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La Douceur de Vivre

Tayllerand allegedly said that people in the post French Revolution age couldn't even fathom how nice life was for an aristocrat in the Ancienne Regime.

If only because of the leisure. If only I had the leisure of an old French noblemen I would have fixed every problem in the world by now.

But I don't, and have been crazy busy this last week or so. Thanks for all those who still found time to visit. I'll try to resume my old blogging pace in the next days.

On the meantime for those haunted by the crazy shit that's happening over at Cathedral HQ, just read this discussion started by Jim Kalb.

I want Mr. Kalb and Moldbug in a showdown without time limit. I'll start the donations campaign if necessary.

The Internet

I shut down my Twitter account last week (didn´t see the point really), and the blog's being slow too. But don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

What the hell am I doing you say? Well I'm busy. I found the best site in the internet.

Real History.

I was chatting with Slittyeye on HBD, looking up pics of weird tribes on Google Images, when I stumbled upon the best fucking site on the internet. I came upon this link, which has pictures of albino Dravidians (!). Real cool pics.







And you go further and there's lots of other really cool pics. Terracota warriors! Ainus! Yamamoto Isoroku! Backward Koreans!


By the way I've been planning forever to write a post on how primitive and just massively fucked up premodern Korea was, in spite of its IQ and traditional mores and monarchy and proximity to China, but I can't seem to find objective sources on the topic. I guess I'll just run a bunch of pictures of their ugly totems, ...

Cultural diversity

So Africans are dying because of some nasty virus, and white doctors are all flocking to Africa to help those poor people. We can't have Africans dying. No way. Gotta save them. All of'em.

Save them even though the Ebola virus is nasty enough to kill most doctors that get in contact with patients, no matter how well protected. It doesn't help that the Africans aren't very cooperative with the medical staff.

And why would they? Now put yourself in the place of an average West African. Some people around you are dying of a nasty illness. Soon later a bunch of skinny white people appear in your village. And if whitey wasn't spooky enough as usual, this time they appear looking like this:

Well if these people aren't witches I don't know what is. They probably brought this whole thing themselves. Note that the shit hasn't been getting any better after this white witches in drag came in and disturbed the whole place. Fortunately we have been sacrificing some animals to the spirits to fight off the evil stuff; and some of the white witches are dying too; surely as a result of our awesome dancing.

Now put yourself in place of a West African government official. You get this people dying thing which is scary as fuck; white people call you day and night talking about this Ebola thing which must b...


Von Neumann, widely regarded as perhaps the most intelligent man who ever lived, had this to say:

It is just as foolish to complain that people are selfish and treacherous as it is to complain that the magnetic field does not increase unless the electric field has a curl. Both are laws of nature.

There's an amazing story (H/T Candide) of a Belgian couple who for some stupid reason decided to drive across the Belgian Congo (DRC today). They documented the whole trip on this forum. The whole adventure is a great story, of course. Unless you're like me, and can't stop wondering why would anybody attempt such a stupid trip. Why, oh why. I mean I sorta get it if you're a 20 something man with your buddies. But a couple on their 30s (by the look of them)? What kind of man brings a woman to such a place? It's insane. On the other hand I find it very useful, when I show it to my wife to tell her how lucky she is of having a man without a death wish.

That said, it is an amazing read. I liked this passage the best:

Bicycle tracks are not suited for Landcruisers... so we got stuck. The villages usually had the worst obstacles. In this one village there was a big boghole filled with water. We drove in but did not see the pigs that were taking a bath so we slowed down to give them the time to get out...


I've been writing for so time now the idea that bad things happen not necessarily because bad people are out there conspiring to do them, but because humans are, well, just a species of highly social monkeys, cooperation is difficult, large scale societies are weird, and sometimes bad things happen even when nobody really wants it that way.

In 1966 probably nobody wanted to end up worshiping mangoes as Mao's holy fruit. And Mao himself didn't want that to happen. But it did, because of bad incentives feeding into human's SP cognitive process. And there are plenty of examples of the same thing happening all over our thousands of years of history. This includes of course the collapse of Western Civilization occurring just as I write this.

But you know the saying. The fact that you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not really out there to get you. Take a look at this:


Insane, right? Apparently Merkel has not had enough with the Afghan teenagers ravaging the German countryside. A million Muslims is not enough, she wants more. And she wants to not just open the doors; she wants to go out there to tell them to come! To Africa! To be fair the word "propaganda" means just advertising, it's not necessarily associated with Goebbels alone in German, but still. Look at the faces of her audience. ...