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Claim: "Every Cause wants to become a Cult." (Eliezer Yudkowksy)

Truth: "Upper class cults are but a cover for a swingers club" (Spandrell)



Claim: The rationalist community is about Overcoming Bias.

Truth: "Everyone I know fears the truth in their private lives. We all want to live delusion that we are something more/better/greater/more powerful than we actually are and most people become extreamlly hostile when you’re blunt and honest with them" (Red)


“Haha, how about those girls who say they prefer to be ‘one of the guys’ or that most of their friends are male, huh? Isn’t that always a huge warning sign?”

I see this so often, most recently on Reddit. “Never trust a girl who doesn’t have female friends” or “They don’t get along with other girls because they themselves are usually bitches”, just to choose two comments from the thread on this pressing issue.

Well, I’m the male version...

Nerds and women

The past year and most likely the next fews have been full of news stories on how the IT industry has declared a War on Women or something. And while the nerds in the IT industry actually have a lot of reasons to declare a war on women, the fact is they haven't. What they do is get together in reddit or other places on the internet to loudly proclaim how Feminist they are and how true these news stories are. We need more women!

I guess it's their math skills which are telling them that bringing more women in their companies will shift the gender ratio and make it more likely to get a girlfriend. Hey, women say they want to work in tech! That's good, right??

No, kids. It doesn't work like that. The Women in Tech propaganda campaign has only got stared because women hate nerds. With a passion. It's one of the few things where most women can agree on. And why do women hate hate hate nerds? "Why, oh why do they hate us?" some might be thinking. It's not that hard really. See this:

To put it mildly, nerds are generally not the smoothest men around. To put it less mildly, nerds are generally very much disgusting. They are all that women find unattractive. Many a nerd has a story about coming up with the courage to ask a pretty girl out only to have her puke or laugh or run away. Well I'm sorry but nerds are (on average, of course) icky. Which is why women like to blame everything on nerds. Nerds are icky so no...

Picking Sides

A while ago I wrote about a funny story in the Chinese classical novel, the Water Margin, where the "heroes" want to poach a strong general, Qin Ming from their enemy. What they did is force the guy to defect, by telling his boss he already had. His boss being an evil asshole didn't bother confirming the news, and vowed to kill him (and beheaded his whole family beforehand). Thus poor Qin Ming had no choice but to fall in the trap and defect. The same tactic was used with another hero-general, Lu Junyi.

In fact the tactic is even older. As far as I can recall, it was already used by Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty during the civil war before he founded the empire, 200 BC. The enemy, Xiang Yu, was an asshole, but he had a very capable general under his command, Ying Bu. Liu Bang sent an envoy to his camp and said to everybody who could hear it "Ying Bu has surrendered to us!". Old boss, being an asshole, vowed to kill him, so the poor guy had to defect now even if he didn't want to. Never fails.

All this was an introduction to paste a recent piece of writing by Scott Alexander. Now, the case isn't exactly equivalent. For starters, there's no need to frame him with a false accusation. He has accused himself. He said this:

People naturally divide into ing...


I have a couple of long posts ready, but I take it that everyone's attention is on Trump and Super Tuesday, so I'll post something lighter for today.

As per my last post, it's amusing that while Genghis Khan and his pals were banging the daughters of kings and utmost beauties of all the kingdoms from China to Iran, the great romanticist Bertrand Russell was singing the sublime pleasures of romantic love while banging this:


Now, Russell was no fool. Some of you will remember my being shocked at Scott Alexander and other MIRI cultists being "polyamorists", which is a thing I didn't even know existed. It didn't took long for me to realize that "polyamory" such as it is, can only make sense if the people involved are unattractive, such as that sharing sexual partners doesn't feel so bad. Nobody wants to share a good thing, but sharing a lousy thing, having the vague chance of trading up, is not such a bad deal. And variety itself is appealing to men. Apparently the whole idea goes back to Bertrand Russell himself:

As for Dora Russell, the story is incredibly perverse. Their marriage was, at first, d...

The Incel Question

A couple of interesting things happened on Twitter last week. One was this:

I'm a great fan of Hanson from years ago. Not of his weird sci-fi stuff, that I don't get. But his socio-psychology writing is top-notch. After an incel unleashed his Beta Rage killing several people on a van attack, the very word "incel" has reached the mainstream. And the normies are flabbergasted. What's an "incel"? Involuntary celibate? Like, some people aren't having sex? Well most male journalist aren't having sex either, at least by the soyboy-on-pajamas look of them. But they've been domesticated enough that they aren't unhappy about it. The thing about incels isn't that they can't get laid. It's that they dare to protest about it.

Mr. Hanson as usual didn't get the progressive joke. That's part of his charm, of course, it is his very cluelessness that pushes him to write, and to analyze well this kind of thing. But he's looking at things that the Left doesn't want him to look at; so he got burnt pretty badly. I won't link at Slate as a matter of principle, but Hanson is lucky that his patron is the dilettante, and secret Roissy/Heartiste fan, Tyler Cowen, and not some other normie academic.

Which brings us to this.

As I was saying the problem that normies have with incels is not that they are losers for not getting laid. The problem is that they...

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