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Secular Liberal Feminist Vegetarian Individualist Egyptian strips

Does anyone remember the Amina McMaster hoax? Where a white-bread dude made a blog pretending to be a Lesbian (and hot) Syrian girl oppressed by the Assad regime.

Well the dude got famous because there's a huge market for western style weirdos in Arab countries. The problem is its real had to find any. It really looks that muslims really are as boring and barbarous as they seem.

The big problem in Mr MacMaster's hoax was the he made his character into a lesbian. And lesbianism is a big no-no in most countries. Of course he needed to make it a lesbian in order to flirt with other women, but still. Its overdoing it.

Well look no further! We have a new one.

Aliaa Elmahdy. Here's her Twitter. Here's her Facebook. Here's her blog.

And here's her pussy. NSFW of course. Still please take a look.

Her twitter claims she is a "Secular Liberal Feminist Vegetarian Individualist Egyptian". Through Facebook we know she is a 20 year old student at the American University of Cairo. Her facebook's picture are public (!) and she has like a ton of...

Women don't belong in political society

Via (H/T Roissy) comes a very, very interesting post from Psychology Today (yes, the place where Satoshi Kanazawa used to blog before being busted for having good taste in women).

Read the whole thing, but let me stress the important points:

When men watch wrongdoers getting punished, there is activation in reward centers of their brains, whereas women's brains show activation in pain centers, suggesting that they feel empathy for suffering even when it is deserve (Tania Singer and collaborators).

Women are more likely to factor personal cost into decisions about whether to punish an unfair stranger, which suggests that women are more context-sensitive, and men adhere to principles (Catherine Eckel and Philip Grossman).

Women were twice as generous in a game that involved dividing $10 with a stranger (Eckel and Grossman, again).

Ok read this carefully and tell me how it is not obvious that women should not be allowed to vote or be voted. Women do not belong in political society. Period.

Hey for you Christians...

On bare branches

My last post about Arab sexual dynamics has been criticized (here by TGGP), for asserting the Bare Branches theory. That's the theory that says that a surplus of single men in a society causes crime, instability, general havoc in short. I honestly wasn't thinking about that (I'm most interested in understanding why Arab females wear burkas and love it) but I guess the criticism is fair and deserves responding.

Well the Bare Branches theory is pretty mainstream, nowadays used to explain quite different circumstances: one being the China-is-going-to-hell meme. Theory says that selective abortion has caused tens of millions of single males who won't be able to form families, so they will grow frustrated wreak havoc, and eventually be used by the evil commies in a war against Taiwan. The other bare-branches everyone cares about are of course the Arabs, who according to western bleeding-heart liberals, grow into jihadis out of sexual frustration.

Well TGGP quotes Jason Malloy on how the Bare Branches theory is false. Jason Malloy is the kind of guy we all wish had his own blog, alas we can only read him through comments on others. He's good, and he quotes real data. We rightists tend to like data because in general the data ag...

On Whores

The Social Pathologist has been doing a series of great posts on the recent best seller, Mimi Alford's biography. Mimi Alford being the 19 year old girl from a good family who went to work as an intern in the White House in JFK's time. Kennedy being Kennedy, he couldn't pass up the chance of shagging a good ol' WASP virgin, which he did. Alford loved every bit of it, and kept on shagging with him even after getting engaged. She liked it so much that 50 years later she wrote this book about the thing, and she remembers every detail.

Besides the anecdotes about JFK and friends' sexual life, the book is a good window in the psychology of women. Alford writes her story very frankly, without artifice, saying plainly how she felt in every moment of her life. As a psychological drama the most interesting part of the book is when, on learning about JFK's assassination, she burst up crying, and her fiancé asks her why is she taking it so personally. Then she confesses about her affair with Kennedy. Her poor old boyfriend, who hadn't touched her by then, loses his head. He never forgave her, but kept the engagement. Their marriage was a lousy, cold and sad affair. Poor fella. Imagine if she had told him about her giving a blowjob to David Powers in front of JFK.

The Socia...

Monkey brains

Japan's newspapers are full of crime reports. You could take that as meaning that Japan has a high crime rate. But of course it's the opposite: Japan has so few crimes that the ones that do happen are so notorious they get into national newspapers. Crimes are rare enough that people don't get bored reading about them.

Of course some of the crimes that happen in Japan are so notorious they would be news anywhere in the world. See this recent news where a 23 year old mother of 2 left her children 50 days locked at their room, unattended. Eventually she came back home, and saw the children, ages 3 and 1, dead. She then left the house without telling anyone, as she had a date. She had sex the same night.

Awful story. The media is awash of stories about how the kids slowly starved to death while shouting their lungs out for their mom. The neighbours did report the shouting, but were ignored. Of course the real interesting parts are in the mother's background. Her age says a lot: 23 years old and already mother of two? Here's her picture.

Well, she's reasonably hot. I would have made her 2 babies myself, if I didn't know better. Which the father of the kids of course didn't. Father... that reminds me of somethin...

On Babies

One of the biggest obstacles, if not the biggest, in front of civilisation is the natality problem. Feminism, jewish conspiracy, black savagery, muslim invasion; all that would be of little consequence if whites were reproducing at a higher rate. It's a tribal problem, if you care about the future of the white race.

And if you care about the future of Civilisation itself, it's a dysgenics problem. All high IQ populations, those of Europe and Northeast Asia, have a low TFR. And inside each country, the higher the education level (a good proxy for IQ), the fewer the babies. Recently government statistics in the UK showed that a big percentage of university educated women are childless.

I think we'll all agree that is a problem.

Of course the trend has been apparent since the 60s, and the causes are anyone's guess. What has changed?

  • Contraception
  • Female education and entering the workforce
  • General affluence
  • Loss of religious faith
  • Hedonism

These are the factors most talked about. It's not hard to see how all these factors deter people from having children, and in combination, it's a miracle that people bother to have children at all.

But there must be something else too, as non western countries are seeing decreased ...

Game is eternal and universal

There are those who say that Game only works with a certain type of women or that it's an artifact of the present age. Which of course is bullshit. Game is nothing else than the reverse engineering of female hypergamy. And female hypergamy is eternal and universal. It's a necessary feature of the female condition. It's as female as boobs. More common than boobs probably.

All those MRA blogs that have sprung lately, and many conservative writers deplore how unbalanced the mating market is today, with so many men and women giving up completely. Or the hysterical ravings about the gender ratios in China or India. The assumption seems to be that all men should have one women to marry forever. Every single one of them. But did that ever happen? Even in the grotesquely glorified 1950s. I mean is that even possible? Players, homos, spinsters, sluts, all those are a fact of life. They have always been around.

Didn't Madame Bovary chase bad boys? Didn't Anna Karenina dump his huband (and child!) for a gina tingle? Japanese courtiers wrote extensively about alphas swooping noble girls in the 11th century. Ovid knew how to take a housewife to bed as well as Roissy. People may still be evolving but female hypergamy certainly hasn't changed much.

Now of course women don't always react to the same male characteristics. Hypergamy's target is a relative one: it means getting the best man, which can mean ...

Money and happiness

He, a Goldsmith 23 years old, she, a Rothschild, 22. The absurdly cute couple have a lovely wedding, and strengthen the ties of their two noble families.

Well these are Jews (or are they? They look very mixed and not observant at all), but it's like the poster image of the society that Christian traditionalists want. By now, he's 31, she's 30, they have 3 lovely children. So no fertility problems here. But something's happened.

Look at her. What's with that outfit? And that face... I don't mean the natural decay of skin tone, it's that look in her face. And anyway what's that outfit really? Well it turns out that the Rothschild chick, not happy with enjoying her billions, is a "music producer". But hey, women also need to work, no? They have a right to use their talents for the good of society!  We won't go back to being forced to stay in the kitchen barefoot!!

Very well, but music producer is a bad job these days, because it gets you into contact with people like this:

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On liberal Betas having it coming

Always timely, the Daily Mail has an update on the funny episode of the Goldsmith, the Rothschilds, and the Electronicas.

Seems like he has been mocking his wife over Twitter. Not a very manly thing to do, is it?

I checked myself his Twitter feed (how in hell did he get 6000 followers??) , and couldn't find any post about his vibrancy-loving wife. But I did find some other stuff.

First of all he is just talking politics all the damn time. Of course leftist nonsense about how Assad eat Syrian babies for breakfast. How we must fight climate change before it's too late! And how industrial farming is evil.

What's it to you, Ben? Can't you just shut up, enjoy your billions and use your time to tame your horny wife? Then I see his description on the top:

Founder of green investment business,

Oh well. Climate change huh. You wish there was. I'm not really against alternative energy per se, but I dislike loudmouthed deceptive PR. Lying is bad. But that's the least problematic issue he has.

Just below his green investment interests:

and executive producer of www.fireinbab...

Fifty shades of brown

There have been many theories about what the Arab Spring is all about. Of course the MSM say it's about "youth committed to democracy" or some nonsense of the like. I don't remember who was it who said it was the first of many food riots to come to the Middle East, whose non oil producers today can barely feed their huge populations.

That makes more sense, but I have another, perhaps complementary explanation. The Arab Spring, and its primary manifestation, i.e. huge demonstrations of idle youth in urban squares, is a means to get laid with white ladies. Don't believe me?

Read this: British journalist raped at Tahrir Square. Again! I thought after Lara Logan got assaulted, and actually got it to be reported, white women would've got the message. It's incredible how Lara Logan or Charlize Theron, Afrikaners who know first hand what is to be a powerless white in a non white country, would still be so deluded as to keep hanging out with their enemies. But I guess it's never enough until you get murdered.

To the point, every time that people gang up at Tahrir Square for whatever reason, several young white women go there to report, and get raped. So why not go? Of course if you stay at the square too long the army would come cracking down, so you have to get the timing right. Every 6 months or so is eno...

On Anglo Sexual Mores

So it's summer time, and people are starting to show some skin. It's real hot actually, and I spent the last weekend in a seaside town. And people there were showing a lot of skin. Tank top, tight shorts, you know. Lately it is common for people to complain about the old and ugly women who also wear revealing clothing, which makes most men want to puke. It is really disturbing. But I wanna complain too about the hot young girls in short and tight clothes.

Yeah they are hot as hell and they make me wanna fuck them all. But that's wrong, fellas. That's not a good thing. You shouldn't feel like watching porn just walking by the street. And it's not only in seaside towns; it's everywhere. On my way to work, going for groceries with my woman. I guess I am easily distracted, or perhaps more horny than average. But I can't control that and women can control whether they cover up their tits and legs. But why would they cover up when they can go semi naked around the street? It's empowering! If it's empowering for a woman to use her natural weapons against men's weakness, then if a man uses his natural weapons (fists) against women's weakness (her face), then beating the hell of some woman is also empowering, non? That must be why hot chicks dig violent assholes. They both dig empowering.

The thought crossed my mind that perhaps muslims have it right after all. Their women don't go outside uncovered. Some are hot, some are not, something that men are very good at tel...

Women and Bell Curves

A lot of stuff has been going on these days, but I want to go back to talk about women.

A big part of the success of the altright blogosphere is the synergy between HBD and the Game movement. Roissy owes his fame for joining Steve Sailer with Neil Strauss, and making his point with very good writing. The basic idea is that much of our behaviour is biologically determined, and if evolution made different populations distinct genetically, it also did that to sex.

It is a great point, perhaps one of the most important discoveries ever. It changed my life in a way that neither Ovid nor Stendhal did, and I'm sure it did the same for thousands of people. "What do women want?", asked Freud. Now we know.

But if the message that men and women are biologically different has got through, people have a hard time keeping a little perspective. So you see every day on the "manosphere" how people complain at the same time that people women are sluts and that women won't sleep with them.

Well you can't have it both ways. We have to understand that not only men and women are different as groups, there is also variance among them. People are different, and even though human societies assign different roles to each group, that often ignores biological variance.

In my last post commenter Red reminds us that, at least in Europe, every village had a village slut, or a handful sluts, with whom men could s...

The only path for eugenics

The deep sense of crisis one gets after knowing of HBD comes in two flavours. Let's call them macro and micro.

Macro is the danger of race replacement. Millions of migrants from sub-90 IQ populations have been moving massively into areas with super-100 IQ populations, namely the West. You don't need to have a tribal allegiance to your people to feel very uncomfortable about that.  For 20 years we have been hearing about how Eurabia will happen during this century, and there's nothing we can do about it. Hell you don't even have to understand HBD to feel very uncomfortable with the prospect.

Still there are indications that immigration is slowing, the migrants already in place have stopped breeding like rabbits, and the native populations are starting to get pissed with this whole thing about being replaced. The wonders of the economic downturn. Miscegenation has also never been very high, so the prospects of the effective disappearance of the white race don't seem quite as certain. I used to get very worked out about all that, but recently I've reached the conclusion that it's going to be ok. Whites aren't going the way of the Romans or the Manchus.

But that doesn't mean that everything is ok. We still have the micro crisis. And that's not even close to being ok.

The micro demographic crisis is the differential birth rate between high IQ and low IQ, in all races. Remember t...

The sociology of dysgenia

Via Vox Day

Although the fact is not widely known, the ratio of male-to-female undergraduates in the United States was about at parity from 1900 to 1930. Male enrollments began to increase relative to female enrollments in the 1930s and later as GIs returned from World War II. A highpoint of gender imbalance in college attendance was reached in 1947 when undergraduate men outnumbered women 2.3 to 1. But starting then and continuing until the present in an almost unbroken trend, female college enrollments have increased relative to male enrollments.

The feminism angle is funny, but I think there's something more important to it. We all know that higher education is deleterious to female fertility. Probably the most harmful factor of them all. Well in 1900 elite women were already forsaking their beauty and fecundity to play the status game by learning some inconsequential knowledge to annoy their peers with.

It follows that the Western elites' mores have been dysgenic for quite a while then. Which made me think a lot in how little we know about the real mechanism of eugenics. Genetics is hard, statistics also makes little sense most of the time. You'd think that Steve Sailer, the man who pretty much started this HBD genre, would have a firm grasp on the theory, but he had Continue Reading →


When I first started this blog, I predicted that I'd run out of things to say about politics quite soon, and could carve up a nice niche by talking of East Asian issues from a neoreactionary perspective. At the moment I've been lucky enough to find a good audience just by speaking my mind on politics in general, and I don't intend to stop just yet, but I sometimes think I'd be more useful by bringing forward some real data on what's going on in this part of the world.

Jim's been making a series on women and why they shouldn't be treated as adults. It goes without saying that I mostly agree. I myself did a post long ago on the issue. Allow me to introduce a data point.

Jim linked to the hilarious video of a fake celebrity generating gina tingles in an American mall. Seeing all those hot teens swooning for a fake alpha. Yet alpha is alpha, and a fake alpha is better than a real beta. A lot of oldies and game denialists say that that's modern Western society that has changed women into inmoral skanks. The women of old were more virtuous, as are women in other, more traditionalist countries, such as those in Asia.

Hah. It always cracks me up. So those Asians don't swoon over Alphas? Well allow me to introduce the supreme Alpha male in Japan. Fukuyama Masaharu. Some singer with a grave...


Years ago I used to read a blog by an obscure linguist (he's still around, but the old archives disappeared), and remember him saying once: Language is everywhere, I don't understand why people can not be fascinated about it. I feel the same way, and the strange quirks of everyday language bug me to no end. A fascinating issue is meaning. People seem to accept that words have different meaning without giving much thought to the issue, but how does that work? Originally all words had one meaning and one only, for obvious efficiency purposes. Then time passes and thins get messy, but a word doesn't get new meanings just like that, there must be some logical connection that makes people brains accept a new usage for the word. See for example the word "game".  A game is a rule based competition done for amusement. Take the article away, and it's a set of principle useful to have sex with women. Add 'theory' to it, and it's a science that studies the strategy of conflict.

I don't write much about Game, nor preoccupy myself with feminism or other issues. That's not because I'm not interested or think it doesn't work. I discovered Roissy 5 years ago and it changed my life forever. I just don't see the benefit in spreading Game to the wider society. While Game has helped me attract more women, have sex with them, and more generally just to deal with women more effectively, that's all there is to it. My knowing game hasn't benefited the gi...

Just another day in the NYT

Some time ago I picked up from Foseti the bad habit of reading Business Insider. I have to say that I'm pretty much over it now, and only take a look in circumstances of extreme boredom, which aren't common for me (unless I'm too hangover to read books or play Civ).

Recently though I have picked up a perhaps even worse habit, this time from Half Sigma. HS can be an insufferable snob, which is made all the more hilarious because the persona that reflects out of his writing is that of the less glamorous guy on the internet (I always imagine him as Dilbert with a Jewish nose). But as dumb as his writing is sometimes, his heart is in the right place, and he has interesting intellectual habits. One of which is reading the New York Times. He does very well reading the NYT, not only because it gives him and his readers a window into the soul of the elite they so yearn to join. But because it gives him an infinite supply of stuff to blog about.

I don't usually check up on the MSM, haven't done so since I was 15. I never wanted to 'know my enemy', I have enough interaction with liberals in daily life to need to listen to their crap even when I'm in the comfort of my home. Or so it was for me, but my lifestyle choices have helped me to increasingly isolate from the larger society, and I guess I've been losing track with liberal fads. I must be seriously out of sync, becaus...


My wife tells me about this acquaintance of her. Flight attendant. Pretty, flirty, and very good at getting what she wanted from men. Used to juggle 3 or 4 guys at the same time, and used them according to a smart division of labor. One rich guy to get presents from, a hot guy to have wild sex with, a social guy to meet people and get attention. You get the picture.

This woman suddenly stopped her slutty ways after her 30th birthday. She suddenly started proclaiming her faith in Jesus, left her job and her boyfriends. Not long afterwards he announced her engagement to what could easily be the ugliest man I've ever seen. Short, skinny with a really disgusting face. Immensely rich, obviously. They had one of this movie-style weddings in the open, on a cliff looking at the sea, hundreds of people attending.

All this happened years ago. I always thought of this woman as a very smart bitch. Kinda the personalization of girl game. The thing is, Game gets you what you want. But we all know that the one only thing which is worse than not getting what you want, is getting it.

My wife acquired new gossip about this girl. Seems she's working as a makeup assistant now. She studied hard and has now become quite a good professional. "Hah!", I said. "She's getting old huh. So she's studying how to keep pretty. The bitch really is smart, and realistic. Kudos to her." My wife laughed. "She's actually making good money, it seems."

That kinda struck me as weird. "W...


Average is Over indeed.


Nick Vujicic, motivational speaker born without limbs, enjoys beach getaway with wife and son

  • Melbourne-born Nick Vujicic has a rare condition called tetra-amelia syndrome

  • After a suicide attempt at the age of ten, Nick turned his disability into a motivation to spread the Christian gospel to all corners of the world
  • Met his wife in 2008, married her in 2012 and welcomed baby boy Kiyoshi the following year
  • Inspirational story of determination, love and the human spirit


A story of Bravery of Love


Now I could use this bizarre piece of news to start a rant on modern women. Or perhaps to make fun of the PUA movement of men worldwide who can't get laid, while this guy without limbs has landed a hot wife. Agnostic wo...

Women's Mating Strategies

The Google guys made billions out of a search engine. Why is that? Back before the Internet, the problem for intelligent people was having access to information. The solution to that was libraries, and an intellectual community of people one could ask about what is important to read.

But then came massive schooling, universal literacy, industrial printing, and eventually the Internet. Access to information is (Elsevier notwithstanding) is not a problem anymore. The problem now is the sheer amount of utterly worthless filth information out there. Access to information is no good if 99.99% of that information is pure crap. In fact it's worse than not reading at all; as the brain's capacity has limits, and filling your memory with crap is likely to prevent the absorption of better knowledge.

And that's why Google is so valuable, it helps tell the wheat from the chaff. But only to a point, though. The fact is that even the Internet is so full of crap these days, you still need to spend hours yourself in order to find some good looking grains of wisdom.

Which is of course why the blogosphere exists; besides our priceless commentary, most of what we do is finding good stuff online and sharing it.

Anyway, I was lurking in some dark and hellish corner of the blogosphere, and I found a link to a very neat paper on sex relations.

Women’s Mating Strategies
Evolutionary A...

The origin of polygamy

If women act on these stated preferences we would expect wealthy men
to have more mates, and there is ample cross-cultural evidence that they do. The importance of resources to women is apparent even in egalitarian societies such as the Ache and the Sharanahua, where the best hunters are able to attract the most sexual partners.


The relationship between wealth and male mating success is consistent with female choice for wealthy males, but it could also indicate differences in competitive ability among men, since a wealthy high-status man is more likely to out-compete his rivals for control over women.16 It is difficult to disentangle these causes of polygyny, and a discussion of this problem is beyond the scope of this paper.


It seems likely, however, that female choice for wealthy, high-status males (or the choice of her kinsmen on her behalf) is an important factor in many polygynous societies. Borgerhoff-Mulder’s fieldwork among the agro-pastoral Kipsigis provides some of the best evidence that polygyny is a consequence of women’s preferences for wealthy men. In a longitudinal study that followed the marriage histories of pioneers over a 17-year period, Borgerhoff-Mulder showed that women new to the area were more likely to choose as husbands men who could offer them more land (i.e., land available to the prospective wife after division among ...

And delusion often prevails

Adult women, both in the U.S. and in Zambia, are in competition for material resources and the men that provide them. The Zambian sub-elite women studied by Schuster are described as being sexually assertive and the matrilineal tradition of most Zambian tribes suggests that paternal confidence would not be high even among more traditional Zambians. The same is likely to be true in the matrifocal communities found toward the bottom of the social ladder in stratified industrial societies. A woman in such a community, therefore, could expect many direct attempts by other women to attract her mate for a short-term relationship, whereas this would be less of a threat to women in communities where male investment is high and women are less interested in short-term relationships. A larger number of sexually unrestricted competitors, rather than just a shortage of desirable men, maylie behind the greater female-female aggression found in communities with low male parental investment.


The fighting over reputation (rather than over a particular man) found in Campbell’s and Marsh and Paton’s young adolescent girls may stem from age effects on their economic circumstances and their expectations of male investment. They are presumably living at home and are perhaps less in need of resources than they will be later. They may also be more optimistic about securing the investment of a high-status mate. Schuster describes the Zambian women she studied as bei...

Appearing faithful

Allow me go to back to quoting Elizabeth Cashdan again.


Because men are more willing to invest in offspring when they can be assured of their paternity, women have good reason to reassure them on this score. Mothers—but not fathers!—are more likely to report that their newborn infants look just like Dad. In societies where men invest heavily in their offspring, women are more likely to behave in ways that will ensure greater paternity confidence. Dickemann argues that concern about female chastity reaches a peak in highly stratified polygynous societies, where “large numbers of beggars, outcasts, floater males, and celibates exist at the bottom while intense polygyny in the form of secondary wives, concubines, and harems occurs at the top.” Extreme concern about female chastity is adaptive for husbands in these societies not only because of high male investment but because of increased competition from a sea of unmated men with little to lose. It is noteworthy that claustration and other forms of sexual control are often enforced by women, not just by men. Clitoridectomy and infibulation, usually viewed as a form of male control over female sexuality, are performed on women by women. Mothers willingly put their daughters through these brutal procedures, presumably because without them their daughters will be unable to secure a desirable mate.<...

Men have good reason to be concerned about the sexual satisfaction of their partners.

Conflicts of interest with men

Because males and females can best enhance their fitness in different ways, conflicts of interest between women and men are, unfortunately, an intrinsic part of the mating game.

A man can enhance his fitness by investing in his children and by maxi- mizing his number of mates, but time and resources devoted to one interfere with the other. These trade-offs lead to variation in male strategies, with the polar types immortalized in the words of Draper and Harpending45 as “cads” (low investment males seeking to maximize mating opportunities) and “dads” (high investment males committed to one sexual partner).

The trade-offs facing men define the choices facing women. Should a woman try to secure an investing mate (who may have lower mate value in other respects) or should she content herself with getting good genes and immediate resources from a non-investing cad? She will have trouble doing both at the same time, because the behavior that attracts a cad (flaunting her sexuality) will put off a dad (who wants evidence of fidelity), and vice versa.

Having it both ways: mixed strategies

Recent research s...

The nature vs nurture of slutty women


Should she flaunt her sexuality to get a high-quality cad (with good genes, immediate resources, and perhaps the possibility of changing his mind later)? Or should she advertise her fidelity and other charms to attract a long-term, investing dad? Gangestad and Simpson have measured how much time and committment a woman requires before entering a sexual relationship (a variable they term “sexual restrictedness”), and have explored its genetic underpinnings with twin studies. They argue that some of the personality traits underlying this behavior are heritable, and that the genetic variation is bimodally distributed. This finding is consistent with the notion that the costs and benefits of sexual restrictedness impose trade-offs, and that a woman may be better off trying to maximize one thing or the other.

There is also evidence supporting the role of early learning in sexual restrictedness, although it is difficult to separate this effect from genetic in- fluence. Hetherington did behavior observation studies of “father-absent” adolescents (those whose mothers divorced when they were very young) and compared them to adolescents whose fathers were present when they were growing up and to adolescents whose mothers were widowed rather than di- vorced. The girls who were fat...

Neovictorianism in Campus

So this is doing the rounds lately.

It may be true that the feminist witch-hunt against anything that hurts women's feelings are going to result in a return to Victorian sexual norms. The end is so sacred that apparently it justifies the means, which are screwing with a lot of boys' future. But fuck the boys anyway; those who are having sex are the alpha bastards who are screwing all the girls to get some notches. No pity for them.

Not a bad argument; I'm not sure if it's the alphas who are getting shafted by the date-rape witch hunt; by poor chance they probably are. The rest aren't getting any poon anyway, they couldn't possibly be doing any raping.

What's hilarious is McDonald's prediction: men will go back to Victorian norms too, and be celibate gentlemen who write a lot of cheesy love letters. But she forgets a small datum: there were no co-ed campuses in the Victorian era. No huge and beautiful institutions where girls aged 18-25 went giggling around in heavy make-up and short skirts.

You won't get men to be Victorian if the girls don't do it first. Feminism may be equipped to stop alpha dudes from pumping and dumping women, but it isn't equipped from making girls start to behave themselves.

And the big question is: from a man's standpoint, what's the point of college if you can't screw the girls? Especially when they go...

Nerds and women

The past year and most likely the next fews have been full of news stories on how the IT industry has declared a War on Women or something. And while the nerds in the IT industry actually have a lot of reasons to declare a war on women, the fact is they haven't. What they do is get together in reddit or other places on the internet to loudly proclaim how Feminist they are and how true these news stories are. We need more women!

I guess it's their math skills which are telling them that bringing more women in their companies will shift the gender ratio and make it more likely to get a girlfriend. Hey, women say they want to work in tech! That's good, right??

No, kids. It doesn't work like that. The Women in Tech propaganda campaign has only got stared because women hate nerds. With a passion. It's one of the few things where most women can agree on. And why do women hate hate hate nerds? "Why, oh why do they hate us?" some might be thinking. It's not that hard really. See this:

To put it mildly, nerds are generally not the smoothest men around. To put it less mildly, nerds are generally very much disgusting. They are all that women find unattractive. Many a nerd has a story about coming up with the courage to ask a pretty girl out only to have her puke or laugh or run away. Well I'm sorry but nerds are (on average, of course) icky. Which is why women like to blame everything on nerds. Nerds are icky so no...

Babies for whom?

This post is a good example of what I wrote at the start of the year. I got an interesting idea that would require a lot of research to actually flesh out properly, but I don't have the time to acquire that kind of expertise right now. So I don't write the post, bury the idea, forget about it, and the world loses a half-assed good idea.

But, you dear readers told me that you can't get enough of half-assed good ideas, so here it goes. All this adds to what I commented here at Land's.

Yes, yes, people are not having babies. People in developed countries, that is. We don't know why exactly, and everybody has its pet theory, but what we do have is a lot of data which we can run correlations with.

Low fertility is most severe in developed countries, but it doesn't correlate cleanly with development. Moldova is as poor as any country in Africa, and it has low fertility. Spain is poorer than Sweden yet has lower fertility. Saudi Arabia is richer than Nepal yet has higher fertility.

One of the best correlations out there is female education, but again that doesn't map neatly. Swedish or American women go to grad school in much higher rates than Japanese women, yet they have higher fertility.

The obvious answer to this melange of messy correlations is that there's no one big factor. It's like the genetics of height or IQ; hundreds of small factors that add-up, and possibly affect each other in qui...

Biologically informed Morality

My wife was talking about some acquaintance. A 52 year old man, making a very good living, divorced his wife of 30 years, then married a 30 year old woman. They had a child, now she's pregnant again.

Me: She's pregnant again? Damn, why is the guy having babies again.

Wife: Apparently her parents only acquiesced to their marriage if they had two children.

M: Well, I get that she's in a hurry to have them, but why did he accept all that.

W: They say her family is loaded, I guess he has to play nice.

M: But the guy was making a very good living before the divorce. In fact he lost his job because of the scandal and now is barely getting by.

W: Yes, he lost it all for her. His wife got the assets, and he lost all his old friends and connections.

M: Is she worth all that? Doesn't look that hot to me.

W: Not worth it at all. I mean she's young, but I don't get it. I never liked the guy anyway, always gave me the creeps.

M: So you think he's evil.

W: Whatever. Society made him pay; he lost all his assets, his social standing.

M: That's the thing; I'm not gonna argue against that, I'm all for deterring men from leaving their wives for young pussy, make him pay, ok. But why is he the evil part here?

W: What do you mean?

M: He just looks to me like some old dude who banged a young employee, and while it may have felt good, he probably wasn't expecting, certainly not willing all that mess to happen.

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Communism Appreciation Post

WSJ protests that China bans egg-freezing for single women.

Note the big frontal picture of the beautiful but barren Xu Jinglei. While she wasted her fertile years into fornicating her way into the top of Chinese showbusiness, apparently he got 9 eggs frozen in the US, for... you know, for when Mr. Right appeared. Well she's 41 now.

Under Chinese law she could only have 1 child anyway. Which she could have dumped on her parents like everybody else does in China. But no, she was... busy. With her... career. Of course.

Well the Communist rulers of China have enough sense to discourage this sort of harmful feminism. Egg freezing is only available for cases of womb disease. You are not to play with your reproductive system. If you must, if you insist in being irresponsible and rubbing your irresponsiblity on everybody else, well, go to the US. And get reported on US newspapers, they trade on everything bad. Sure, you'll have your pretty face on the front page. But you will still be a barren, leftover woman.

Baby socialism





Inquisition, for the most part. The corporate PR racket sells that diversity is a strength because having different people in your organization gets you different points of view, and that results in better input for discussions and thus better decision-taking. Which is exactly how it doesn't work in practice. Racial diversity is welcome so long as everyone is strictly progressive, and USG has been busy promoting ideological uniformity across its whole empire. In recent years who basically can't get a job if you are caught dissenting with the most trivial progressive dogma. As Trotsky had it, in capitalism those who don't work shan't eat; under communism those who don't obey shan't eat.

The argument itself is true, though. Actual diversity does bring different points of view, which can often be interesting. But that requires actual ideological independence. The ideological landscape in the West is completely owned by USG, and one can hardly found any original ideas that differ even slightly from the progressive platform. But far away in East Asia, people can afford to think for themselves. And they do, for the most part, producing actually interesting ideas. If there's an argument for learning exotic languages, this is it. This blog is proof of that.

The talk of the street these weeks in Japan is a proposal for reforming pre-primary school, and making not only kinde...

Natural Selection

I believe myself that romantic love is the source of the most intense delights that life has to offer. In the relation of a man and woman who love each other with passion and imagination and tenderness, there is something of inestimable value, to be ignorant of which is a great misfortune to any human being.

Said Bertrand Russell. He had 4 wives, 3 children.

The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.

Gengis Khan. Had thousands of wives, thousands of children.


I have a couple of long posts ready, but I take it that everyone's attention is on Trump and Super Tuesday, so I'll post something lighter for today.

As per my last post, it's amusing that while Genghis Khan and his pals were banging the daughters of kings and utmost beauties of all the kingdoms from China to Iran, the great romanticist Bertrand Russell was singing the sublime pleasures of romantic love while banging this:


Now, Russell was no fool. Some of you will remember my being shocked at Scott Alexander and other MIRI cultists being "polyamorists", which is a thing I didn't even know existed. It didn't took long for me to realize that "polyamory" such as it is, can only make sense if the people involved are unattractive, such as that sharing sexual partners doesn't feel so bad. Nobody wants to share a good thing, but sharing a lousy thing, having the vague chance of trading up, is not such a bad deal. And variety itself is appealing to men. Apparently the whole idea goes back to Bertrand Russell himself:

As for Dora Russell, the story is incredibly perverse. Their marriage was, at first, d...


The most recent brouhaha is on Trump allegedly hinting that if abortion is murder, if it's a crime, well then we gotta punish abortionists. Criminals are punished, right? I think I've never written on abortion on this blog, so let me put my two cents.

It's hard to tell whether Trump is trolling or he actually means what he's saying. I mean, the point should be obvious. Criminals are punished. If abortion is to become a crime, we should punish abortionists. If abortion is murder, we should condemn abortionists of murder.

Alas, nobody really wants that. Because people don't really think abortion is murder. People say abortion is murder. People talk of abortion being murder as part of their signaling game. In modern America, and really America only, there's a signaling game where two sides, pro-life and pro-choice, battle each other in the political arena about the morality of abortion. Everybody in America is supposed to pick sides and join the fight. The whole thing is wrong, very, very wrong. Completely messed up. Human is a political animal. Politics is about signaling. Humans will choose random topics and form teams to battle each other. That's what humans do. But abortion is the last topic you should choose to have a signaling battle. Especially if you are in the weaker side. Now that Moldbug is back in the news cycle, I'll use his authority to remind you all: the right can't win by agitation. You just don't.

Apparently th...

The Evolution of the Sexual Marketplace

I always say that I find East Asians to be much more realistic in general. They're less likely to comment about what they know nothing about, less likely to engage in empty virtue signaling, less likely to make up stuff in general. Less full of shit. Of course this is a relative term, there's plenty of Asians which are full of it, especially those in the media, politica or academia. But the amount of shit in circulation is an order of magnitude smaller than in the West.

Personally I believe that is because of the lack of organized religion for centuries, and because of widespread poverty up until very recently. Life in Asia has always been harsh. Every few decades you got a widespread famine. And lacking a religious establishment, being holier-than-thou didn't get you fed. So the penalties for noticing things were much smaller than in the West. This has changed a bit since the late 19th century, when European empires invaded the area. Democratic politics and mass media by definition promote form over substance. But the lack of a general tradition of generating feel-good nonsense has limited the damage.

See this very nice graph that is going around the Japanese internet. How the Sexual Marketplace has evolved since the 1950s. Forgive the awkward captions, but I'm busy with the book.



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Divide et Impera

Half Sigma posted this video, and it made me think.


Yes, damn Muslims. Damn them all. They're out to get us. Yes, they are indeed. But think about it for a second.

Obviously the Cathedral would want Muslims to convert to progressivism. Either outright, by becoming good atheist communists as good white people. Or either by watering down their religion, becoming the brown equivalent of white cuckservatives, who many are still Catholic or Protestant, but still accept every tenet of the Progressive faith with a lag of 2 or 3 years. You can be a Muslim as long as you accept gaymarriage, as a progressive activist boasted years ago at Larry Auster's blog.

But look at those Muslim men in the video. Do they want to be progressive? Do they want to become good feminist men? Hell no. They aren't buying that. But why not? Being good Muslims in their banlieus isn't doing them any good. Our good progressive bureaucrat overlords apparently really don't get why these Muslims are so obstinate.

Surely part of it is that they're tribal, hostile, aggressive men, who like to fuck with Europeans and show their hostility because it's fun to fuck with foreigners. That's what men have done since time immemorial.

Surely part of is that they're Muslims, and Islam has its jihadi tradition. It is a noble thing to fight for Islam and kill infidels...

Toxic Arab Masculinity

I was mildly surprised to see that I was getting hits from the Inthenews subreddit. Apparently a very nice reader posted a link to my recent post on how Islam in the West creates perverse incentives for the Establishment to double down on feminism and other progressive articles of faith, knowing that the native white population will back them as a convenient Schelling point against the tribal enemy, Islam. He says my post predicted exactly the sort of psycho who killed 84 people in Nice in July 15th, and I must say that I did.

Let's take a look at the murderer, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Apparently he drunk alcohol like a sponge, smoked pot, went to nightclubs, ate pork, and didn't give a shit about Ramadan. He was a classic low IQ hoodlum who was more than happy to enjoy the hedonism that French culture offers to all men. His close acquaintances called him a "piece of shit". And yeah, that's a piece of shit if I ever saw one. And I've seen a lot.

As tends to happen with low IQ hoodlums he did have some luck with the ladies, and was married. With three daughters. I expect having three daughters, no sons, didn't exactly please him. Having a wife also can't have been very fun, given his penchant for booze and nightclubs. So again, as tends to happen with low IQ hoodlums, he often beat his wife. He also couldn't hold a job, so his wife recently divorced him.

So now...

The Great Ming Emperor Admonishes his Troops about Women

So some people are saying I'm just some rootless cosmopolitan who speaks Chinese. How can I be alt-right?

此言差矣. It doesn't work like that. I have insight precisely because I've been around, and I've read around. Let me prove my alt-right bona-fides by quoting Zhu Yuanzhang, the great founder of the Ming Dynasty, the Empire of Brightness.

Zhu Yuanzhang is the greatest rags-to-riches story in the history of mankind. He was some minor son of a landless peasant, born during the period of Mongol rule in China. Mongol government in China was quite horrible; infrastructure decayed, bandits were everywhere, and all manner of natural disasters happened all the time. One of those disasters killed our hero's whole family. Starvation. Every single one of them. Our hero had to go to the closest Buddhist temple to beg for some food; and all he got was an old wooden pan, and an order to beat the crap out of the temple and beg some food outside. Which he did for years. Beg for food. Around the country. For years. Until he met some band of bandits. Heaven had it so that his best childhood friend was a bandit chief; so he soon joined them. Our hero then slowly but steadily climbed the bandit meritocracy ladder; next thing you know he is leading the best rebel army in China, expels the Mongols to the steppe and reunifies All Under Heaven.

There's something to say for the tradition, the slow accumulation of knowledge in society. But some things just don't require an educa...

Where did the Samurais go?

tl;dr: They were killed by their women.

There's been news of a very rare occurrence in Japan. A bombing. In a provincial city, at that. Utsunomiya, a town nobody knows about and nobody should really know about. Nothing going on there.

This week though, there was a big bombing. 1 dead, 3 injured. A car exploded in some park.


The media and the Internet were all talking about it. Terrorism! Must be, right?

Wait, terrorism? In Utsunomiya? No way. No fucking way. Of course it's not terrorism. So what is it? Who did this?

This guy:


And who is this guy? A Samurai. A pissed off Samurai.

An old Samurai too. Retired. 72 year old ex officer of the Self Defence Forces. He had worked his whole life for the defense of his country. Alas, his country didn't pay back the favor.

Kurihara Toshimasa had a schizophrenic daughter. She was going insane all the time at home, making a mess of herself and everything around her. He tried to control her anyway he thought of; to no avail. Eventually he forced her into an asylum.

His wife though had other ideas. A local cult sold her that her daughter wasn't ill, she was just possessed or something, and they h...


Maybe you can think of a different caption.

Penis Envy

I've meant for a long while to write a post about iconoclasm. The Byzantine Empire had been suffering defeats to Muslims for centuries. They lost 2/3rds of the Empire, and almost lost the whole of it too. It's no wonder that some emperors thought that maybe Muslims were doing something right. They certainly seemed to have God's favor.

The conclusion they reached was that God liked the Muslims because they did not have human figures in their mosques. Byzantine churches being full of icons, paintings, mosaics of Jesus and the myriad saints. Most of them pretty lame, too. Byzantine icons tend to be plain, dull, and often just badly drawn. It probably was the work of an endogamic caste of icon-painters who promoted each other for personal reasons unrelated to skill at painting, and flayed at any criticism by laypeople. How dare you criticize our holy art? You are just ignorant of God's taste in painting. Kinda like the argument that progressive academics use when called out on their nonsensical "research".

Anyway, Iconoclasm was attempted. The Byzantine state burned every human figure from their churches, which became as bare as mosques. It didn't do much to help out in the war against the Muslims. What it did was provoke a century-long civil war. The icon-painter guild was *very* stubborn. And the Byzantine state was a mess who couldn't impose it's authority. So the change did more harm than good. Rhomania kept declining and rising again and then declining for ...

Dunbar Feminism

I think I should stop selling "behaviorism". By which I mean, I should stop calling what I sell "behaviorism". I shall call it "immediatism".

Basic points are: all politics are local. All cognition is local. Nothing is abstract. People behave so as to immediate conditions. Here's an example. Sweden.

Let me quote:

Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation. A feminist government ensures that a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad front, both nationally and internationally. Women and men must have the same power to shape society and their own lives. This is a human right and a matter of democracy and justice. Gender equality is also part of the solution to society’s challenges and a matter of course in a modern welfare state – for justice and economic development. The Government’s most important tool for implementing feminist policy is gender mainstreaming, of which gender-responsive budgeting is an important component.

Feminism gender gender feminism power gender feminism. And first. You get the gist. They also had this sort of battle picture:

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How Menopausal Feminism leads to Islam

I'm reading this book by a Japanese historian on how Neoconfucianism in the East unwittingly prepared the ground for the adoption in East Asia of Western progressivism as its logical conclusion. Really cool stuff. I'll have a review shortly.

But before that, let me anticipate you this kind of evolutionary argument with something more relevant to our day.

I've been writing a lot about how Islam has a big chance of taking over the West. Not because Muslims are strong or anything. They're a bunch of lazy low IQ pansies for the most part. But they have their shit together, and for various reasons they are immune (on average, of course) to adopting progressive ideology. One reason which I've written about a lot is that Muslim culture gives very high status to men. It's a patriarchy. And Muslim men very much enjoy that. So when they move to the West, where feminism gives pretty low status to men as men, well Muslim men see very clearly that assimilating to Western culture will lower their status.

