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On Motivation

I used to read highbrow stuff on the internet, but then one day, reading one of Foseti's random linkage posts, I discovered Business Insider. Which has the most dumbed down layout you can find anywhere, I feel almost insulted on just opening their homepage. But I'm hooked. Now most of my time in the office  is spent reading their hilariously sensationalistic articles. And although Henry Blodget looks like disgusting slime, there's actually quite a lot of good stuff there. Makes you think. Really.

Two articles caught my eye today:

Greeks are abandoning their children as they can't afford to feed them. Wow. Little I can add to this story. Downward mobility is truly tragic. The examples cited are the typical, young unemployed single mothers. Got knocked up by an alpha, got abandoned. But there was State, the sugar daddy of last resort. Alas, in Greece, even the State abandons you. The Greek is the ultimate alpha male if you think about it. A real uncaring asshole.

The other example I found more interesting. A man who has 10 children, with a salary of €960, so he gives away 4 children to makes end meet. He seems to be a native Greek, so no welfare scam. Just the embodiment of M...


Quod Libet: Why recessions happen. AKA The Austrian theory of the business cycles, made easy. It really should be obvious. All those math-geek economists should be flogged.

hbdchick: Why Europe? She quotes a wonderful book on how in Europe, the Church declared war on clannishness and won, in China the Buddhist monasteries declared war... and lost to Confucian clans.

Andor Jakab: Made famous by his Why I don't give you a job, do yourself a favor and read his whole blog. Hungary is quickly devolving into Third World status it seems. I should be cheering for Hungary's new dictator, but Moldbug is right: populism is as ugly as democracy. Its the same thing really.

Zhainan was very kind and posted a short post on how atheism is unsound. I'm not sold in that mysticism is onto something but I'm open to the idea.

Roosh on Scandinavian collectivism. Roosh is a fine man who is doing a lot of evil; but he knows it, and I always enjoy reading his conflicted writing. And I can't help feeling a tiny bit ...

News from Barbaria

It's not there's a lack of fucked up news in our civilised countries, but its always fun to take a look at what our brothers at the left half of the global Bell Curve are doing.

- It certainly seems that our good pal Bashar Al Assad is winning the civil war in Syria. The never ending uprisings by the Syrian rebels, helped by the PR assistance of the whole Western media (this includes Al Jazeera), were supposed to topple the regime. Yet Assad stands, playing whack-a-Sunni, and winning! So the agitators are getting a bit desperate. There must be something else they can do. They need some new allies perhaps. And they found the perfect weapon: they leaked emails saying that Assad is cheating on his wife. I don't know if their aim is to harness the power of western housewives. Or make the Allawites desert their leader. I just think they'll be relieved he's not into dudes. His taste could be better, though.

caption="I'm a girl. Srsly"

- 4 whales get stranded in a Chinese beach. Relevant authorities start the process of removing them into the sea. Not so fast. On the night of the 17th, someone Continue Reading →


The Growth of Justice: Cheap Chalupa's boys link to a "study" which spells out the creeds first article of faith:

in 1960, 94 percent of doctors were white men, as were 96 percent of lawyers and 86 percent of managers. By 2008, these numbers had fallen to 63, 61, and 57 percent, respectively. Given that innate talent for these professions is unlikely to differ between men and women or between blacks and whites, the allocation of talent in 1960 suggests that a substantial pool of innately talented black men, black women, and white women were not pursuing their comparative advantage

Enough said.

Agnostic has been doing some good posts on Jewish religiosity

So once more, the usual factors that explain religiosity are not the only reason why Jews are less religious than Christians. There is some set of genetic and cultural factors unique to them that split them off in the graphs above and that indeed place them closer to people who identify as having "no religion."

As I mentioned in the earlier post, those are primarily the genetic adaptation to the white-collar managerial ecological niche, and the cultural tradition of legalistic bickering. The first leads them to not concern themselves with god -- t...


When I first started this blog, I predicted that I'd run out of things to say about politics quite soon, and could carve up a nice niche by talking of East Asian issues from a neoreactionary perspective. At the moment I've been lucky enough to find a good audience just by speaking my mind on politics in general, and I don't intend to stop just yet, but I sometimes think I'd be more useful by bringing forward some real data on what's going on in this part of the world.

Jim's been making a series on women and why they shouldn't be treated as adults. It goes without saying that I mostly agree. I myself did a post long ago on the issue. Allow me to introduce a data point.

Jim linked to the hilarious video of a fake celebrity generating gina tingles in an American mall. Seeing all those hot teens swooning for a fake alpha. Yet alpha is alpha, and a fake alpha is better than a real beta. A lot of oldies and game denialists say that that's modern Western society that has changed women into inmoral skanks. The women of old were more virtuous, as are women in other, more traditionalist countries, such as those in Asia.

