're (reasonably) civilized, we have a (reasonably) smart fraction, America has high status, people are attracted to high status, and the media basically rebroadcasts Cathedral propaganda (as it does everywhere else.)

                We'll wait it out, but only because America will destroy itself faster than it will destroy us.

    • Sounds just like Japan. 5-10 years ago, contemporary feminist and progressive ideology was basically a foreign concept here. Admittedly, the writing had been on the wall for a while: married women were increasingly working more and more instead of being housewives, the average age of marriage was increasing, women were slowly forcing their way into traditionally male spaces, more and more foreigners arrived in Tokyo, and a few cities legalized homosexual marriage. But the average Japanese person didn't really have a clue any of this was happening, let alone an opinion on it. Society was definitively conservative, even among young people.

      Fast forward to 2021 where former prime minister Mori got #metooed and lost his position over a relatively benign comment. Much of the outrage was generated by foreign leftist media, but, unlike 5 or 10 years ago, a lot of it is homegrown now too. Feminist anti-male ideology is starting to go mainstream among a lot of young Japanese women. Twitter and social media really catalyzed the importation and spread of poz. I've seen changes in the people around me just in the last year or 2 alone.

      I greatly admire the Japanese people and culture, so it's sad to see this playing out before me in real time.

    • There's also

      which you can optimistically interpret as "things aren't as bad" or pessimistically as "things are going to get (a lot) worse."

      • @Spandrell, can we get some CSS to allow /greentext/?

        > The package also advanced two existing infringement proceedings against Bulgaria, by sending an additional letter of formal notice concerning the provision of data link services for aircraft operators and a reasoned opinion urging Bulgaria to connect its national business register to the EU’s Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS).

        > In the latter case, the Commission said that BRIS was a tool meant to increase transparency of information on companies and Bulgaria’s failure to connect to BRIS made it “complicated for EU citizens, companies and professionals to obtain relevant information on Bulgarian companies.”

        It's literally named bris lol.

        The BRIS is a way to shut down access to banking for hate-thinkers, right? Or is it an anti-fraud tool?

          • If you want weaponized autists to take your idea and run with it, you ought to make them feel at home, no?

            What would be a good board to organize mass doxing of woke ex-racist Something Awful goons? 8kun can't load images half the time and is public.

            • @Spandrell have you considered the utility of deepfake technology in the based draft? or getting a celeb to retweet something that seems innocuous but isnt, with the goal of spreading havoc and damaging careers?

              like, imagine how much money zooey deschanel would lose if she blindly retweeted the "say penis" scene from 500 days of summer, but the final scream is a deepfake of The Gamer Word

              • you could also offer deepfaked gamer words as a SaaS for libtards to ruin their rivals. get paid lol

              • Lmao.

                Good point good point. Need to work on that.

                The best place to organize anything is, of course, Urbit.

  • This strategem has a simple problem. Namely, you have not considered the dynamics of the would be rebel group.

    The rebel group faces a choice with regard to it's shelling point - it could declare itself as defending meritocracy or it could declare itself as defending the rights of white people in particular.

    Do you see the problem now? The temptation to declare the slogan to be meritocracy is simply overwhelming. And meritocracy, in case you did not notice, just lost about now.

    To implement your strategy there needs to be two purges, One by the existing institutions, and second by the would be rebel group.

    Now gee, who is going to win the purge in the would be rebel group, I wonder?

  • Phone poasting due to laziness.

    Lefty indoctrination (indoc from here on) gives us all the tools we need. Even if it fails to convert to our side, it reveals friends/enemies, and precludes neutrality.

    Male Feminists -> Its impossible to be a male feminist because men and women have mutually exclusive reproductive incentives. I dunno where I picked this up, someone more familiar with feminist ethics should have the deets. Splits the feminist coalition, sends men towards 2011-era Heartiste and from there to us.

    White women (and white men to a degree) -> Its impossible for a white woman to be antiracist. Getting blacked/beanered/arabed facilitates colorism via lightskin privilige. Having white kids obviously literally keeps white supremacy going for future generations. Only way for well meaning white people to be antiracist is to get sterilized, give all wealth to bipocs, ban all public and private benefits for all white people. ssi, ssdi, food stamps, wic, section 8 housing, scholarships, grants, university positions, HR jobs, low interest loans, pensions (<- this is a psychic killshot aimed at cops, military, and teachers - regime collaborators), free/reduced health care, all of it should be forbidden for whites. whites should explictly be tax cows, who work until the are broken, and who are then kicked out on the streets to serve as punching bags for bipocs to blow off steam or pimp out. Explicit white slavery should be a plank of the left lol. That Kenda dudes "writings" are perfect, we just need to take the last step he doesnt mention, them make it explicit.

    Making youtube channels where mixed race mulatta commissars with impeccable manners gently struggle session homeless white women would be perfect. Doing the same for harried 20-something white women with type 1 diabetes who work in call centers is as well.

    Doing the same for asians, arabs, hispanics, straight men and women, lesbians, jews, socialists/collectivists, and non-pedophiles should be a higher priority as it will crack their coalition and because most of these people are already outspoken. Maximizing tension between groups and pressure on groups worked on us (and radicalized us); it will be even more effective on them because theyre not used to it and their illusions are fragile.

    RE pedophiles: I expect a new category/spectrum along the lines of hetero and cis will come out soon, but for pedos.

    Black men being pressured to open up about their gayness and cracking up will shatter the solidarity black women one-sidedly express towards them.

    It wouldn't take much to get the left to do this, just takes someone at ease with deception who can get the ball rolling. Once some short sighted elite starts bankrolling it, it becomes normal and appears everywhere at once.

    • White women in general -> Do your best impression of Macho Ma'am Tranny Savage and make white women deeply uncomfortable, while enjoying nigh immunity to prosecution and the employment benefits that being an autogynophile tranny ensures.

      Once they add gender dysphoria to the diseases which allow for disability payments it's fucking game on lol. Speaking of which, anyone on the West Coast should start feeding that idea to the white cat ladies who run the various gibs programs to prime the idea. Once they get it in their head, they won't be able to resist it and will spread it on their own. All it takes are a few federal bureaucrats to change rules, and we can get anonymous shitlords federal funding.

      • Here's another one for ya.

        1. Washington/Oregon/California declares "blackness" disabling (lots of implications there lol), and makes the bleks who live in these states eligible for SSI and, on the off chance that they've worked more than 3 years in the 10 years of their lives, SSDI. Basically, they get money in the mail for being black.

        2. Every state government that isn't Washington/Oregon/California puts up billboards advertising this, and provides free bus tickets and airfare to these places.

        3. Help China coup and occupy Washington/Oregon/California.

        4. ???

        5. Enjoy living in a peaceful country free of the bleggz.

  • Here's an idea that applies to the Sinos, and to a lesser degree to Nips.

    Teach your Sino gfs about intersectionality and have them organize the 2nd/3rd gen and FOB Sinos into teams. Have them start "spontaneous" protests on universities demanding Sino reparations for "slavery" that they experienced in the 1800s while they were brought in to build the railroads, mine, and do other infrastructure work when they weren't overdosing on opium or stabbing one another. It's all documented, you can identify the polities, corporations, and in many cases even the families (including descendants) who profited from this.

    Get all the Sinos on board with it, have them do a bunch of protests and demand state and local govts set up China studies departments in every university, community college, and high/middle/elementary school. This will undoubtedly be a hapa breeding program, as it will inevitably and exclusively employ Sino whores of the stiver variety. That's the carrot for the women: unlimited access to white cock, white male attention, and a union salary and bennies.

    After maybe 2 years, get a few million male, military-aged Sino tourists visiting California, Oregon, and especially Washington. Manufacture something where some Sino person gets limited by a cop, and have them riot and occupy the state capitals and county seats. They should somehow acquire cheap, Chinese-made weapons as this happens.

    They should demand the right to form their own communities to protect themselves from the scourge of Whiteness, and the stick here is that they should start occupying all the houses and businesses in the area. Like, literally move in and say, "THIS MY HOUSE NOW, YOU GO! YOU RACIST! CHINA NUMBAH WAN!" If you say the magic words "you raycis", you can literally ethnically cleanse white libtards out of their own cities, towns, and probably the western half of those states.

    Coincidentally, I read that China has developed a short range nuclear missile platform that can fit in a cargo ship container, so Chynuh could literally deploy nuclear launch platforms inside American ports and get away with it lmao.

    I don't care what happens to the West Coast. If they get purged, they learn a valuable lesson. If China nukes them, well that's 70 million less libtards.

    The knock-on effects are especially interesting.

    * It splits the Global American Empire in half. They won't be able to resupply or deploy troops from the Rockies to anywhere west of the West Coast.

    * China has a colony they can use much like the GAE uses Taiwan. They could deploy medium and long range missiles to threaten Washington and any breakaway US states into compliance with Chinese resource extraction and colonization efforts.

    * The GAE loses it's ability to focus on external threats and white genocide efforts abroad with an enemy living in it's living room. The pressure on Europe will drop to nothing, and obviously China can retake Taiwan and probably occupy territory in it's neighbors outlying islands using the same "tourist -> riot" subterfuge. They don't even need explosives to isolate military bases, you can dissolve a cubic meter of concrete with a gallon of muriatic acid from the hardware store (25% hydrochloric acid, $8/gallon). Communication and electricity infrastructure often is passed through bridges, so with a budget of $80 per man a horde of 40,000 Han "tourists" could lay siege to every military base in every nation that borders the South China Sea. When you add in the feasibility of expendable $10 airborne drones dropping incendiary grenades on armor, artillery, missile launch doors, ships, subs, fuel depots, ammo dumps, armories, barracks, and admin buildings, it gets even more bleak for the GAE. The ships that are at sea can be sunk with thousand of equally expendable submersible drone each packed with hundreds of pounds of explosives. These drones can be towed with fishing boats far out to sea, to attack ships thousand of miles from China, and to cut off bottlenecks like the Panama Canal, Strait of Gibraltar, the Gulf of Aden, and of course the South China Sea.

    * China gets access to the excellent farmland of the West Coast, and the lumber and mineral resources.

    * China gets access to clean power from the dozens of dams on the West Coast.

    * Han incels can force the local population of mestizas to marry them, further stabilizing China and the CCP's rule. Plus their children have a legit claim by blood to belong there.

    * With the only population capable of fighting back uninterested in defending traitorous libtards and Mexicans, China can basically do whatever the fuck they want on the West Coast until the Biden regime is ousted by those who stand to lose money and prestige to a Chinese colonization. Whether or not the white man will fight for their former oppressors is anyone's guess. I certainly won't.

    * China can do the exact same thing in Canada, and probably occupy Alaska, gaining access to oil, coal, minerals, lumber, and farmland. And they get the right to drill in the Arctic too, since Canada and Alaska are on the Arctic.

    * China can use it's leverage as a shipping go-through between the rest of Asia and the USA to charge all kinds of exorbitant fees on shipping resources and finished goods through their colonies on the West Coast to Asia. No fees, no shipping. CHINA NUMBAH WAN! YOU RACIST! YOU GIVE MONEY N0W!

    * China can easily bully the rest of Asia into doing what they want, as they effectively go from being surrounded by rivals to surrounding their rivals. This can be anything, from tariffs on non-Chinese goods, to "employment" visas for nubile young non-Chinese women to work in brothels, to outright colonization and extortion of tribute.

    * The only issue is the number of Americans that are armed, but California, Oregon, and Washington (especially the coastal areas and cities) make this almost impossible. China would be taking candy from babies.

      • China probably doesn't care overmuch about overseas Chinese they can't use, but this is just an excuse for a war-by-migration (hajj) to take useful territory. It's what people smarter than me call a causus belli.

        From there, how could I start a "let's you and him fight" situation between the BOG (Boomer/Bureaucrat Occupied Government) and Chinese (foreign and domestic)?

        Maybe I could pay some Asian slut to make porn where she and a bunch of black dudes simulate the robbery of an Asian convenience store, followed by the (simulated) rape, beating, and murder of the lovely Asian lady tending the store? Something to prime the mental pumps of our swarthy youths, in the hope they will emulate it but for real. Black violence is a powerful wedge to use against the woke coalition.

        Too Jewish?

        If I can get the BOG and China to backstab one another, it creates openings for other independent actors (Trump, anyone who steps up) exploit. Only improves our position, from which we can push them to the negotiating table or sit it out and finish off the winner.

        • The Party just cares about the Party, and insofar as they're concerned and while they're not above bribery and other skullduggery, they're much more fond of the outright attack rather than anything too subtle.

          East Asians basically don't have any cohesion. The Sinos aren't Indians or blacks.

          • As a whole/race, true; but within their ethnicities that's false.

            The same could be said of Euros.

            The issue with racism as an ideology is you can't stop it at a point where Richard Spencer is happy. There will be no Evropean (or Asian) Global Empire because the process that drives racial genesis is also what drives ethnogenesis.

            No one squabbles like brothers.

            I think this is why China fractures so much and so often. They're so racist that minute differences in chinkiness indistinguishable to the non-Sino eye/ear/nose set off alarm bells (alarm gongs?) in their minds.