And they'd very much not lower their status. So Muslim men cling steadfastly to their traditional culture, as dumb and dysfunctional as it is, with its clannishness and laziness and inshallah fucked up work ethic. None of that matters compared to the dire threat of losing status. You'll notice that the odd Muslim man which lands a high-status job, say Fareed Zakaria or Mohamed Hadid are quite happy with abandoning Islam for progressive. Feminism is pretty good for t...

Ivanka's Conundrum

Nobody is going to like her.  The Right is starting to hate her as a traitor. And the left will never accept her. Wrong pedigree. Becoming a jewess isn't quite enough.

Politics is about choosing sides. Telling apart friend and enemy. Ivanka, you're doing it wrong. Very very wrong.

Hell I can't stand John Oliver but I found this hilarious.


Occam's Butterknife


Plots used to be driven by real-world conflict, but now they revolve around domestic drama. It’s a trend that blights films and TV, from Sherlock to Bourne

I did like Steve Sailer and did a Control+F on "women" and "female". There was nothing to be found.

The elephant in the room, that men are playing videogames and only women are watching TV so plots cater to female tastes, i.e. domestic drama, cannot be mentioned. It is crimethink. It really must be exhausting to be a writer these days.


So, a 22 year old Arab dork,


born and raised in England, who probably grew up obsessed by all those scantily-clad white girls all around him who wouldn't give him the time of day. One day he suddenly "radicalized", became a hard-core Salafist, made some Salafist buddies who took them to the Middle East to train as a ghazi. He found his call.

And what he do with his call? He bombed an Ariana Grande concert. Of all places.

Now why would that be? What is it he disliked or resented about hundreds upon hundreds of teenage girls in short skirts?


These links may help.




Houellebecq on the new matriarchy

A while ago I said that France deserves to die, if only to atone for the dozens of evil intellectuals that she has inflicted on the world, from Rousseau to Derrida. That's a bit harsh. France after all has given us Michel Houellebecq, and while he will never have 1/1000 of the influence of a crazy sodomite on drugs like Foucault, he is still the best writer in the whole world of the last 50 years, and that counts for a lot.

Apparently Monsieur Houellebecq went to Argentina to give some talks, and here's one which got uploaded to Youtube. The talk is in French, with Spanish subtitles, both of which are quite tractable on Google translate. He talks about the current intellectual landscape of France, where everyone even half interesting is a reactionary, haunted by the left, but they don't mind it, hold it as a badge of honor. Let me highlight the last 15 minutes.

Let me quote Tocqueville:

I want to imagine under what new features despotism could present itself to the world; I see an innumerable crowd of similar and equal men who spin around restlessly, in order to gain small and vulgar pleasures with which they fill their souls. Each one of them, withdrawn apart, is like a stranger to the destiny of all the others; his children and his particular friends form for him the entire human species;g as for the remainder of his fellow citizens, he is next to them, but he does not see them; he tou...

Gender inequality in fertility

I've noticed people don't wanna hear this, but I still gotta say it.

I was doing some light research to follow up on my last post. Stumbled upon this:


Fertility of Turkish migrants

in Germany:

Duration of stay matters

The writing is incredibly bad. Purposefully obfuscating. But the figures are very illuminating. Take a look at this one:

Screenshot 2017-05-31 18.04.48

TFR of German men: 1.27. That's low.

TFR of German women: 1.67. Huh? German women are having 30% more children than German men. With whom?

With someone besides German men, of course. That's how it works.

So now you know why:


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Sexual Orientation

This proves two ideas which have been part of common sense since the advent of humanity until 1960.

One is that women's sexuality is more malleable than men's. More psychological. Men are more physically constrained. More hard-wired, say. Which makes sense of course, because in the ancestral environment, indeed for all mammals, to achieve successful reproduction you just need to motivate the male. The female will do what it must, Melian style.

The second idea this proves is that abnormal sexual orientation is correlated with mental disease. And yeah correlation is not causation... sometimes. Sometimes it is.


Years ago, when the alt-right was barely beginning to form, many Western patriots hang out at Lawrence Auster's blog. There was one very interesting guy, called Conservative Swede. Eventually he surrendered, and I don't know what is of him now. But he had a very interesting blog on Europe and Islam and all this stuff which now has been taken over by the alt-right and Frog twitter.

The best thing I ever read of Conservative Swede is when he wrote that Mecca will be nuked. Eventually. It just has to happen. If you had a computer simulation, and you had both Islam and nuclear power, the odds are that at some point someone is going to throw a nuke at Mecca. Islam just can't help being violent and conflictive. Mecca is the center of Islam. And so eventually someone is going to get pissed at them and throw a nuke there. It may not even be outsiders. It might be Shi'a. It may even be some crazy Wahabbi who follows the signaling spiral to the end, and the same way the house of Muhammad was destroyed by the Wahabbis, well Mecca itself is a physical relic, so let's burn it down. At any rate, Mecca will be nuked. It's the inescapable conclusion of the intrinsic logic of Islam.

I recalled this argument when I was looking at this woman:

So Blair Imani is your typical black American Cathedral activist. She's 60%+ white, around 110 IQ, she's even kinda pretty. And most importantly, she's loud, energetic and relentless...

The Fall of Singapore's Monarchy

It's been a while since I last wrote about Singapore. Now that the old man is gone it's seldom on anybody's radar anymore. But that has changed recently. Singapore is in the news. First there's this article by Nick Land on Jacobite, where he quotes my coinage of Singapore Singapore as an IQ Shredder, and notes how we don't yet have a fix to perhaps the biggest problem we have.

But there's a pretty big piece of news going on in Singapore. Big enough that the Prime Minister, Harry Lee's son Lee Hsien Loong, is out on a charm offensive to defend his honor. Hear him speak.

Now, I intend no offense. But man, this guy is goofy. Compare him to his father's speeches. Man, Lee Kuan Yew had an iron fist and a steel tongue. He could talk a crowd like he was Sulla on horseback. But then look at his firstbon son. Who by all accounts has a genius IQ, is tall, athletic and a very fine specimen. But he's just goofy. Look at his inaugural smile, the lame bow with the head. And his English. How the hell does he speak worse English than his father? The accent is pretty standard Singaporean English, not that he's bad at it or anything. But English is this guy's first language. And he's lived for years in the US. And yet look at him. This shows again my personal theory that la...

What's killing the West

I wrote a long time ago that what unites the dissident right, the "glue" for lack of a better word, was opposition to feminism. The catholic reactionaries, the Moldbuggian neoreactionaries, the manosphere and all those other guys out there around 2013; we all had little in common. We thought most of the others were crazy or deluded. But we all shared a common idea that women don't belong to political society; and that women having equal or higher status than men was what was breaking the social fabric in the civilized world. It just breaks all incentives to mate and raise children, saps all motivation to pursue excellence and be contribute to society.

Now of course this reactionary sphere was quite small. And since Trump it has been completely overshadowed by the alt-right; if fortunately it hasn't died out. And it hasn't because the alt-right is basically feminist nazism. Essentialist Nationalism? Check. Down-with-the-plutocrats Socialist economics? Check. Gas all the Jews? Check. But hey, Ivanka is our Aryan princess! Laura Southern is so cool and smart! The French Front National is run by a woman. The German AfD is run by a woman. Having women commanding men just shows it to those evil mud Muslims.

You're doing it wrong. Aesthetics is important. It's an underrated motivation for men's actions. Yes, a 20 year old white woman with long hair can be a lovely thing, and it looks so much more wo...

Feminist Nationalism doesn't work

So Viktor Orban gave a speech recently. It's quite something. Let me quote.

A country the size of Hungary – not the size of Germany or the United States, but similar in size to us – can only be strong if there is robust majority national ownership in the strategic industries which determine its fate. This wasn’t the case in Hungary before 2010. Now, however, we can say that there is clear majority national ownership in the energy sector, the banking sector and the media sector. If I had to quantify this, I would say that in recent years the Hungarian state has spent around one thousand billion forints on repurchasing ownership in strategic sectors and companies which had previously been foolishly privatised.

Mmm... yeah, that makes sense. So Orban has been buying back strategic industries from, I assume, foreign corporations. Well done, man.

For a country to be strong, demographic decline must be out of the question. At this point in time, this is Hungary’s Achilles heel. A country which is in demographic decline – and, to put it bluntly, is not even able to sustain itself biologically – may well find that it is no longer needed. A country like that will disappear. Only those communities survive in the world which are at least able to sustain themselves biologically; and let’s be honest with ourselves, Hungar...

Public Shit Tests

Will he pass the test? What's the proper way to do it? Modern politics requires having public PUAs who can manage this sort of stuff.

A sad day for diversity

And so the pozz continues to spread. Let's see if Saudi men have any blood in their veins. Probably not. Islamism will turn out to have been just a CIA operation after all.



"Women in Tech"

Follow this guy, by the way. Great stuff.

Tales from the patriarchy

The way of properly learning a language is to do what languages are made for: use it. Ideally, live your usual life, do whatever it is you like doing, and just try to find a way to insert that language you're learning into your daily routine. So if, say, you like movies, and you're learning Persian, well, stop watching Hollywood crap and go pick up some Persian movies.

I get asked about books on Chinese history, and I tend not to know what to say. I haven't read a lot of Chinese history books in English. Certainly not any general ones. I read China in World History by Adshead after Steve Sailer recommended it. It's a fascinating book, not very accurate, but a fun read for beginners, so I do recommend it too. Generally speaking most English books on China are pretty bad, and badly written. With the exception of Frederick Wakeman's, which are awesome.

What I often do to read up on Chinese history is watch a historical TV show, then stop anytime something bugs me and go check out the primary sources out there in Wikisource. If the thing is interesting I check out 知乎, China's much improved version of Quora, where they have detailed explanations and book recommendations. If the topic is interesting enough I get the (Chinese-language) book.

There's a recent TV show in China about 司馬懿 Sima Yi, one of the most important leaders of the Three Kingdoms p...

The Incel Question

A couple of interesting things happened on Twitter last week. One was this:

I'm a great fan of Hanson from years ago. Not of his weird sci-fi stuff, that I don't get. But his socio-psychology writing is top-notch. After an incel unleashed his Beta Rage killing several people on a van attack, the very word "incel" has reached the mainstream. And the normies are flabbergasted. What's an "incel"? Involuntary celibate? Like, some people aren't having sex? Well most male journalist aren't having sex either, at least by the soyboy-on-pajamas look of them. But they've been domesticated enough that they aren't unhappy about it. The thing about incels isn't that they can't get laid. It's that they dare to protest about it.

Mr. Hanson as usual didn't get the progressive joke. That's part of his charm, of course, it is his very cluelessness that pushes him to write, and to analyze well this kind of thing. But he's looking at things that the Left doesn't want him to look at; so he got burnt pretty badly. I won't link at Slate as a matter of principle, but Hanson is lucky that his patron is the dilettante, and secret Roissy/Heartiste fan, Tyler Cowen, and not some other normie academic.

Which brings us to this.

As I was saying the problem that normies have with incels is not that they are losers for not getting laid. The problem is that they...

The Wars of the Sexes

What do Bronze Age Pervert and Brett Kavanaugh have in common?

Not a lot. One is a nudist bodybuilder, a tropical Nietzsche who wants to burn the cities and reduce women to breeding stock. The other is a pasty Irish Catholic Yale graduate who was pretty much a virgin until his marriage at age 40, and to this day can't help crying like a girl when referring to the women "friends" during his life who gave him the slightest amount of attention.

Imagine these two guys in the same room. Would they get along? I don't think so. And yet here we are, in this strange world where not only BAP, but millions of people in and outside the internet defending this Irish cuck and his all-female team of legal clerks. So what’s going on?

Let’s talk about the Women Question (WQ). The WQ is the realization among a few select men of intelligence that female emancipation has been a complete and utter disaster for civilization. What started rather innocently with giving limited economic rights to women (having a bank account, inheriting property) has spiraled in less than two centuries into a full fledged war of the sexes, making life miserable for hundreds of millions. And most importantly, depressing the birth rate of the most valuable people on earth.<...

Patriarchal Sexual Law

We live in a world of sexual license. Sexual freedom we could say. You can sleep with whoever you want and neither state authorities, nor most people, will interfere with your sexual life. You can even engage in the most unnatural, disgusting and disease-inducing activities; but criminal law just has nothing against you.

This alone is a sign that the patriarchy doesn't exist anymore. Patriarchies are systems in which all women belong to a man; the husband after marriage, the father before that, or the head of the household if she's a servant of some sort. Women have this uncanny ability to make men want to have sex with them, and at the same time prefer to have exclusivity in that matter. Not to mention the potential for disease or childbirth. So naturally their legal guardians had to take care that women, i.e. their property, was not captured by other men to have sex with them without proper compensation. As such, law regulating sex in the pre-modern period where every bit as complicated, and as harsh, as laws regulating finance and property in our day.

Imperial Chinese law on marriage is a lot of fun, but most interesting are their laws on fornication. Fornication belonged to criminal law, ever since the very first complete legal code on compiled during the early Tang Dynasty in 624, which has remained to us as the 唐律疏義 tánglü shūyì. More importantly, rape was understood as fornication + force, a more serious crime but nothing really different. Th...

The Honeypot

Biden was inaugurated yesterday. Didn't watch the thing, it's kinda depressing, so I went back to my old disinterested, cynical self. I used to be very happy ignoring mainstream politics. Damn you, Trump, you pulled me out of my detached cool lifestyle. Well it was more the pepes and other 4chan memes created since 2016. Damn you guys. I used to not care. I didn't want to care. But you draw me in. It was great. I had a lot of fun. But it was wrong. We all knew it was wrong, that it wouldn't get anywhere. And yet… Oh well. What is done is done.

Now back to regular programming. As promised I'll go with my translation of the 三十六計, the 36 stratagems of ancient Chinese warfare. Well, I'm only translating six stratagems, the six stratagems to use when you're in the weak side, losing the war against a strong enemy. Last time I did the very last one, which can be summarized as gtfo. Today it's turn for Stratagem #31.


The Honeypot

(literally: The Beautiful Person Trick)


When the enemy army is strong, attack its commander. When the commander is smart, attack his emotions. When the troops are strong but their commander is weak, its momentum withers on its own. Use this to resist your enemy and you will protect yourself successfully.