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Sola fide

Charles Murray has been going around saying that the elite is smarter than ever before. That the difference between the top and the bottom is getting bigger and bigger. I myself wrote I saw nothing wrong with that development. Societies are supposed to sort out the best and give them advantages so as to disseminate those traits. Evolution accelerated by human agency. I'm all for it.

But that was assuming the premise. I am guilty of wishful thinking, perhaps. Jim A Donald thinks the premise is false. He says the elite is getting dumber, and you need only see the results of their rule in the recent decades. It's really not a pretty picture, with slowing technological progress, wacky economic theory and pure madness in the social realm.

I think what's happening is that the elite is getting bigger. As Murray says, the educational system is filtering smart, as defined by high IQ, people better than before. Murray makes his case in Coming Apart, and the data is solid. Jim's argument talks about smarts as a function of results. And he makes his case that the quality of the results of the elite's output has been decreasing dramatically. That's also solid.

But the real result of the filtering of high IQ people is not that the elite gets smarter as in the average IQ of the decision makers got higher. It...

Stupid Cognitive Elite

Ever since Charles Murray's last book stirred up the blogosphere, including yours truly,  everybody has written some opinion on Murray's point that the smart people are increasingly concentrating in the upper classes, creating a cognitive difference between the rich and powerful and the people at large. James Donald has been the only one to deny the major premise: that the elite is getting any smarter than before. He says it ain't so, that they're dumber every day,  which has started many interesting discussions over at his blog. The thing is we lack hard data, so it's all a battle of anecdotes on dumb or smart elites. And while the plural of anecdotes is not data, I have an interesting anecdote to put forward.

Let me talk about Julian Assange. Assange is a cool guy who is presently being victimized by USG, and he's into putting cool data on the internet. As an infovore internet addict I simply have to like the guy. Now by all accounts Julian Assange is a very smart man. You need some serious brains to be a teenager hacker, and more than that to actually build useful software in your 20s. This guy has a 14o+ IQ, no doubt about that.

I won't talk about the wisdom of going public with Wikileaks, which strikes me as the sort of enterprise you want to keep low profile. But well, I guess vanity is unrelated to smarts. He also wanted...

Money and happiness

He, a Goldsmith 23 years old, she, a Rothschild, 22. The absurdly cute couple have a lovely wedding, and strengthen the ties of their two noble families.

Well these are Jews (or are they? They look very mixed and not observant at all), but it's like the poster image of the society that Christian traditionalists want. By now, he's 31, she's 30, they have 3 lovely children. So no fertility problems here. But something's happened.

Look at her. What's with that outfit? And that face... I don't mean the natural decay of skin tone, it's that look in her face. And anyway what's that outfit really? Well it turns out that the Rothschild chick, not happy with enjoying her billions, is a "music producer". But hey, women also need to work, no? They have a right to use their talents for the good of society!  We won't go back to being forced to stay in the kitchen barefoot!!

Very well, but music producer is a bad job these days, because it gets you into contact with people like this:

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On liberal Betas having it coming

Always timely, the Daily Mail has an update on the funny episode of the Goldsmith, the Rothschilds, and the Electronicas.

Seems like he has been mocking his wife over Twitter. Not a very manly thing to do, is it?

I checked myself his Twitter feed (how in hell did he get 6000 followers??) , and couldn't find any post about his vibrancy-loving wife. But I did find some other stuff.

First of all he is just talking politics all the damn time. Of course leftist nonsense about how Assad eat Syrian babies for breakfast. How we must fight climate change before it's too late! And how industrial farming is evil.

What's it to you, Ben? Can't you just shut up, enjoy your billions and use your time to tame your horny wife? Then I see his description on the top:

Founder of green investment business,

Oh well. Climate change huh. You wish there was. I'm not really against alternative energy per se, but I dislike loudmouthed deceptive PR. Lying is bad. But that's the least problematic issue he has.

Just below his green investment interests:

and executive producer of www.fireinbab...