            What's especially interesting is where the drive to differentiate stops. In Arabs, it stops at religion. They'll fight amongst themselves until a sufficiently different interloper appears, after which they set their differences aside to fight together, though this behavior seems to vary based on realpolitik and religious factors in their opponents.

            The exact doctrines of a religion and what behaviors they incentivize is also very important, for myriad reasons.

            With the right religion a

            realpolitik, it might be possible to unite a race at least temporarily... but that's not relevant today.

            • Eh, no, the Chinese basically just worship credentialism as a religion. This is also true of most Confucian nations as a whole, in part because it is functional and seen as fair.

              Its a culture of grinding and striving, not of heredity. The culture mostly excludes others by the way it's set up, by putting the standards of grinding above the tolerance of most other races, but by itself doesn't indicate anything about heredity.

                  • Nuclear hellscape is better than being bred into a race of spiritual chinks/jews.

                    Sure, I may die at 35 from tentacle cancer, but my sons will never know what a SAT score is.

                    • I'll remember to upload an emulation of you just so he can learn to attend cram schools and take exams.

                      • Speaking as someone who unfortunately has a bachelors in CS, what you describe will not happen for at least hundreds of years.

                        Besides, if based china can seethe over injuries to her pride that occured years ago - and openly state that a confontation with the USA is inevitable, despite Trump offering them olive branches non-stop for 4 years - why shouldn't the USA seek to pay china back for the injury she and her local collaborators inflicted on us since about 1975?

                        Surely what is good for the china (revenge) is also good for the USA (more revenge)?

                        If china believes war is inevitable, then the USA should assume she will attack first and behave accordingly, no?

                        Given that a civil war in the USA means china has no one to sell trinkets to, and no imports of raw materials and food from the USA, was stealing the 2020 election and ignoring all compromises with Trump really wise? Or is this the fabled asian iq in action?

                        Assuming china does successfully genocide Americans with a preemptive nuke strike while were busy with our civil war, how will Russia, Europe, and the rest of Asia respond? Remember that China is totally surrounded, completely dependent on the numerous maritime and land bottlenecks surrounding her being open for resupply, and kamikaze drone tech being both feasible and deniable in both sectors.

                        china needs to win every battle to survive. The USA can be totally destroyed and still destroy china due to china's utter dependence on the USAs continued existence.

                        If I offended you, worry not; spandrell will be along shortly to delete this comment and ensure your asian soul experiences only tranquility.

                        • I'm pretty sure he won't, this was rather entertaining all in all. I'll make sure to attach a this poster of this to the room of your emulation as well.

                          If that seems unlikely, your particular course of history is significantly more unlikely. I don't want to spend too much time on this but one of the keys to having an effective theory of mind is being able to distinguish your own perspective from those of others, or there's a risk of projection becoming overwhelming and thus leading to significant misjudgment of the actions and intentions of others.

                          Having an effective theory of mind will help you communicate and accomplish goals.

                        • Thats false. Chinese exports to USA are lower than USAs exports to China. China has been trying to diversify away from the USA for a while now

            • I like powerful takes as much as any other but things work better when based on reality.

  • The Ben Garrison strategy. I like it.

    I don't think it will recruit many people, but at least it will accelerate leftist infighting.

  • This would've been a great 2019. To paraphrase the late Muhammed Ali; "Ain't no BLM or trans activist put me under house arrest for a year and counting".

  • Just had a toilet thought (truly, the thinker's throne): now is a great time to archive everything on Something Awful. Usenet too, if that's possible.

  • Will Wilkinson signed up for the Based Draft

  • Spandrell it happened to occur to me that while most of the west in the past could use western history as a guide to the future more and more it seems that the Chinese history you speak of becomes more and more relevant. I wonder why that is?

    Could WWI and WWII and the massacre of so many aggressive Men have changed things? Over population? Constrained resources?

    • I said it in the last post. China was a bureaucratic meritocracy on and off for a thousand years; we just caught up recently.

      • What do you mean by "meritocracy"? The old definition (rule by those who get results), the woke pejorative definition (ray-cizzum), or the righty pejorative one (rule by redditor/bugman that min-maxes his striver score)?

  • I'm sure someone has pointed this out already, but this strategy seems like it would only work if you have a power structure to contest your opponent. Otherwise yes, you're starving your opponent of a valuable person but there's no way for you to make use of him because you don't have any guarantee that he'll join *you*.

    In the end I think this is just a kind of accelerationism.

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