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When I first started this blog, I predicted that I'd run out of things to say about politics quite soon, and could carve up a nice niche by talking of East Asian issues from a neoreactionary perspective. At the moment I've been lucky enough to find a good audience just by speaking my mind on politics in general, and I don't intend to stop just yet, but I sometimes think I'd be more useful by bringing forward some real data on what's going on in this part of the world.

Jim's been making a series on women and why they shouldn't be treated as adults. It goes without saying that I mostly agree. I myself did a post long ago on the issue. Allow me to introduce a data point.

Jim linked to the hilarious video of a fake celebrity generating gina tingles in an American mall. Seeing all those hot teens swooning for a fake alpha. Yet alpha is alpha, and a fake alpha is better than a real beta. A lot of oldies and game denialists say that that's modern Western society that has changed women into inmoral skanks. The women of old were more virtuous, as are women in other, more traditionalist countries, such as those in Asia.

Hah. It always cracks me up. So those Asians don't swoon over Alphas? Well allow me to introduce the supreme Alpha male in Japan. Fukuyama Masaharu. Some singer with a grave...

World War T in Japan

I thought I might as well focus this blog in showing how East Asia is as fucked up by progressive norms as everywhere else.

The best way to understand this is to read the Japan Times, AKA the official paper of the Cathedral occupation forces. But that's likely to get you depressed. I don't read it either, just stumble upon some news stories once in a while.

This one is big: Osaka court approves adoption of 3 year old boy by a single transexual.

That's right, some dude had sex change surgery, changed his legal identity to a woman (that's legal here), and adopted an abandoned boy. He applied for approval and it was granted! Think about that for a second.

There are two clues to this story. One is that Osaka is the hotbed of everything crazy and evil in the Japanese government. Besides being the biggest center of organized crime, Osaka houses the only real criminal slum in the country (Airin). It is also home to 100k+ Koreans, who have a strong hold of the local welfare payment system, so they get a lot of free money.

Osaka's local administration is so corrupt, there are stories of Chinese organized crime bringing old people to Japan under false pretenses of being left-over babies from WW2, applying for housing and benefits, and being granted upon arrival, no quest...

A modest proposal on WWG

Seems Twitter is awash with talk on what the correct reactionary attitude towards gays, trannies and other sexual deviants must be.

Social conservatives have a range of opinions about what sexual deviancy is really about. Is it a curse? Just something people do out of lust and other sinful desires (which we should stop them from doing)? Or perhaps it is somewhat inborn or unchosen, yet disgusting all the same so we should make them hide it at least so we don't have to talk about it.

Then there's social liberals who just think sex is rad and people should be free to have orgasms however they like have them. The right side of the internet is also full of these sort of people, even among self-styled neoreactionaries. Blowhard comes to mind. He's even running a porn tumblr these days. Moldbug tended to avoid the topic, which is an intelligent thing to do when you live in San Francisco.

And of course progressives not only think sexual deviants should be free to do so; they must be worshipped as gods and every single fancy of them must be taught in public schools to entice primary school kids into participating eventually. Or not so eventually.

What to do? I have a proposal.

If I had to choose one, I'd call myself a social conservative. Progressives are evil and insane. Social liberals are also in my opinion misguided. Sex is not about orgasms. Ultimately it's about reproduction. And reproduction is about whose genes get to be present in the next...

Soft Power

So it seems that the USA is in the business of arranging the delivery via surrogate mothers of babies for foreign homosexuals.

For all the faults of the evil empire of the USSR, and the evil axis of Iran and whoever, all they did was run their own fucked up countries and peripheral satellites. The USA today is supplying the needs of sexual deviants, feminists, communists and every other agitators all around the world.

Thankfully the Portuguese legal system hasn't yet caught up with American innovations like a birth certificate with two fathers; but most certainly the American embassy will take care of that very soon, by applying the necessary pressure on the Portuguese 'sovereign' government.

And people complain that some are too sympathetic to Putin or the Chinese. People clutch at straws when they feel in danger, and this sort of stuff is likely to fry the purity foundation circuits of any sane person.

The Voice of Evil

So World War T is raging on, and what seemed like a mere blitzkrieg where the anointed elite just sent the a panzer rampage to force everyone to make a transsexual friend or be fired from their jobs immediately; it seems that the blitzkrieg preparations have stumbled ostensibly because of internal wreckers, which of course calls for massive purges.

Steve Sailer gave this iconic quite:

The members of the board of the New York Abortion Access Fund, an all-volunteer group that helps to pay for abortions for those who can’t afford them, are mostly young women; Alison Turkos, the group’s co-chair, is twenty-six. In May, they voted unanimously to stop using the word “women” when talking about people who get pregnant, so as not to exclude trans men.

You can't make this stuff up. You certainly shouldn't make this stuff up. What a sick mind would make up something like this? Anyway I wondered what sort of person was this Ms. Turkos, and Google provided.

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Cthulhu's gaze

I'm starting to think that the reason that Christianity and pretty much all religions don't allow for women priests is for our own good. Men can be brutal, ...

Liberal Purity




All this ritual showering and purification was triggered by reading the suggestion that the following person's voice is disturbing:


PS: Kudos to Ms. Castillo for her total takedown of Gay Dad Kuznicki.

The science of sexual deviancy

Modernity is supposed to be about Progress, progress being made possible by Science, which discovers the Truth about nature. This is so unlike the obscurantism of the old days, where religion blinded and oppressed humanity with dogma and sheer nastiness. The funny thing is that the intellectual elite of modernity didn't come exclusively out of those opposed to the Church(es). To some extent yes, and traditional Catholics in Europe like to tell the tale of the evil Masonic lodges waging a centuries long war against the Church. But if you check the historical record, a big part of the intellectual elite of modernity was composed of the children of clergy, and some rebellious parts of the clergy itself.

As we know, all human traits are inheritable, so if you have a movement made of the children of the enemy, what do you think will happen here? You're obviously not going to get something much different from that you're fighting against. It might be superficially different, but the odds are the children of the clergy are eventually going to build a church which is pretty much identical from their fathers'. And that's precisely what happened. That's what the term "Cathedral" is supposed to capture; the fact that the Progressive intellectual elite is not only similar to the old Christian churches; it is actually descended from them, in part physically so. And even if it weren't, you could trace its descent just by a simple functional analysis. They just work the same ...

The BAP Trap

There's a lot of odd, deeply odd, profoundly strange things about modern society. Things that would make any hypothetical man traveling through time to our day from the past to have their heads explode in bewilderment. Perhaps one of the most salient characteristics of modernity, if not the most, is the presence of sexual identity groups. Sexual orientation, as they call it.

(This essay will be sprinkled with some completely random pictures and quotes I found on the internet to support my argument)

Traditional societies, according to the information they have, believe there are men, and there are women. Man and women marry and have sex (sometimes in reverse order) and have children and so on.

There are obvious differences in average behavior between men and women, which we can call masculinity and feminity. But there's also quite a lot of variation there, as in every single human trait, from size, to eye shape, to smell, to metabolism speed, you name it.


Some men are quite extreme in their masculinity. Some are rather closer to the middle of the spectrum. There's even some (a very little) overlap there. A woman in a million has a thicker beard than one man in a million. But still. Men are men, even effeminate men, and women are women, and that's it.

Now and then there are freaks...