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What's really important

Is fags. That's whats important.

Just yesterday 3 different news caught my eye.

One is Google Zeitgeist, some trend analysis project that Google has, surely for Brin and Page to laugh at how stupid the goyim masses are.

Well they made this 'year on review' video, which you can see at Youtube here. The video is pretty well done, if too self-promoting (nobody is going to use Google +, stop trying). But watch at the last clip of all, of some American dude (I don't know the source clip, I guess he's a soldier or something) confessing to his father that he enjoys being fucked in the ass, and asking if he will still love him. The father of course, doesn't care what his son introduces into his rectum, and nobly obliges 'I still love you son'. This triangle relationship between a father, his son, and his son's rectum is deemed to be one of the big stories of 2011.

Well during 2011 there was this nuclear reactor in Japan which exploded, sending hundreds of tons of radioactive material onto the land. Well the reactor is still broken, and the radioactive gases are already contaminating the food supply, food which is concealed and sent into public schools for little kids to eat. But that is of no importance. What is really important is that this poor American soldier happens to enjoy shoving dicks into his rectum, so as to stimulate the pleasure sensors in his prostate gland...