Hah. It always cracks me up. So those Asians don't swoon over Alphas? Well allow me to introduce the supreme Alpha male in Japan. Fukuyama Masaharu. Some singer with a grave...


Sorry again for the slow posting, but I've been busy with work et al. It's not only Civ, I swear. I'm a productive member of the community. I don't know quite which one though.

Most of human life can be described using Bell Curves and Pareto distributions. Say blogs and comments. The quality of comments in any given blog is distributed normally, and 20% of the comments have 80% of the insight. The bigger the blog, the more numerous the commenters, the most pronounced this effect is. In any popular blog, most comments are probably garbage. But once in a while there's  marvelous gem that kinda justifies having the blog on the first place.

On Cheap Chalupas, Why are CEOs salaries rising? Comments are mostly divided between "because CEOs are John Galts superior specimens and they deserve the money" libertardians and opponents claiming a conspiracy. But you don't need a conspiracy if you talk sense, like Justin does:

My personal guess is that we are just dealing with ignorance. Back in the day supply lines were short, personal connections were obvious, prices were clear, and you had a dozen other firms to compare CEOs and see what happened if you went with the bargain rate CEO option.

Today, supply chains are deep and nigh unto incomprehensible. Personal connections are vastly more important, but you need to know the right wonks and staf...


Surfin' the web yesterday, I come across this:

The Strange Sexual Quirk of Filipino Seafarers

How the pressures of the shipping industry have shaped everything about this maritime culture. Right down to their penile implants.

Penile implants?

Many Filipino sailors make small incisions in their penises and slide tiny plastic or stone balls -- the size of M&M's -- underneath the skin in order to enhance sexual pleasure for prostitutes and other women they encounter in port cities, especially in Rio de Janeiro. "This 'secret weapon of the Filipinos,' as a second mate phrased it, has therefore obviously something to do," Lamvik wrote in his thesis, "'with the fact that 'the Filipinos are so small, and the Brazilian women are so big' as another second mate put it."

What the hell? That must hurt like a bitch. Why would they do that?

Viewed in this context, bolitas is more than just a physical oddity adopted for the benefit of port women. It's an important element of the Filipinos' larger battle to assert their masculinity and compensate in a rivalry that they can't always win aboard the ship. "It's part of that competition that starts in the labor market that the...


There's two sorts of people. The optimists who periodically get enthusiastic about something and feel how everything is going to turn out great, and they're gonna be part of it personally. Then there are the adults who come by and tell you to calm down. It's not gonna turn out great and you aren't gonna be part of it anyway.

The Internet has brought the inner optimist in a lot of people. Bitcoin is a recent example most will know about. But there's also the more general principle, that the Internet has dramatically lowered the ease of access to publishing. Anyone can run a website or a blog, and tell truths that the establishment doesn't want in the official media. So the truth will be published, so that everyone can read it, and so the truth will prevail, and the people set free!

Instead we see the people organizing online campaigns to get Brendan Eich fired. Actually this is a pretty old threat in the blogosphere. Is the Internet a good thing? Will it help dissenters get together, to spread and refine their views? Or will the Cathedral simply colonize the Internet and use its technology to run a massive surveillance and brainwashing operation, also making it easy to subvert foreign countries? Well it probably has done both. But it's also obvious which has more important consequences.

Yet... that doesn't mean the Internet is bad. Far from it. For one, it has given us great websites such as Real History. And now s...


So the year is near its end. It's been an eventful year. A good year, perhaps. A year of hope. Trump won. The UK voted to leave the European Union and the government is willing to enforce that. Millions of hostile Muslims are roaming Northern Europe, stealing and raping at will. Fortunately I'm not in Germany. But I might come back to Europe during next year. Asia haters can rejoice. I'll have some skin in the game shortly.

2016 hasn't been the most prolific year for this blog, nor the most insightful, but my readership has exploded. What had a slowly rising readership from 2013 to 2015 more than doubled in 2016. And I've been getting a lot of praise around. So thank you everyone. Or I guess I should thank Donald Trump. 2016 for has been the year of the alt-right, and I'm glad of having been part of it, if only marginally. But I like marginal. I like being in the right edge of the Bell Curve of nuanced thought and careful look at the facts.

Incidentally my most popular posts for this year have been the following:

-The conflict within Asian Americans between allying with Whites for Trump or doubling down on anti-white leftism.

-Nationalism (i.e. the alt-right core) is back because post-nationalism, i.e. global liberalism is a bad deal for men. Nationalism is tribalism, a war ethos, and men can find status there. There is no status for men in ...