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Chinese pr0n and the triumph of Capitalism.

Once upon a time the Communist regimes prohibited jazz, rock&roll, action movies and all other Western amenities, as proofs of the decadence of bourgeois and visible signs of the coming fall of Capitalism.

Then came porn. And of course commies saw its as confirmation of the moral decay of Capitalism.

Today we see all that with the scorn of victors. We laugh at how retrograde those regimes were, even as they are still cherished by all progressives. Yeah, yet another one of leftism's contradictions.

Lately, on the reactionsphere/altright blogosphere, whatever you call it, there is this meme about the old Orthodox world being the last bastion of social conservatism, of the West being the real revolutionaries, while the commies were fighting for Christendom. Well, the funny thing is today Russia has more abortions than births, Hungary is the Mecca of European porn, Prague has more hookers than secretaries, and fellas like Pierre Woodman go around screwing underage Slavic virgins all around. So much for Communist family values.

After the iron curtain fell, the next area to come to Civilization (i.e. American mores) was China. I happen to have lived there, speak the language f...

The Chinese 99%

In my last post I talked about how lame porn is creeping everywhere in China. The point being about why has this happened in China, where an ostensibly authoritarian and social conservatism regimes rules the country. Porn in China is more pervasive and quite more lame than even in Japan, which has a huge porn industry.

This post took a lot of time to write, as I struggled to narrow down the focus. Of course the causes of the collapse of traditional morals in China are many. Economic collapse, communism, foreign influence, lack of religion, capitalism, corruption, feminism, you name it. But to make it simple I'll write about the most inmediate cause. And I think its about class struggle, Roissy style.

Of course Chinese entertainment is tacky and raunchy, with naked babes and celebrity gossip all over the place. The biggest show in Chinese TV is 非诚勿扰, (literally don't disturb if not sincere), where hot chicks line up in hope to grabbing a rich guy to date, marry, and parasite forever.


Trashy happen all over the world, but what is understood as the entertainment of the lower classes in the West, is literally everywhere in China. Which, using basic logic, just means the chinese lower classes are all over the place.

The mystery of the conversion of the Chinese Communist Party to capitalism is actually no mystery at all. They just adopted Crony Capitalism, American banksta style, but made sure ...

The plight of the Arab Beta

Its not often that you see news that both make you laugh out loud, and make you think about deep cultural anthropology issues. This is one of them: Saudi Arabian court dictates that police may force a women to hide her eyes if they are deemed to be too sexy. (H/T Bivouac-Id). Well the news is quite absurd, they already wear the burka down there, if they have to hide their eyes, how can they even walk down the street? There's the option of staying in the kitchen, if you ask me. Anyway, rather than doing the all too usual thing of deploring Arab barbarism, I will cut them some slack, and try to analyze how that shit gets to happen at all.

Let me put on front that the Middle East is not my area of expertise, I have had business relations with arabs and they are the most despicable of peoples. Still I think cultures should be understood in their own terms if we want to understand them though. Whatever I say below is in no means an attempt to justify their behaviour, and I'm the first advocate for Nuking Mecca.

To the point, my understanding of the Sexy eyes-gate is: there's a huge population of sex-starved betas in Saudi Arabia. Low class ar...

On bare branches

My last post about Arab sexual dynamics has been criticized (here by TGGP), for asserting the Bare Branches theory. That's the theory that says that a surplus of single men in a society causes crime, instability, general havoc in short. I honestly wasn't thinking about that (I'm most interested in understanding why Arab females wear burkas and love it) but I guess the criticism is fair and deserves responding.

Well the Bare Branches theory is pretty mainstream, nowadays used to explain quite different circumstances: one being the China-is-going-to-hell meme. Theory says that selective abortion has caused tens of millions of single males who won't be able to form families, so they will grow frustrated wreak havoc, and eventually be used by the evil commies in a war against Taiwan. The other bare-branches everyone cares about are of course the Arabs, who according to western bleeding-heart liberals, grow into jihadis out of sexual frustration.

Well TGGP quotes Jason Malloy on how the Bare Branches theory is false. Jason Malloy is the kind of guy we all wish had his own blog, alas we can only read him through comments on others. He's good, and he quotes real data. We rightists tend to like data because in general the data ag...