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Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you

The Cathedral is at least trying:

Secret Code in Color Printers Lets Government Track You

(H/T Voxday)

Since the Gmail privacy brouhaha earlier this month I've started to think a bit about my digital footprint, and with shit like this, damn it's hard not to get paranoid.

Anomaly UK had this post talking about how to do dissenting blogging if the shit gets serious and the government starts to crack down. See how in the comments Jim, who seems to know what he's talking about,  makes some suggestions. I also recall how zhainan made that great post about darknets.

In these moments I wish I had done computer science. But us humanities types don't necessarily have to be hostages of the Cathedral.

Jim is right in that a good way of spoofing the digital trackers is routing traffic through non-Cathedral countries, say Russia or China.

Of course China tracks you too in ways closer than the US/EU is even trying to. But they have their priorities, and cracking down w...

Welcome to the New Blog

Hi everyone, welcome to Bloody Shovel 3. It's only been one year since Bloody Shovel 2, but at lot has been going on and I decided to move the blog away into what I believe will be a more secure setting. Probably permanent.

Not that Bloody Shovel 2 was canceled; it was not. I'm not that famous, yet. Bloody Shovel 1 wasn't canceled either, I myself decided to move out of after they canceled Heartiste. I'd rather be proactive with these things and not be stabbed in the back unawares.

The blog may look very similar on the surface but the inside has changed a lot. This is a custom build now so in theory I could make a lot of fun stuff going on. A forum, AMAs, maps, the sky is the limit. Any requests are welcome. I'd like to use this to thank my techy friends for all their help in pulling this off. Feels good man.

You might have noticed there's three icons on the navbar now. One is a link to my Twitter account (while it lives), the mid one is a link to my Urbit group chat. You can't link to a Urbit page, by its very nature, so the way this works is you click on the icon and it'll copy the address of my group chat to your clipboard. This only works if you're browsing this page on HTTPS, so if it's not just change that on the browser url bar.

The third link does the same for my Bitcoin address. Donations are much appreciated.

Again the blog's code is a b...