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USG Election 2020

So apparently everyone and their mother is getting a Substack these days. I've been proposed myself, as there seems to be money in it (I like money), but the only way to make money is through Stripe, which asks for my real name and ID, and I'm not giving them that, so fuck Substack.

There's nothing special about Substack besides the money. Sure, I guess it has less overhead, you just write and it handles all the formatting and templating and whatever, but I rather enjoy the flexibility of a self-hosted blog. You can do nifty things if you feel like adding some stuff to your website besides writing yet another edgy essay about Why Everything Sucks.

So to remind people that Blogs are Still Cool, let me do something cool here and run a Prediction Ledger for the US Presidential Election coming up on November 3rd. I already did a poll on Twitter but those are anonymous and thus gay. Predictions should always be open so that people have a little skin in the game. No real name of course, but at least provide a way of tracking your prediction to the persona you use to interact in here.

So please choose below a scenario you think might happen, and add your username in the input box. If you want to add some details you can input a comment (e.g. "TRUMP 568 BIDEN 0 MAGA!!!").

And most importantly, you can add a bet. Not that anyone is going to go collect your money, but as a matter of honor one should make a habit of putting money where their mouth is.

Of course most people will signal optimism and vote their wishes instead of predictions when their name is public, but this strives to be the most cynical blog on the internet, so hopefully it'll a bit better than usual.

After the election the winners will get a free subscription to my New Substack coming very soon!

Kidding. You just get bragging rights, which is all we're here for, right?

So anyway, polls follow:

VOTE IS OVER! AS OF 2019/11/03 9PM GMT

Thanks to all participants

If someone bet money and nailed it he is free to hire a gang of Chechen goons and collect the debts himself

The blog as platform takes the industry standard 30% cut. Баркалла.

Q: Who will win the 2020 US Presidential Election?

Q: How many White Men will vote for Trump?

Q: How many White Women will vote for Trump?

Q: How many Ethnic (in the Greek sense of the word) Men will vote for Trump?

Q: Will there be substantial violence after a tight result?

Q: Will things change much at all during the next 4 years? Will Trump finally be based, will Biden go full retard on wokeness?

As for me, I did my prediction earlier on Twitter: